Posted on May 1, 2011

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Osama bin Laden, dead. (New video of supposed aftermath) 11:01:40
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/2/11: Fed Transparency a Bigger Issue than Birth Certificates 19:08:44
Ron Paul: Success of the May 5th Debate + Moneybomb Crucial to my Decision! 07:06:43
Ron Paul on Stossel 4/28/11 11:14:08
Round Two! Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek 12:47:50
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So what's the agenda behind 'killing' Bin Laden? 23:52:19
Will Bin Laden's death limit the G.O.P. field? 23:23:28
The Hunt For Bin Laden 23:19:36
Hey Michael will you please find my post where I said Barrack Obama would be credited with catching Bin Laden, thanks. 23:01:35
Ron Paul Timeline 23:00:42
Bin Laden Dead, Can we leave Afghanistan now?! 03:52:41
NBC just announced Obama to make a statement during Celebrity Apprentice 22:29:15
Paying off the National Debt is Impossible No Matter What 21:47:01
Offshore Banking 21:39:54
George Washington the kook ? 21:02:41
France... The Dollar Crisis: Revenge of Libertarians and Ron Paul 20:55:17
Israel, Duel Citizenship, Jews, Zionism!!! 20:07:59
U.S.Inc. Revenue Vs. Expenses : Graph 20:05:05
Debt Clock 20:01:42
Hot Air includes Ron Paul in poll - please vote 19:44:07
I don't get this, Gawker posts Ron Paul the real winner at Correspondants' Dinner? 19:35:59
Ron Paul 2012 : In Defense of Liberty! (VIDEO) 19:30:07
Israel: The legal tsunami is on its way - By Michael Sfard 19:29:08
The new and much improved Ron Paul Video Podcast - find all the best videos here 19:19:53
New Presidential Poll, In A Democratic State... Let's Bury The Competition ! 18:59:43
Government regulation: Lemonade Day done wrong 17:40:59
What's Ron Paul's Plan? 17:07:29
Ron's MoneyBombs and Tea Parties - A little history from 2007 15:48:09
Chile Celebrates 30 years of privatized Social Security 15:21:46
White House Threatens San Francisco Chronicle for Bradley Manning Coverage 14:52:01
TU-154 Flight Control Systems Fail (Today) - Video 14:38:05
NATIONAL DAY of prayer 14:37:35
News from the RLC: Let's Stop the Johnson/Paul Infighting! 13:58:57
MSNBC Video: Donald Trump Flip-Flops More Than Mitt Romney. Is That Even Possible? 13:33:13
The Corporate State Wins Again 12:38:10
I want to make a video. 12:29:31
New York Times piece 10:27:11
Paying For The Wars Through Taxes Or Bonds -Clarksville / Fort Campbell 10:23:38
Ron Paul Backers In Philadelphia Call For End To Federal Reserve System 10:11:54
Rand Paul and the National Association for Gun Rights 09:26:38
Fight against body scanners in Austin, Tx 02:59:03
Winning the NON COLLEGE youth vote 01:41:59
Intel Agencies: ‘No evidence’ of Viagra-fueled Libyan rape campaign - WTF?! 00:32:13
JS Mineset Cartoon: Hamas - Gold & Silver to Bank 00:15:36