Posted on May 16, 2011

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Senate Bill Upgrades Unauthorized Internet Streaming To A Felony 16:12:30
Youtube Endorsement: Ron Paul For President 2012 19:16:50
Ron Paul on Fox News Discussing Huckabee, Trump, and His Campaign 5/16/11 22:27:44
Frank Luntz Wins: Trump Not Running 12:50:42
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 5/16/2011: How Much Freedom Do We Have If...? 11:15:00
Treasury Confirms Debt Ceiling To Be Breached Today; Will Tap Pension Funds 09:58:50
Important Ron Paul video for many 08:09:46
Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday 5/15/11 08:30:04
Friday the 13th Summary--Ron Paul's Lucky Day! : ) 10:53:00
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Let's form a Liberty Hacker Team 23:50:08
Team Obama gonna save the day... for Tepco!!!! 23:46:24
Ron PLEASE start speaking STATES RIGHTS in the Debates!! 23:44:20
Ron Paul facebook traction vs. Romney, graphs, numbers, etc. 23:41:04
Condie Rice Called A War Criminal at Lecture 23:34:44
Bin Laden Issue 23:34:17
Supreme Court OKs More Warrantless Searches. Are we sure the year isn't 1984? 23:07:08
BREAKING NEWS!! Osama still alive.. responds to "his" death 22:47:40
UPDATE: Ron Paul **NOW WINNING** This Poll 22:39:32
Attorney General Eric Holder: Ending the War on Drugs Wouldn't Save Law Enforcement Officers' Lives 22:27:13
Found a good vid on Hemp 22:24:18
Mothers for raw milk and Ron Paul 21:53:32
NY Times Blog: If Ron Paul can get 20% in Iowa, "we’d be in an alternate universe where anything could happen." 21:02:55
Doug Wead calls Ron Paul his "Favorite" Candidate but Says T-Paw has Clear Path to White House 21:01:44
Romney Revisited 20:57:12
How Money is Created and How It's Destroyed - Judge Napolitano 20:50:30
RedState's Erickson says Mitch Daniels IS Runnin in 2012 20:43:00
What a Public Bank Could Mean for California 20:36:40
Confidential Fed. Audits Accuse 5 Biggest Mortgage Firms Of Defrauding Taxpayers 20:26:10
Ron Paul 2012 TV is Back! 20:16:48
Underground Bunker(s) Photos and Film 20:09:17
From 6 Insane Conspiracies Hiding Behind Non-Profit Groups 20:08:53
Bradley Manning TV Ad 19:47:22
Romney raises 10 Million in one day! 19:41:02
Ron Paul Warns U.S. Could Become Like Middle East 19:38:18
Paint the NATION RON PAUL 19:37:48
Paint the NATION RON PAUL 19:37:35
Best place to buy Ron Paul gear 19:34:33
Must-View Video: Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lend 19:29:12
How the HELL did Romney pull this off in Vegas!!! 18:44:27
Club For Growth's Presidentail White Papers - No Ron Paul?? 18:33:33
New Forum Category Needed for grass roots-produced TV & radio ads? 18:30:15
Pat Buchanan Plugs Ron Paul: IMF Sex Scandal "A Bad Day For The New World Order"; 18:26:58
Why Doesn't Ron Paul's Website Have This?!?! 18:01:10
RP "running for the presidency of a country that no longer exists"? 17:35:19
Doug Wead: Pawlenty is in a Good Position to take Iowa 17:30:10
TheNewAmerican : Ron Paul Warns U.S. Could Become Like Middle East 17:15:07
Donald Trump Not Running: Plus Ron Paul Jab 17:11:00
Corporate Socialism explained simply. 16:47:39
Ron Paul Warns U.S. Could Become Like Middle East 16:25:58
The right-to-life vote & its obstacles 16:16:01
Video: Russian Speaker of the House threatening to kill 120M w/secret earthquake weapon 16:11:33
Sign Up For Notifications of RP Related Talk Radio Call-Ins! - Opinions needed 15:40:11
It is a Must to remind your 'Warmongering' friends and Obama liberals, about Cgr Paul's 'Marque and Reprisal' 15:39:46
Official 2012 campaign web site 15:34:57
Major bone to pick... 15:33:46
Judge Andrew Napolitano: A Nation of Sheep 15:01:49
Bankers Cheer as IMF Head Faces Sexual Assault Charges 15:01:26
Mediaite Attacks Ron Paul 14:33:42
Into The Fire, A G20 Documentary 14:12:36
Ron Paul on Fox News 5/16/11 [Video] 14:12:19
Paul Craig Roberts: The Ongoing bin Laden Saga 14:03:14
hermon cain foreign policy "I dont know" (but in better sounding words) 13:58:32
Bob Chapman: How to Keep a Damaged Financial and Economic System Afloat? 13:55:42
Rasmussen: GOP Race Now Wide Open — Look for Dark Horse 13:52:07 13:47:59
Vote in this poll: Will Ron Paul win? 13:31:57
Carlos Santana Doesn't Believe in States Rights 13:24:53
Welcome all Donald Trump supporters! 13:23:28
Video: Krugman and Debt 13:16:46
MORAL HAZARD defined 13:05:10
Trump is out! 13:01:59
Buchanan says Gingrich is 'Left Wing' on Key Issues, Left of GOP Base 12:55:42
Tom Woods discussing Ron Paul on Antiwar Radio 12:54:06
Bachmann -date issues 12:45:25
Are they setting Ron Paul up so the economy crashes on his watch? discuss 12:40:17
RP2012 Campaign Materials Targeting Specific Groups? 12:21:39
Video: Stop Dreaming by Aravoth 11:55:22
Va. Gov. McDonnell: Less Government = More Money 11:55:01
Ft. Lauderdale Tea Party Straw Poll: Cain #1, Ron Paul #3 11:53:37
Conn. High School Requires Students to Know English to Graduate 11:36:07
Ron Paul Door-to-Door campaigner Ipad app? 11:36:00
IMF leader Strauss-Kahn = $3000.00 per night hotel suite. 11:33:38
Herman Cain: The GOP choice is now promoted by Right wing talk radio 11:31:36
DEMOCRATS for the Doctor 11:28:37
Ron Paul new following 11:26:32
Jack Hunter's What Makes a Republican 11:11:50
Ron Paul 2012 Home Made Yard Sign Contest 11:06:40
CNBC POLL: Do we need the IMF? 11:02:12
Biebermania and Its Lessons for Our Time 10:44:23
Do any other RP fans think 2012 marks a shift in consciousness? 10:24:51
Did anyone catch what Howard Stern just said about Ron Paul? 10:23:58
Are you a Sheeple? Take the Sheeple Quiz and find out 10:23:36
McDonald's partly replacing cashiers with touchscreens 10:21:00
Did anyone see today's AP article on the Republican field? Outrageous! 10:08:52
Radiation experiment on Freedom village 09:53:55
Got a Pension? 09:36:42
I think Dr. Paul made a mistake. 09:32:22
Influential Swiss Legislator Slams Bilderberg Group 09:24:39
This Week In Paul #1 - RonPaul2012.TV 09:16:27
This Week In Paul #2 - Win a 1oz Ron Paul Silver Medallion! [VIDEO] 09:10:36
First Amendment Radio 09:10:35
You think Ron Paul is Racist?? Watch This!! 08:59:46
Liberty Dollar, Bernard von NotHaus & APMEX 08:38:56
President Obama on Loan Modifications 08:26:48
Federal worker Pensions emerge as Target in Debt-Reduction talks 08:05:38
So Mitt Romney raised a little dough....Someone get me a hanky! 07:33:50
Five Myths About Ron Paul 07:23:42
HuffPost: Method to the Madness in Ron Paul's War Against Civil Rights 07:06:57
Mitt ( Mittens ) Romney 06:47:49
Jordan Page Rocks the Revolution! 06:44:51
Fox News Panel Trashes Ron Paul 06:15:37
I'm offended!! 05:18:52
Bradley Manning Exposed! 04:20:35
Jordan Page - "The Light of Revolution" (Ron Paul 2012 song) 04:01:03
Why do men, more often than not, have short hair? 02:29:29
Is polygamy an acknowledgement we should not marry just 1? 02:16:51
Who do you think should be on the Ron Paul 2012 staff? 02:04:17
Join & Support Your Local Ron Paul 2012 Meetup Group! 01:59:01
Ron Paul as independent candidate if he does not win Rep. nomination 01:31:26
The one alternative to bloody revolution 01:26:30
WSJ : Question of the Day poll "Can Ron Paul win the GOP presidential nomination?" 01:21:20
No More Mr. Nice Guy! 00:56:21
The "racist" card 00:41:32
They hate us for our freedoms 00:29:13
Daily Paul Facebook Page Pushing 10,000 Fans! 00:20:53