Posted on May 14, 2011

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Huckabee Might Run for Pres in 2012 After All (Updated) 19:22:44
Ron Paul: "Our Revolution is HERE!!" 20:00:10
The Case for Ron Paul - by Debra Medina (from the Texas Tribune) 10:31:28
The Street: Ron Paul isn't a Candidate, he's a Community 09:29:40
A Strange Comfort for a Former Neo-con 07:42:17
Ron Paul on Hardball - 5/13/11 00:39:46
Ron Paul Exeter, NH - Speech & Rally - 5/13/11 20:15:44
Ron Paul Announces Presidential Candidacy on ABC Good Morning America, 5/13/11 20:00:44
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Note: IMF Has Diplomatic Immunity! 23:32:03
Duplicate: once again could not find it before I posted. Sorry I give up. 23:28:55
Who cares that Ron Paul is running? 23:22:48
Poll - US NEWS Excludes Ron Paul from poll 23:20:40
Welcome All Mike Huckabee supporters! 23:04:58
REPORT From: Get Prepared Expo in Springfield, Missouri 5-14-11 22:17:52
Is John Williams a Paul supporter? (shadow stats) 22:11:14
San Antonio Express-News Calls Ron Paul a "Friend of 9-11 Truthers" 22:01:21
Head of IMF Strauss-Kahn in NYPD Custody for Alleged Sexual Assault 21:50:00
Does Frank Luntz look like Chaz Bono? 21:47:27
Calling all Forum Fighters! 21:37:31
Nigel Farage : EU's star-spangled banner will disappear 21:32:45
NIA College Conspiracy movie released 21:32:17
Safely surf the internet 21:23:03
Huck Says No! 21:18:27
Spread the Word: The Ron Paul 2012 Link Shortener 21:07:09
Ron Paul now Tied for #2 in Iowa Polling at 15% (PPP) 21:06:12
Liberty Bus- Ron Paul Double Decker Bus Idea 21:00:47
Is it legal for the Huckster to do this? 20:47:08
Rand Paul is second Tea Party senator to miss coveted committee slot 20:45:32
Take The Blue State Challenge 20:43:55
Head of IMF accused of sex attack 20:37:12
LA Times/Opinion L.A. Bashing Ron Paul..Smear-bots are Way Outnumbered!!! 20:32:19
IRS Targeting Soros, Conservatives for Political Contributions 20:12:29
Where to order Banners, placards, bumper stickers, and campaign material? 20:07:42
Patriot Act Hearing - Bruce Fein's Testimony 19:56:35
Ron Paul and bin Laden 19:05:17
4" x 6" Ron Paul 2012 Stickers are in! 19:04:12
Mitt: ObamaCare was my idea? 18:02:23
False dichotomy by Charles Davis 17:58:33
VOTE UP This Article On Ron Paul!! 17:52:52
Michael Gerson’s land of second-rate commentary: Where Ron Paul is Right 17:07:00
Good all around Farm Dog 17:02:43
anyone up for educating some unreasonable people? 16:49:52
Bloodless Revolution: A $ Billion Dollars A Month 16:33:14
The Huckster claims that "once I pull the trigger...things will get even crazier." 16:09:40
Pima County Sherrif changing the story once again for murder 16:08:59
Google appears to be ridiculing Ron Paul supporters. 15:08:16
New Disclosures on Currency Swaps with Goldman to Hide Greek Debt; Tip of the Iceberg 15:00:31
Rep. Poe (R-Tex.) Introduces Bill to End Foreign Aid to Pakistan 14:47:19
CFR Member CNN's Zakaria Advises President Obama On Foreign Policy 14:38:12
2012 Primary Debate Schedule 14:17:39
Barry Goldwater/Ronald Reagan/Ron Paul ads 14:06:05
Rally against Debt 14:04:09
Ron Paul Canvassing in Iowa 13:32:33
LA Times Opinion bashing Ron Paul is getting bashed by Ron Paul supporters 12:42:11
Ron Paul touts liberty in Exeter presidential stump speech 12:41:53
In the United States, non-interventionism has often been confused with Isolationism. 12:40:14
Ron Paul vs. The Philosophically Bankrupt 12:34:54
This made my day :-) 12:20:24
They Will Not Stop Us - We Will Be Victorious! 11:58:49
Ron Paul: Third-party bid Unlikely if run for GOP nomination falls short 11:49:03
Genetically Engineered Trees 11:48:16
Ron Paul & Huckabee on ‘Fox News Sunday’ 11:44:53
Clarification of "letters of marque and reprisal" needed. 11:43:44
Something you should know about torture. 11:41:31
In the Theater of the Absurd: US-NATO Support "Al Qaeda in Libya" 11:38:24
Will Palin Endorse Dr. Paul? 11:36:24
Ron Paul spars with New England press corps 11:28:25
Ron Paul or Nobody! 11:23:08
Huff Post: Ron Paul and the Love Revolution of 2012 11:10:21
Come on, people! 11:05:34
Pakistan condems Bin Laden raid and US drone attacks 11:03:26
Dr. Ron Paul Is Not A Racist -- Proof 10:43:11
A Good Response to the "Racist" Label for Ron Paul 10:32:54
Nullify Now Comes To Los Angeles 05/28/11 10:28:31
Fox's "Lightning Round" of @sshats 10:19:15
some suggestions as the campaign ramps up 10:08:32
50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy 09:23:30
Sign Bomb? 09:07:36
Video: Greek Bailout not a Failure! Went Great for European Bankers, just not so well for the Greek People 09:07:17
Federal Court Orders The Fed to Pay GATA for Illegally Withholding Gold Info 09:07:05
No additional body scanners for the TSA! 08:53:22
Combo punching against extremist charges 08:33:39
1,235 Ron Paul Articles on Google News 07:59:56
We now have to be the normal ones 07:30:17
The Daily Paul is mentioned as Ron Paul support in The Street 06:52:17
Ron Paul's new stronger discussion style 06:51:38
IVAW, why the wars need to end! 06:05:36
How Dumb is Bill O'Reilly? 05:05:47
Tribal Leadership: The Ron Paul Revolution 04:05:42
Ron with the Judge 5/13/11 03:44:38
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 5/13/11 03:30:19
Mox News goes Ron Paul Crazy! 03:28:25
Bin Laden had PORN!!! Bin Laden had PORN!!! 03:18:46
What do you think of my sign? 03:12:48
Ron Paul Interview With Fox's On The Record Show 05/13/2011 03:08:59
Ron Paul On CNN's John King USA 05-13-2011 03:02:15
some clever TSA posters 02:50:33
5 activist tools for making 2012 smoother than 2008 01:46:17
Social Security and Medicare to go bankrupt earlier than expected - CBS News 01:42:40
U.S. CPI inflation rate: 3.2% (April 2010 to April 2011) CBS News 5/13/2011 01:41:33
What did Ron Paul mean when he said: 01:39:40
A new campaign song? 01:24:59
Some of my very own original art pieces 00:50:39
Medicare trust fund will be exhausted in 2024, officials say 00:42:00
ACTION REQUIRED: Website Title Still Says "Exploratory Committee" 00:41:34
Homemade Yard Signs 00:35:37
The Huckster is the one we have to beat, I think TPTB are making him get in the ring against us. 00:13:29
New Austin TX Ron Paul 2012 Meetup 00:11:55
Great idea! 00:05:55
we're winning on now too.......... 00:02:27