Posted on April 3, 2011

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Peter Schiff Exposes Glenn Beck as Greedy Hypocrite 23:32:31
The Original TEA PARTY Revealed 20:52:13
CFR's 'Foreign Affairs' Magazine Article on Ron Paul and the Tea Party 19:43:42
Ron Paul Political Ad - 2012 - A School Project - 59 Second Video 14:09:24
Ron Paul bid wouldn't get snub this time, son says‎. "I think my guess is he's leaning in the direction of running" 06:09:53
Re-cutting "FOR LIBERTY" to be used as a RP/R3V 2012 campaign tool - View within 22:00:40
Run Ron Paul Run Day - April 19! We need ideas!! 20:27:52
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Strange Circle in Sky over Nebraska 23:18:27
Subliminal Messages on 2 & 1/2 men? 22:12:36
Who still owns 22:02:48
Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered, Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populous Like Roaches? 20:55:02
Freedom Watch coming on regular Fox News channel tonight at 9pm EST. Ron Paul on. 20:53:54
The 1964 Ronald Reagan "LOST SPEECH" Found! 20:51:05
Research on seeing reactions of debate watchers on the average sheeple 20:08:35
In defense of Bankster Slayer, and of Liberty 20:07:29
Just Use Government!! 19:55:59
Hotair online poll: vote for Rand Paul 19:54:20
Macbeth's Witches and Obama's Delusion 19:08:34
GOP 2012 budget to make $4 trillion-plus in cuts 18:50:41
Mike Huckabee wins South Carolina county straw poll 18:47:40
Drudge: Rand in Iowa 18:39:21
Stuart Varney: Banks are special and if they fail again we should bail them out. 18:33:10
THE Computer Security/Performance Thread-help the tech challenged :) 18:24:37
SA@TAC - Liberals and Libya 18:19:35
Paul Plans Hearings on Discount Window Loans 18:13:10
Please be sure to read Senate Resolution 85 17:34:48
No-fly zone language was slipped into Senate Resolution 85 by stealth, now being used to justify congressional approval for war 17:05:22
Two 6+ Earthquakes Reported Today (4-3-11) 17:02:00
NYT: No to a New Tar Sands Pipeline 16:56:51
Fuk U Shima 16:49:04
Glenn Beck's NEXT show!!! 16:42:58
Ron Paul on Antiwar Radio 4/02/11 16:36:07
Breaking: Pot calls Kettle Black! 16:18:24
Top Execs get 'Safety Bonus' after BP oil spill 16:12:30
Krugman warns not to celebrate last week's unemployment data: 'It's still terrible' 16:02:02
My dear fellow DP'ers, I have a question. 14:59:06
Beginner Shotgun and Handgun 14:37:04
Obama may have a criminal past... 14:34:53
Where's my post on the Giffords shooting? 14:25:53
Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal 13:58:35
Truth Propaganda and Media Manipulation 13:38:55
Senate Panel Advances Bankruptcy Foreclosure Mediation Bill 12:40:57
I believe we can change anything! 11:39:54
NY Times does not like Rand Paul's choice for Chief of Staff... 11:34:11
No passport for you 10:49:51
The Foundations of American Law and Civil Government 10:29:03
University of Texas astronomers discover super-bright supernova 09:55:11
Black Unemployment Rises Even As Overall Jobless Rate Drops 09:39:15
AWAKENING - Breaking The Taboo - Markel, Sarkozy are following The Teacher... -When will YOU...? 09:38:50
Carbohydrates are bad news for the brain 09:22:47
Rand Paul Says Libya Shows Shift in Obama Position 08:52:10
House panel subpoenas ATF for documents on gun program 08:27:59
Texas lawmakers' vote creates a 'death panel' for HIV patients 07:20:58
RON PAUL: When Interest Rate Rise, Muni Bonds Will Be In Trouble 07:18:15
Jim Rogers: Dangers of Inflation, the Promise of Commodities, & America's Continued Decline 07:10:22
Janet Napolitano..(Hey Border States..Please Tell Me..Is This Bitch Crazy Or What?) 06:39:21
Rand Paul visits Iowa, urges GOP not to compromise 06:19:26
Ron Paul takes a strong 2nd place in the March townhall strawpoll for second month in a row! 03:45:06
Bombing Strikes in Pakistan - Stats 01:52:35
Inside Job, Oscar-Winning Documentary, Now Online (Free) 01:05:58