Posted on May 2, 2011

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Apropos Quote: 18:02:47
New Video: "No More Liars" Ron Paul 2012 17:49:11
Forget Obama. Leave Osama RIP - WIN THE NOMINATION! 17:21:25
$2 million goal for Thursday MONEY BOMB 14:35:25
Romney Skips South Carolina Debate 13:29:19
Ron Paul Wins Hot Air Straw Poll 11:36:59
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Jon Huntsman Puts Mitt Romney on Uphill Climb -Boston Herald 23:59:55
The comments on this Yahoo article will let you know, their little Osama plan worked, and deflated me quite badly 23:39:45
Video: Mitt Romney Under Fire for Metaphor of 'Hanging' President Obama.. Where's the Secret Service When You Need Them? 23:33:49
Senator Rand Paul Goes After Mitt Romney / Also There Is a Poll On This Page/Link.. You Know What To Do! 23:10:14
Ron Paul on Hannity radio WCBM 680AM 4/28/2011 23:02:57
They are blowing the levee 22:47:44
Look...the state of Hawaii has come up with Osama Bin Laden's Death Certificate... 22:33:03
SA@TAC - Have We Forgotten 9/11? 22:22:17
Mass Arrests, Tear Gas, Sound Weapons used Against WIU Students 21:54:30
Ron Paul on Osama bin Laden 20:58:17
Is someone hacking the server? 911 truth threads getting moved to 'off-topic' 19:55:33
"conscious decision" to exclude "other" 19:22:49
Osama's death is hardly a victory or reason to celebrate... 19:21:34
George Carlin Said It The Best 19:20:38
Romans 12:17-21 & Perpetual war 19:11:37
Follow the money. 19:11:34
2012 Iowa Caucus Poll 18:48:11
Boogeyman to frighten Americans into giving up rights... 18:41:50
Supporters see Huckabee moving toward presidential run + poll 18:32:39
Over 55 day wait to see a physician in Massachussetts 18:22:25
endofamerica message ??? 18:18:26
duplicate 18:18:23
We need to counter this fallacy - Ron Paul's New Book Sinks His Immigration Grade to an 'F' 18:11:43
Paul April winner, Townhall/HotAir Straw Poll 18:06:42
The New Deadline (and this time we mean it) 18:04:58
Michael Moore and Ron Paul AGREE??? 17:54:12
Is The SLV Wired To Blow? 17:50:44
Ron Paul supported surgical strike on Bin Laden - wise not wacky 17:39:35
Here it is...Pakistan is next! 17:31:25
The Truth About bin Laden 17:24:10
Somali Pirates Claim To Have Body Of Osama Demand Reward For It 17:01:49
Inside Sources: Bin Laden’s Corpse Has Been On Ice For Nearly a Decade 16:40:57
Buried Along With Osama: News of Nuclear Energy Breakthrough 16:34:34
Mississippi levee wall detonated to alleviate flooded town 16:14:46
Did the loons scare away all the sane people? 16:09:11
No Statement from Ron Paul on bin Laden yet? 16:05:33
Breaking: Treasury to Take Steps to Stay Below Debt Ceiling 15:45:48
A Call For Liberty! 15:29:37
Today (May 2) is my 3rd birthday at the DP! 14:56:23
(Matt Taibbi) Mailbag: Why I Can't Vote For Ron Paul 14:24:15
Breaking Video: Diebold Says Mitt Romney Is The 2012 Republican Nominee, Ron Paul Vote Buried at Sea 14:05:57
Osama bin Laden’s Second Death by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 13:59:33
Osama bin Laden dead – but Clinton vows to continue war on al-Qaida 13:42:09
Barbara Walters: I'd "Hate To Be A Republican" Running Against Obama 13:24:14
Bishop Mitt Romney Celebrates Death and Pastor Mike Huckabee Says "Welcome To Hell" 13:20:23
Bin Laden is Dead but his Ghost still Haunts America 13:18:37
Russia Today: Osama bin Bogeyman? 'CIA getting rid of old asset' 13:17:27
The War-Mongering Left 13:11:46
When & How to Donate 13:10:59
So what else is going on in the World today?? Let's keep our eye on the ball. 12:52:01
Tuesday, May 3rd, at 10 a.m. ET, Ron Paul discusses his new book Liberty Defined on the Diane Rehm Show 12:35:03
Townhall/HotAir GOP Straw Poll - Ron Paul Takes April 12:20:21
Birth Certificate and Bin Laden : grasping for credibility 12:19:51
Ron Paul's attempts to target Osama Bin Laden & Al Qaeda 12:12:45
FOX NEWS - Report: Bin Laden Already Dead 12-26-01 11:47:09
Is There Hope for Liberty in Our Lifetime? by Jacob H. Huebert 11:38:31
Bin Laden corpse photo (from foreign media source) exposed as a fake photoshopped picture! 11:32:29
Libya: Terrorists Are Us? 11:26:17
LOL Yahoo News Disables Comments Over Bin Laden/911 Story 11:19:08
RT NEWS says "Zero transparency in Bin Laden Killing" 11:17:25
Hemp History Week 11:15:55
Osama Bin Laden 11:13:46
Iranian state TV carries report of Israeli build-up in Iraq 11:03:21
Libyans burn UK, Italy missions after NATO strike 10:33:24
The wisdom of Tim Geithner: 'We lost money on the auto bailouts, but we win politically' 10:06:48
Establishment quick to use recent events to marginalize Ron Paul policies: 10:04:46
Justice or Vengeance? 09:42:12
Sovereign Status = opt out corp U.S? And does opting out = joining Republic of our state? 09:30:09
Rep. Allen West: Free Speech and Free Press are “Pathetic” 09:12:06
Is All Governmental Action Forceful? 08:45:36
Was Osama Bin Laden denied due process? 08:28:30
CATO INSTITUTE statement about Bin Laden's death 07:54:16
Inspirational NEW video for the May 5th Ron Paul Moneybomb! 07:22:35
Osama Bin Laden Unknowingly killed by Pakistan forces NOT US Forces 07:08:30
Obama will hold a prime time TV event tonight 07:06:22
Ron Paul on Bin Laden 05:11:30
bin Laden, HR 3216, and questions about our future 04:40:03
Never mind 10:25:48
My Predictions About The Death Of Bin Laden 02:17:44
All Out into the Streets for 911 Truth, Counter bin Laden Hoax 02:15:00
Michael Rivero's (What Really Happened) website hacked shortly before Obama speech 01:20:36
Tonight shows me that Liberals/Obama supporters don't share our views on peace/foriegn policy 01:14:07
General orders pipes at Bird Point levee loaded with blasting agent 00:31:04
Bhutto // Osama 00:19:49
WikiLeaks: Nuke hellstorm if Osama is caught or killed, says al-Qaeda 00:05:02