Posted on May 19, 2011

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Adam Kokesh: Intellectual Property Laws are Anti-Intellectual 23:02:39
Indiana Supreme Court Shreds 4th Amendment 23:50:27
‘My bad. Sorry.’ Willie Nelson un-endorses Republican Gary Johnson 18:32:32
Ron Paul talks to Alan Stock on KXNT Radio in Vegas - 5/18/2011 13:45:34
Ron Paul: My Plan for a Freedom President 09:56:22
Herman Cain Questioned in Nashville 12:39:10
Ron Paul Questions Mitt Romney Re: $10.5 Million Haul 04:19:09
Dr. Paul on Morning Joe 5-18-11 18:21:16
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Input wanted!! Please 23:31:25
Please tell me who is selling the brain sucking devices around here 23:10:03
How To Start A Revolution - Kickstarter Project 23:03:30
Highway Shakedown, Tennessee Cops Fight Each Other To Steal Your Money 22:18:00
Novel idea for debates to educate viewers. This is a great idea. updated 5-21-11 22:09:06
The Economy's Future - Ron Paul Rally Exeter, NH [Video] 21:45:41
Why Gold & Silver? Full Movie - Mike Maloney Tells All 20:51:57
The Tale of the Slave 20:43:19
Some Guy: Ron Paul Doesn’t Know the Constitution - Tom Woods 20:20:30
Obama Bombshell: New Birth Certificate a Forgery 20:07:32
Gary Johnson's PAC...Suspended! [in Utah by Dept. of Commerce] 19:42:12
Ron Paul Revolution Car Decals 19:11:59
Low Troop Morale - Get on this thread! 19:00:37
The Conservative War on Drug Prohibition 18:42:53
Why Ron Paul Is Pushing For a US Gold Sale 18:15:32
Evil Machine Will Die (poem) 17:53:16
Club For Growth - Ron Paul white paper 17:14:37
F@ GOP & Dems -- One Bird With Two Wings! 17:06:43
My Letter to John Tate 16:14:24
Great Article: Ron Paul on Gay Marriage and States Rights. 16:10:18
Well It's Official, the 2010 Elections Did Nothing: Hill Leaders Agree on Patriot Act 18:53:36
Obama tells Israel: Go back to 1967 borders 15:50:19
We must face facts 15:30:24
Any good references so I know Rand Paul understands Austrian Economics. 15:07:56
Old Man Says Cop Beat Him for Trying to Help {Court Records} 15:04:04
Rushkoff - program or be programmed important concepts for liberty movement 14:24:18
Ron Paul's Support of Drug Legalization Will Sink His Candidacy 14:10:58
Yahoo... 14:02:25
J.P. Morgan's hunt for Afghan gold 13:20:01
With Dems/Left Help Good Doctor Can Win Every State 12:43:00
President Praised Romney for *Assist* in Passing Obamacare 12:33:34
John Papola interviewed by Jeffrey Tucker [Video] 12:19:05
Cornerstone church "honor to israel" service disrupted 12:18:36
Anti-War Group Code Pink Counts Ron Paul in Their Camp on Israel Aid Opposition 12:16:54
Indiana and the 4th Amendment 12:05:09
"Major Foreign Policy Speech" Now: Marching to (yet another) war? 12:03:56
Summer Reading List for Paulites 11:55:28
Multiplying Environmental Claims Face New Accountability Procedures 11:52:12
Obama's Legal Deadline in Libya is Friday, and Rand holds him to it! 11:24:59
Contract law in a free market place 11:15:38
Slander 10:58:39
Living Through a Currancy Devaluation 10:53:07
Still Want To Ask Big Names To Support Ron Paul? 10:07:57
Fox Business Ron Paul Hit-Piece! 09:50:45
Some hot wheels supporting Ron Paul 09:28:15
'War on Terror' is Not the Way to Peace 09:24:56
The Strauss Kahn Frame-Up: The Amerikan Police State Strides Forward 08:57:26
POLL! We are winning !!! 08:49:06
CNN: Secret service caught "monitoring" Fox 08:43:21
Article: Ron Paul Says Founders Ignorant of Constitution 08:36:47
Looking for HVACTECH 08:36:16
Well Done Video Exposing the FRB 08:12:55
remember remember the 5th of November. 07:57:15
Chris Christie's no threat. Another one bites the dust? 07:34:59
Gasoline at 20 Cents a Gallon: There's just one little catch 07:32:47
FOX Business biggest hit piece on Ron Paul ever! 06:56:32
We are selling our souls to the Devil, Peter Schiff 09:37:58
New Book: Where's the Birth Certificate? 06:37:36
Campaign Support Idea 05:47:07
GDP loss due to higher fuel prices 05:25:58
Ron Paul's Controversial Statement Exposes Foreign Policy Rift 04:52:20
RP's "Way Ahead"...? 04:12:38
WSJ Poll: Can Ron Paul win the GOP presidential nomination? 02:54:51
American soldiers waking up - Iraqi Veterans Against War 02:33:40
Peter Schiff promoting the good Doctor and other economic common sense! RTR 01:38:38
Inflation 01:29:07
Lee Atwater called: 00:56:43
John C. Calhoun's Wisdom On War 00:22:56
Tennesee Law Enforcement Stealing Money from out of state innocent motorist 00:17:42