Posted on May 11, 2011

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ALERT: Congress is About to Vote on Worldwide War Authority 21:47:38
Ron Paul to Make "Major" Announcement in New Hampshire Friday May 13 20:52:42
Ron Paul in Iowa on the Simon Conway Radio Show 20:25:33
Video: Ron Paul on AC360/CNN Wed. 5/11/11 23:24:31
PPP Poll - Ron Paul Tied for SECOND in Arizona 17:30:06
Now Is The Time To Double Down And Retake The Republican Party 13:50:08
Ron Paul's Speech Iowa Campaign Office Opening Press Conference 12:56:40
Ron Paul to Decide on Presidential Plans Within the Week 10:14:14
John Stossel: Ron Paul is Less Lonely These Days 08:26:52
Freedom Watch: It’s Ron Paul’s World, We’re Just Living In It 00:44:01
Primary Registration Drive for Ron Paul 2012! 11:33:56
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Colbert talking about Herman Cain 23:35:34 Use the Internet to get off the Internet! 23:03:28
Rabbi Dovid Bendory: Should Jews own Guns? 22:45:22
I came up with a perfect slogan for 2012 22:30:12
Iowa, New Hampshire, & South Carolina Media Watch List 22:17:18
Steve Bierfeldt, Executive Director of Ron's Exploratory C'ee in Iowa is Looking for Iowa Volunteers 22:10:20
NFL's Mendenhall Loses Endorsement Contract Over 911 Remarks. BOYCOTT CHAMPION 01:48:09
Bruce Fein - Recapping "Patriot Act: Dispelling the Myths" 21:41:23
Neodacon endorses the Godfather of the Tea Party, How’s that working for you? 21:17:12
[POLL] Will Monthly Ron Paul Money Bombs burn out donors and reveal weaknesses or sustain the campaign? 21:12:48
SWAT Team Murders Marine! 21:05:23
Public Policy Poll: Gingrich in Top 3 for GOP Nod 21:01:09
SC Gold & Silver legal tender bill advances 20:56:30
Peter Schiff explains why kids are fat 20:41:02
PokerFace mp3 of Radio Show from April 20:31:33
Americans Are The Most Gullible People On The Planet 20:19:09
Greece for sale 19:50:43
Adam Kokesh On National Emergency Alert System 19:48:14
1 Million for Endless Wars 19:37:46
Ron Paul to Make "Major" Announcement in New Hampshire Friday 18:53:22
Ron Paul scheduled to be on AC360 show tonight on CNN 5/11/11 18:15:47
Sound Money; is this what it is, is this what we want? 18:15:18
Louisiana man gets Life in Prison for 4th Marijuana Arrest 18:15:08
BBC Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan's scepticism over videos; Hoax, Man In Video Identified! 18:01:32
The Stakes couldn't be higher. 17:50:15
Ron Paul may officially announce candidacy this Friday 17:46:41
Sharia Law Lifestyle Imposed in Garden Grove, CA 17:28:22
Let the Patriot Act Expire By Philip Giraldi 17:24:13
Rand Paul on Cavuto 5/11/11 17:18:33
I am angry and disappointed in the liberty community nationwide 17:08:12
Vid Anarcho- communism 17:02:54
SWAT team fired 71 shots in raid of Marine vets home * UPDATE* 17:00:21
Ron Paul can win this time 16:47:31
Military does not want homeschooled kids 16:45:30
townhall Strawpoll VOTE for RP 16:44:20
Rand Paul: 'Right to health care' is slavery 16:25:25
Obama Befriends Rich Elderly Widow In Hopes She'll Put Nation In Her Will 16:18:44
Has Anybody Bought a Perth Mint Certificate (Allocated)? 15:45:22
Attacks Have Started: "More Ron Paul Racist Newsletters Surface" 15:28:01
Juan Williams: We live in the age of Ron Paul 14:38:01
Assaulting Your Birthright 14:36:46
War Powers Resolution on Libya 14:35:40
New Fox Poll. 14:05:41
The WikiLeaks Grand Jury and the still escalating War on Whistleblowing 14:02:24
New Fox Poll. 13:26:55
Ron Paul Tells WHO's Simon Conway He Wouldn't Have Ordered Bin Laden Killed 13:18:04
Jim Rogers Says Dollar Is Long Term ‘Total Disaster' 13:11:32
Time to Focus on the Fed: Oppose Peter Diamond’s Nomination 13:08:14
It Just Struck Me, RON PAUL CAN WIN!!! 12:57:45
The People vs. Goldman Sachs 12:41:35
Iraq Withdrawal Date For U.S. Troops May Be Pushed Back Beyond 2011 12:19:56
From the Taliban to gold mining 12:18:18
Gold Mania in the Yukon 12:13:46
Mandatory Drug Testing Of All Students Before They Can Go To Their High School Prom 12:12:58
Killing Osama Bin Laden is no excuse for defending Bush and big government by Jack hunter 12:12:10 is LIVE 11:11:54
Anyone know a good criminal defense lawyer in Douglas County Colorado? 10:57:57
Heart Attack Sandwich 10:49:16
Ron Paul graffiti gone then reappears 10:00:48
NEW: Lupe Fiasco "Words I Never Said" Official Video 09:48:08
Paul Craig Roberts: China The New Bin Laden 09:37:28
Irish Bombshell: Government Raids PRIVATE Pensions To Pay For Spending 09:34:34
Gallup Poll: 52% of Republicans Want Third Party 09:21:53
Joe Rogan on Drug Laws & Ron Paul & Gary Johnson 2012! 15:57:35
FORBES: Return to Gold Standard Within 5 Years; prediction. 08:38:19
Ron losing to Cain in new poll 08:35:30
Forbes: Predicts U.S. Return To Gold Standard Within 5 years 08:29:55
Virginia AG Cuccinelli: Supreme Court Will Rule on Obamacare Before Elections 08:19:40
dustification 08:06:16
Government Policies Distort Markets; ‘Printing More Money’ To Mean Inflation 07:10:16
Commodities Trading Is Banking’s New Battleground 07:07:23
Expect Huge Rebound in Silver, says Richard Russell 07:06:05
Government May Force Big Banks To Reduce Loan Balances For Distressed Homeowners 06:50:42
Why Americans Favor a 3rd Party 06:01:12
The fedster is winning this presidential poll 05:36:15
Be wary! Cell phones *Required* to receive Dept. of Homeland Security alerts! 05:34:53
Senate Seeks to Create Caesar 05:23:24
Destroyer of Galaxies Discovered: Hyper Cosmic Storms 05:04:58
Live by Treachery, Die by Treachery; A Historical Lesson About Selling Your Soul 05:01:40
Tylenol tied to blood cancers 04:58:35
Tea Party to Boehner and GOP, Cut the budget or else... 04:44:57
For the first time, a majority of Republicans favor a third party. 04:36:50
Internet censorship just got scarier 03:35:39
Be Careful! dont "like" Obama Misery Index on Facebook 03:17:23
John Stossel: Ron Paul, Less lonely these days 03:13:35
Rep. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 03:05:49
Video - Return of the ..'Luftwaffe'? 01:04:16
Budget Mix-Up Provides Nation's Schools With Enough Money To Properly Educate Students 01:01:04
Are these 2012's Real Issues? 00:55:05
Musicians Unite! Ode To Liberty . . . The Next Revolution Anthem? 00:15:07
911, Annoying 00:14:04