Posted on April 30, 2011

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WOW! Best Ron Paul 2012 Video So Far! Absolutely! 05:30:55
Who is the most popular GOP candidate in the combined voting pools of Iowa and New Hampshire? 03:23:23
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Why Is the Good Doctor not named in this story ? 23:34:00
1 Million English PLEBS 23:18:39
Seth Meyers Cracks Joke About Ron & Rand Paul At WH Correspondents' Dinner 23:04:39
GOP Plan: No more borrowing and no default! 22:30:58
To Ron Paul and Gary Johnson supporters - GROW UP! 21:50:21
Alabama Tornado Relief Fund - Updated 21:49:46
The poles have shifted. Hannity and Paul discuss snowballs and commonalities. 21:49:04
Video: Ron Paul Finds Warmer Reception in Northern Nevada -KOLO TV, Reno, Nevada April 29, 2011 21:48:29
Time to dust this one off ...... 21:07:22
From surplus to debt 20:05:38
BREAKING NEWS : NATO airstrikes kills son of Gadhafi and 3 grandchildren! 19:49:01
California Prison Academy: Better Than a Harvard Degree 19:10:18
The Delegate Process 2012 - For Dummies 19:08:50
Free energy that may interest you all 19:08:47
Where's the donation tracker?! 19:02:24
Royal Wedding Purge 2011: Charlie Veitch Arrest 18:50:45
Video: Charlie Veitch Arrest - Royal Wedding Purge 2011 17:50:53
New York Times: "Be Careful Wishing for the Fed’s End" 17:06:23
Life Before America’s Foreign Policy Radicalized Iran and the Middle East 17:04:01
Is the "Free market" response specific enough for the couch potato vote? 16:54:07
Advertise Ron Paul for free using Google AdWords... 16:33:11
The Money Bomb Needs to be HUGE! 16:20:19
The Dangers of the Medical Industrial Complex 15:44:39
Black Chamber of Commerce President Blasts "Marxist," "Brownshirt" Obama 15:35:17
No Ron Paul at the Get Prepared Expo in Springfield, Missouri ? WHAT?? 15:18:54
Renouncing Empire by Michael S. Rozeff 14:38:25
Bernard von NotHaus: Blow Back after Conviction 14:14:23
Time For The Church To Step Forward 14:06:42
RLC supporting Gary Johnson and bashing Ron Paul and the 13:55:48
I Think Dual Citizenship is Treason 13:23:45
'communist party' in Canada might form opposition 12:45:25
Ron Paul 2008 campaign material - Free to good home. 12:32:15
VIDEO: The Truth About War 11:44:45
Old-Right Ron Appeals to the Left 11:43:57
Song about the current state of affairs 11:42:33
100% PROOF! Obama "RESOLVES" That He Is Not Eligible To Be President! (Condemning Info!) 11:18:11
Wikileaks cable confirms North American Initiative (union) - Single market, currency, border plans 11:05:51
Is the West waring against Libya more about currency and loans than oil? 09:41:34
"Where is Ron Paul?" Or... "Could We Get a Calendar of Events Please?" 09:37:33
Ebay Listing to Introduce Ron Paul at May 5th Greenville Rally + 3' x 6' Banner Display at the Event 09:00:23
Ron Paul and the "evolution is a theory" albatross 03:57:22
Who would the Founding Fathers vote for in 2012? 03:31:27
Donald Trump is officially a draft dodger. Deferments helped him avoid the Vietnam War. (Pics too) 03:19:53
Will anyone besides Pawlenty show up to debate Ron Paul on May 5, 2011? 03:15:48
A thought for a bumper sticker / sign 02:33:30
Just had a "Wow" dinner. 00:52:41
Ron Paul is in Fashion This Season 00:37:30
Shocker: GOP Rep. Paul Ryan says he also wants to cut ‘corporate welfare’ 00:30:57
Hanky-Panky at the Fed Grand Theft Benny 00:28:30
Carpavel Gets Arrested ... update case dismissed 00:22:46