Posted on April 29, 2011

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Ron Paul in Reno, NV 4/28/2011 - A Field Report 21:54:15
Profile of Ron Paul on Fox News 19:21:49
Three words to fix our monetary system: End. The. Fed. (Christian Science Monitor) 03:15:43
Ron Paul Week - The View, Hannity, Colbert, Fox & Friends, Exploratory Committee! 16:06:11
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Ronald Reagan Socialism Commercial 23:28:31
The siege on Gaza is over 22:53:25
The evils of the British Royal family... It's not pretty! 22:43:18
Beck interviews mother taking on school over indoctrination 22:41:23
Jim Traficant. Israel has used America like a whore 22:14:25
The Ultimate Conspiracy: George Soros meets the Koch Brothers 22:09:49
Putin is awake to what's really happening in Libya 21:33:19
Video -- Beck: Who is John Galt -- O'Reily: Who? 21:18:27
dirty-idea-bomb 21:14:25
Montana Governor Schweitzer will let pot reform bill become law Bad news 21:13:16
Sunday Beer Sales 20:56:51
Washoe County Republicans make peace with Ron Paul 20:43:31
Federal Reserve For Dummies 20:28:22
TSA agent arrested on child pornography charges 20:17:35
Donations to Gary Johnson apparently pay to help trash Ron - see below 20:15:16
Mitt the Scholar: Gas is expensive because there isn't enough of it. 20:06:44
May 5th Debate: Where is the Dirt on Ron Paul's Republican Challengers? .... 19:44:12
China May Buy $1 TRILLION of Gold: Bloomberg 19:28:20
What’s a Widget Worth? 18:49:06
100% PROOF! Obama "RESOLVES" That He Is Not Eligible To Be President! (Condemning Info!) 18:32:45
One more reason to forget Gary Johnson 18:27:16
Vote for Ron in National Review poll - barely ahead of Gary J. - question is re better libertarian standard bearer 18:15:05
A Day In The Life Of Hero of the R3VOLution, Mox 18:02:12
Who Represents You? 17:46:12
Ron Paul Tied For 3rd With Trump And Palin In New FOX Poll (Video) 17:41:10
Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally 17:25:57
How People Broadcast Their Locations Without Meaning To 16:30:31
Going Green Costs lots of Green 16:03:45
Polls and the public view 15:58:07
Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey [Official Music Video] 15:46:14
Hanky-Panky at the Fed: Grand Theft Benny 15:45:45
Trump drops F-bomb at Las Vegas convention 15:28:03
Confirmed via Google Trends: Ron Paul Won! Don't let media steal your election! 15:18:55
Ron Paul 2012: Freedom is Popular 15:17:39
Obama gives US citizenship to 3 terrorists... 14:58:00
Gold 14:26:01
Real Change. Real Money. Ron Paul. 13:56:53
The American Debate: GOP desperately seeking a viable candidate for 2012 13:50:22
Pop Culture Icon Rihanna Put Through TSA Naked Body Scanner In Show Of Power 13:36:34
Dylan Ratigan Show: Higher Gas Prices, Who's to Blame? 13:11:15
Ron Paul Ponders Third GOP Run for President 12:29:25
Ron Paul: More Progressive Than Obama? [Counterpunch] 12:25:09
The Forgotten Man by William Graham Sumner 12:19:04
It’s More Important To Hate Ron Paul 12:16:27
Devvy Kidd on Obama's birth certificate 12:05:30
Constant Conservative Ron Paul by Jack Hunter April 29th, 2011 11:35:25
North American Currency 11:32:47
Americans for Prosperty NH Debate tonight: No Ron Paul 11:27:19
If Ron Paul Set A $7M Expectation On The 5/5 Moneybomb... 10:52:04
Why High Fuel Prices in The United States of America? Shouldn't This Be Stopped? 10:33:13
TSA passenger screener caught distributing child porn images 10:18:35
Paul Krugman attempts to blame Ron Paul for unemployment in USA 10:12:36
Todays top "news" story nay this weeks "a wedding went as planned". Gasp 09:45:32
Royal Wedding 07:53:28
Obama BC insanely obvious fake. 07:49:02
The Allen West problem. Beck begged West to run yesterday. 07:42:29
Ron Paul 2012 Promo Cards starting at $8 for 100, shipped. 06:14:42
Thomas Jefferson Wouldn't Like the Royal Wedding 05:25:41
Dollar Collapse Ahead!? 04:55:58
Tea Party Vote 03:54:26
Green Alert: Medical Marijuana Raid Training Interrupted To Protest Raids In Progress 03:50:28
Medical marijuana: Does U.S. Attorney John Walsh's letter signal end of federal MMJ truce? 03:40:00
Huff Post: Federal Reserve's Actions May Increase Unemployment (Duh) 03:05:24
Let's come up with a better answer for Ron Paul! 03:01:15
Ron Paul rearranges schedule to breakfast with GOP leaders in Nevada - nice article 02:46:41
Congressman Justin Amash: END THE FED (Freedom Watch) 01:14:55
Chicks on the Right have a problem with Ron Paul 00:43:14
SO Easy to Predict! 00:22:06
How Television Benefits Your Children 10:59:48