Posted on May 17, 2011

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A fellow black Ron Paul supporter wishes to be heard. 21:43:43
Drudge Front Page: Ron Paul: Sell the Gold in Fort Knox 19:44:26
VIDEO: Juan Williams on Don Imus Show: 'Ron Paul is changing the Republican Party more so than the Republicans Realize' 17:35:15
Huckabee Not Running Highlights Polling Upside For Ron Paul 10:19:00
Doug Wead: Ron Paul just makes good sense 09:23:53
[Update] Celebrity Endorsement Twitter Bomb 07:52:49
What Rand Paul could teach Ron Paul--Advice from Jim Antle 06:48:39
Ron Paul on the Dylan Ratigan Show 5-16-11 17:03:23
NPR 5/16/2011: Ron Paul: Why The Young Flock To An Old Idealist 08:57:35
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Ron Paul questions Lee Hamilton at HIRC hearing on the 9/11 Commission Report 23:53:38
Mark Levin DEFENDS Ron Paul tonight!-Say whaaaaa? 23:10:48
Romney Lies about 10 million< 22:58:57
Ignore Ron Paul at your own peril 22:57:00
I've got it!!! Dr. Paul's slogan and commercial 22:53:05
A Serious Question about Gold 22:47:32
Dollar Could Lose Up to 30% in Value as Yuan Strengthens 22:32:51
Oteil Burbridge of the Allman Brothers endorses... 22:13:14
The Ron Paul Revolution Continues - Comment's please 22:03:15
FDA-Dragon Slayer Speaks Out on Amish Raw Milk Sting 21:34:41
Aimee Allen Begs People to Stop Asking her to write another Ron Paul song 21:27:40
Feeling at the End of Your Rope? Here is some inspiration- 21:20:46
Bradenton Times: Ron Paul Brings Big Name into Thin Presidential Nomination Race 21:15:06
Geithner: GOP will bear Responsibility for Default 21:11:21
Police Mace JPMorgan Chase Protesters 20:53:24
Talk Radio "Bomb" 20:36:58
Huffpo: Ron Paul, Conservative Champion of Liberalism (Must Read!) 20:28:31
Ron Paul: 'The President wanted to punish Texas' 20:26:54
Bachmann is in (Video)?? 20:20:40
Rick Perry isn't Tea Party thread 20:20:19
9/11 Dude Speaks with Dr. Ron Paul about Osama Bin Laden 20:12:41
Jack Hunter asks, "Who's a Republican?" at The American Conservative 20:10:46
Ron Paul speech LIVE from Las Vegas (8:30 PST) 20:05:14
Protect Ip Act Threatens The Internet And Blogs 19:56:41
Why use a dog, when you can sell thousands of $150K machines & really harrass people? 19:38:28
Willie Nelson Endorses Gary Johnson 19:37:15
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul proposes gas tax holiday, replacing gas tax revenue with money handed out to foreign governments 19:15:26
Sratch Willie 18:42:33
Gold: Debate on Federal Debt Limit 18:36:48
The Constitution and the Tea Party Part Company 18:18:43
DIGG this video "What if" with Ron Paul .This needs to be seen by people 17:50:35
Hey Iowa, Romney Don't Need You! 17:45:34
Best Chuck Norris Joke 17:42:21
Prodigy of Mobb Deep Talks Ron Paul Again in New Interview: Has read Ron Paul's books, including End the Fed 17:35:16
Mandated "Auto" Insurance?: Your Thoughts 17:27:53
Outlaws! Outside the law! Fed, SEC, FDIC, ... 17:23:32
Dollar Destruction [VIDEO] 17:20:03
Michael Kraft: Why The Ron Paul Hate? 17:15:44
Soda Head GOP poll 17:11:15
Rand Paul will be on Cavuto on FBN (5/17/11 @ 6pm ET) 17:05:44
LIMITED TIME ONLY! - Look at what Fox News did here! 16:47:30
Rick Perry the new "Tea Party" Candidate? 16:33:30
What Is A Dollar if Not A Federal Reserve Note? 16:13:44
George Will: Newt Gingrich "is not a serious candidate" for president 16:10:26
What the hell is this nonsense? 16:07:07
Nominate Bradley Manning for the Presidential Citizens Medal 15:59:38
US Ready To Swap Occupation of Afghanistan For War On Pakistan? 15:28:10
precinct captains 15:23:34
Fukushima Radiation in our drinking water 15:23:25
Secret Service interrogates Tacoma 7th grader 15:19:38
John Dennis on Fox Business tonight! 15:16:47
Schwarzenegger acknowledge child with housekeeper 15:06:32
What should I do about my father's 401k? 14:55:16
Registering as a Republican? How? Also, about RP T-Shirts... 14:52:48
Would It Help To Misspell Other Candidate's Names? 14:46:32
We need James Dobsons endorsement 14:43:03
Trump and Huck out, now a new name looking to jump in !! 14:39:18
Compare Paul vs. Romney web traffic! 14:18:39
Willie Nelson endorsed Gary Johnson 14:10:50
Freedom Watch: Police Officers For Legalization 14:08:13
The Treasury is Coming! The Treasury is Coming! 13:40:31
Ron Paul: What if the Chinese had military bases in America? 13:33:42
Street Rap artist takes Ron Paul's name 12:59:26
Remember to show up for Phill Moffett today!! 12:54:19
Pimco CEO: Higher Inflation, 'Financial Repression' to Hit US 12:53:10
Mitt Romney and the Teen Torture Industry 12:50:48
The Milk Police by Ron Paul 12:03:37
If you were President, what would YOU do? 11:54:09
Pakistan Troops, NATO Helicopters Clash at Border 11:52:37
‪"Fear the Boom" - The Austrian Theory of Boom and Bust- 3 Part Mini-doc from Econstories 11:52:19
Ron Paul video is awesome.It looks legit 11:49:07
Does Mitt's 10.5 Million haul disparage you?? 11:23:39
Ron Paul Supporters the Challenge is On - Romney phone bank raises $10.25M in a single day 11:19:28
New Eco-fascist Light Bulbs to Cost $50 Each 11:15:43
African Americans for Ron Paul 11:09:11
Will The Real Neo Con Please Stand Up? 11:02:06
TrueLeaks - Marijuana: Breaking it down 10:53:34
Michele Bachmann’s Head-Banging, Gay-Bashing BFF 10:30:29
Ron paul on Google trends 10:26:08
Poll: Does the World Need the IMF? 10:18:47
Ron Paul introduces HR 1830 to allow shipment distribution of raw milk across state lines 10:14:33
buy a Ted Rall cartoon for RP12? 10:09:24
Ron Paul earmarks? 10:00:09
While You Were Sleeping, They Abolished the Fourth Amendment 09:58:09
Save Cops Lives, End the War on Drugs -Freedom Watch 09:45:30
20% of New ObamaCare Waivers in Pelosi's District 09:44:04
Military Plans for 'Modest' Withdrawal From Afghanistan 09:41:48
Pat Buchanan says Ron Paul was "right on this" 09:00:15
Ron Paul On The General Welfare Clause 08:56:02
Here it is, Hitler with a badge. 08:24:02
Iowa Voter to Gingrich: "Why don't you get out before you make a bigger fool of yourself" 08:12:48
Scientists Cast Doubt on TSA Tests of Full-Body Scanners 07:57:00
Pat Buchanan: IMF Sex Scandal "A Bad Day For the New World Order" 07:50:29
Strauss-Kahn sex charges likely to isolate IMF in debt crisis talks 07:48:01
Italy Next to Seek EU Bailout: Wealth Manager 07:40:37
FAQ: Answering Common Questions About No Confidence Protest Vote 2012 07:33:54
Ron Paul Warns U.S. Could Become Like Middle East 07:32:52
Ron Paul Brings Big Name into Thin Presidential Nomination Race 07:25:06
Fear Propaganda and National "Defense" 07:19:40
Bachmann confidants: With Huckabee out, she’s now very likely to run for president 07:16:24
Slaves to Words by Thomas Sowell 07:14:51
The Dirty Old Man and the IMF by Pat Buchanan 07:12:20
The Overall Health of Ron Paul (as a man in his 70s) 06:26:23
Vote Put Ron Paul At #1 06:10:15
What Do You Think About This Quote? 06:09:11
Is Ron Paul a Republican? by Jack Hunter – May 15th 2011 04:57:36
Romney Raises 10.5 million in one day 04:45:40
Dollar is DEAD, National Debt over the 14 Trillion Ceiling! wow! 04:28:28
Spreading Ron Pauls message to all races 03:15:02
Rep. Ron Paul Tosses His Good Sense and Wisdom into GOP Presidential Primary 02:46:02
Obama's vulnerabilities by liberal author--RP Must Focus HERE! 02:16:03
Jane Mayer on the Obama war on whistle-blowers 01:59:17
Paul fans used via polls 01:36:20
John Randolph of Roanoke Great Speech Against American Intervention in Greece (1824) 01:27:09
A Century of U.S. Military Coups and Intervention (1890 - 2010) 01:21:19
You Don't Own Other People 01:17:47
A "Winning" Recipe: Ron Paul Ryan 01:12:12
Happy Birth Day to the Department of Educashun 00:59:12
But Don't Libyans Have a Right to Freedom Too? 00:47:22
the biggest issue 00:25:04
Surprise! - Look who's the US Governer of the IMF 00:23:35
Club for Growth's Presidential White Papers Excludes Ron Paul 00:10:22
A first impression is important. 00:08:07