Posted on May 10, 2011

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Ron Paul beats Mitt Romney - Zogby Poll 5/10/2011 21:33:21
Trevor Lyman Email: A 2012 Moneybomb Calendar 16:50:54
PorcFest 2011 - The Porcupine Freedom Festival 11:54:38
Great Ron Paul Coverage on The Daily Show! 08:45:47
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Site to expose Herman Cain 23:53:01
USDA and GMO research and 1Billion of your tax dollars 23:48:01
The Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs (NYC) 23:40:27
Never Surrender 23:34:07
Ron Paul attacked on the Drug Legalization issue 23:08:13
Vector Ron Paul Logo 22:54:27
Take it easy everyone. It's just a ride! 22:19:12
Chase Bank Genocide, Vaccine Contest 22:14:57
Daily Paul. It's serious now. 21:57:07
Poll: With bin Laden finally dead, is it time for America's longest war to end? 21:54:51
Visionary thoughts from 1958 21:52:56
Phil Moffett: The Ronald Reagan Conservative 21:43:31
TOP RECENT POSTS may not be a good idea. 21:32:16
"We must all hang together, or we will assuredly hang separately" 21:23:31
Banks Offer Paltry $5 Billion In Exchange For Full Expungement Of Robogate Charges And Complete Release Of Any Future Claims 21:08:00
Rally For Food and Farm Freedom - DC May 16 21:01:57
bad LDL cholesterol good for you 20:06:38
If you are Anti-Totalitarian can you be "Religious" 19:16:59
Julian Assange Receives Sydney Peace Prize 19:01:15
BBC Covering The Pentagon Osama Video Hoax 18:41:40
NPR - The Reluctant Republi-Can'ts (Ron Paul hit piece) - Read the comments 18:30:04
RT Updates Fukushima 5/10/11.....Not good 18:25:08
10 Days After 9/11: Gen. Wesley Clark Told of Iraq War Plans, & More 18:24:11
Free Speech has died on the Daily Paul - By Ralph Waldo 17:31:02
We have already defaulted: According to Treasury 17:12:20
Do you find it strange... 17:05:23
Des Moines Register Alert: Ron Paul to decide on presidential plans within the week 16:46:55
Has the Federal Reserve openly mocked America with it's own reserve notes? 16:43:55
Inflation Fears: Real or Hysteria? 16:38:57
The Predators: Where Is Your Democracy? 16:29:35
Ron Paul's godless goddess of greed: Ayn Rand 16:16:03
The Surprising Rise of Rep. Ron Paul 15:52:41
The Foreign Financial Forces - A brief history of their invasion of America! 15:47:49
Opinion: Iowans want Ron Paul to get serious 15:41:32
Waterboard The Wives 15:33:45
Taxed To Death, People Flee 15:25:28
Your weekly address from the Resident 15:21:47
FOFOA hates silver. @SIERRA and other silver experts 14:50:59
Announcing the Power Line Prize winning video: The Spending is Nuts 14:22:58
Ron Paul backers head to first primary state en masse 13:58:25
Trumps poll numbers collapse, now tied with Ron Paul 13:47:08
Did You Ever Wonder Why, Ron Paul Wants To End The Fed And IRS ? Well Read This ! 13:29:32
Government announces ability to send "emergency alerts" to your cell phone. 13:25:28
Obama, Facebook, and Restoring the Republic 13:16:36
A different thought on fluoride.. 13:16:35
A Tale of TWO Bradley Mannings? 13:11:04
Rep. Dennis Kucinich may run in other state 12:48:09
Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state 12:37:01
"Ron Paul Told Us So" - RP Quote Collection 12:35:49
Paul Craig Roberts: Americans Are Living In 1984 12:33:39
Ron Paul Announcement? 11:57:47
Keiser Report: Economic Euthanasia (E145) 11:26:28, Liberty Movements Answer To Facebook [VIDEO] 11:25:30
Iowans Pushing Paul to Get Serious Sooner 11:06:01
What are Gas Prices Where You Are? 10:31:29
THIS should be a major talking point 10:28:35
Never Miss A Ron Paul Poll Again 10:27:30
GOP debate covered on Daliy Show. Positive light on Paul, kinda. . . 10:23:05
The GOP establishment is playing right into our hands. 10:14:34
Operation Chaos Redux? 10:11:45
National Emergency Alert System Set To Launch In NYC 09:57:13
Bloomberg: Bernanke’s QE2 Averts Deflation, Spurs Rally, Expands Credit 09:53:51
Energy tax credit bill divides conservatives, even splits Ron Paul from group he founded 09:47:14
Probe to Reveal Link Between Vaccine Settlements and Autism 09:45:51
Psychopharmaceutical industry seeks world of dispassionate sheeple (sheep-people) 09:40:15
What's So Important About a Declaration of War? 09:29:23
Ron Paul's Next Monetary Policy Hearing is Wednesday, May 11, at 10am EST. 09:09:31
OMG! Ron Paul Could Win... so watch for this... (by Ernest Hancock) 09:07:07
Google - Santorum! 08:32:10
SNL 08:22:05
Anatomy of Silver Manipulation - How Low Can It Go? 08:22:01
Zillow: ‘Underwater’ Homeowners Rise to 28 Percent 08:07:28
Why democracy is failing America 07:49:13
Government is the Biggest Rigger of Markets 07:08:44
Silver will be a currency too, says Eric Sprott 07:06:29
More proof that governments betray and kill their own citizens 07:03:24
Alan Simpson Attacks AARP, Says Social Security Is 'Not A Retirement Program' 06:47:16
Remembering The Man Im Supporting 06:28:57
Barack Obama has emerged looking like a cold-blooded killer – and it turns America on 05:51:59
Dean Heller, Nevada's new GOP Senator, on the issues 05:48:07
Rasmussen Poll: 56% Want to Bring Troops Home From Afghanistan Read more on Rasmussen Poll: 56% Want to Bring Troo 05:43:57
Michael Reagan describes the qualities needed for president. Ron Paul has them 05:39:48
Predator Cop ALLOWED To Stalk Citizens Of Seattle! SPD: "Nothing We Can Do" 05:04:27
Let’s Call It ‘VO Day’ and Get Out 05:00:27
Life Sentence for Non-Violent Crime? 04:47:06
Has anyone read "The Report From Iron Mountain?" 04:30:07
Why The F#$$@# Would Bin Laden Be Filming Himself Watch TV? 03:39:55
Sludge Happens - 02:16:57
RP on the Daily Show tonight 05/9/11? 01:59:08
The Great Gold and Silver Vault Storage Segregators - EverHedge 01:53:54
OMG! Ron Paul Could Win... so watch for this... 01:27:58
Gas Prices FALLING! Inflation is "in check"; my A$ 01:14:21
BREAKING ALERT: Mass Arrests, Tear Gas, Sound Weapons used Against WIU Students 00:55:13
Jon Stewart gives Ron Paul a nice "Bump" on The Daily Show 00:43:16
Do Ron's people know linking to a hit piece on his facebook page drives it up in google search? 07:42:20