Posted on May 20, 2011

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Video: Rand Paul on AC360 5/20/11 20:28:22
Politico: GOP Candidates Embrace Ron Paul's Ideas on The Fed and the IRS 19:54:54
Four More Years! Patriot Act Extended 13:17:08
Let's Get Ron Paul on the Tonight Show to refute Huckabee's mischaracterization of his positions 22:52:20
Supreme Court OKs More Warrantless Searches 03:28:26
Video: Mike Huckabee talks Ron Paul on Leno 02:14:26
New Ron Paul 2012 Sites 02:57:18
Ron Paul Responds to President Obama’s Middle East Speech 23:55:17
Register Republican to Vote for Ron Paul in Republican Primary 13:24:36
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Please help me share this Ron Paul message with Christians 23:52:01
The 12 Things Nut Job 911 Truth DENIERS Believe! 22:17:05
NIA - Exposed as Frauds by Peter Schiff 22:08:42
End of Days tomorrow 5/21 21:59:47
'The Latest Excuse for a National ID Card' 21:52:44
Zogby Poll Stunner: Herman Cain Continues 2012 Surge; Ron Paul in 3rd Place 20:55:30
Regime Change in Libya 20:26:17
National Park Orders Ron Paul Supporter to Leave Park because of Bumper Sticker 20:09:26
NY Daily News Republican Poll 19:59:10
The Real Reason to oppose aid to Israel by Dean Ahmad 19:53:10
Free Bradley Manning - Demonstration on May 28th 2011 in Berlin 19:32:32
Leave National Military Park, Citing Objection to Ron Paul Decals on Car 19:25:21
Alan Bock, rest in peace 19:16:29
The Extended Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man 19:03:19
Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos 18:42:10
Poker Faces May Newsletter 18:28:39
Need Ron Paul supporters in Australia for a rally in the streets of Melbourne Victoria Australia 18:21:31
Ron Paul Logo Thoughts? 18:09:27
Reflections on the 2008 California debate (Great Video) 18:05:23
This Is The Guy Playing Match-Maker To JP Morgan, Silicon Valley And Afghanistan 18:04:58
The Constitution Failed 17:37:26
Real reason for ouster of IMF chief?...Supporting a new world currency. 17:04:27
Sheriff who blamed Tea Party for Giffords shooting defends SWAT team who shot vet. 16:51:55
Ron Paul to Obama: Stop Dictating to Israel Important by Doug Wead 16:26:30
6 Years In Prison For Legally Video Recording A Police Officer? Stand Up Against Injustice! 16:18:21
A Time For Truth 15:58:13
Ron Paul in a Great Gold & Silver Movie 15:44:51
50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy 15:34:09
The Drug Traffickers, the Banks and the White House 15:26:00
Ron Paul live on Lou Dobbs radio now!!! 15:24:31
Sen. Rand Paul on Debt Default [Video] 15:23:48
KGB? Video - RP supporter questioned 15:06:19
MUST SEE quick video: key principles for growing a movement 15:06:09
NY Daily News Poll: GOP Pres. Nominee: We're running low on votes here!! 15:05:33
The Most Important Event for Ron Paul: Ames Straw Poll, August 13th, 2011 14:50:06
Wow, the World Might Actually Be Ending Tomorrow: A Good Article From Yahoo: Jim Grant from Grant Interest Rate Observer 14:48:16
The Fix for the Public Education Disaster 14:43:54
McCain NOW wants "free trade" in the Middle East!! 14:42:57
Dangerous Pop Up on DP home page 14:40:39
Dem: Obama "Bringing Democracy To Libya While Shredding The Constitution" 14:26:30
Republicans in Congress to Crown Obama King 14:18:05
Video: Ron Paul on Fed & National Debt 14:08:48
Ron Paul Speech in Monetary SubCommittee 14:05:13
Fox today: FBI's Most Wanted Anwar Al Awlaki Had Lunch At The Pentagon Days After September 11th! 14:01:50
Fox News Poll - My candidate is already in it to win it 13:57:45
Pawlenty Locks Down Four Iowa GOP Operatives; Who Do We Have? 13:49:12
The Revenge of the Aqua Buddha 13:45:38
Breaking News: Daniel Estulin ARRESTED at Madrid Airport 13:37:23
Ask Rand Paul A Question Contest Hear Senator Paul respond to your question 13:31:16
How should I sell my HOUSE? 12:56:20
Supporters , you need to get hold of the list of all voters in your district. 12:22:27
BREAKING NEWS: Why 2012 doesn't matter!!! 12:13:59
Hitler Knew More About Friendly Relations than America or Israel 12:07:27
TSA Pokey Pokey 11:57:18
Repubs & Dems work together in pushing Police State 11:53:19
Park Ranger Orders Ron Paul Supporter to Leave National Military Park, Citing Objection to Ron Paul Decal on Car 11:23:41
More than One Reason Why Drug Laws are Racist 11:13:35
Doug Casey on Ron Paul 11:10:17
The General Welfare Clause and Stoned Teenagers- Tom Woods 11:08:50
US-NATO Protects Afghan Opium Production While Cheap, Potent Heroin Hits The US 11:07:09
Great bumper sticker 11:05:41
What antivirus software can I trust? 11:02:47
FLYERS.....Winning in IOWA 11:00:33
Unofficial Photographer of the 2012 Campaign Needs Help--Check out his Pics 10:59:36
Troop Morale Down, Mental Health Problems Up in Afghanistan 10:41:42
Surveys: Recent college grads sour on Obama, to vote GOP or stay at home in 2012 10:39:10
Norway Stops Aid Payments To Greece 10:38:18
POLITICO- The Tea Party's Ideal Candidate: Calvin Coolidge 10:31:51
Do the TSA Pokey Pokey- Reason.TV & Remy [Video] 10:31:49
Hannity Forced to Tell a Caller to Check out Ron Paul 10:17:10
Ray McGovern Asking Obama to Protect Gaza Relief Ship 09:52:31
Jesus would vote for Ron Paul. 09:27:13
Voter Bomb: Pledge Your Vote for Ron Paul! 09:26:43
Ron Paul wins local straw poll!! 08:54:43
Next up on the Bailout list: The Mailman? 08:29:40
Treasury Issues New HAMP Rule Requiring Single Point-of-Contact 08:23:49
Love Will Find a Way! 08:12:05
Did Ron "Paul" REALLY Suggest Selling US Gold Reserves? 08:12:00
Allen West: Obama's Mideast Policy 'Beginning of the End' for Israel 07:42:59
Exposing the Federal Reserve G. Edward Griffin 07:39:41
Hearing to decide if Blackwater suit goes to trial 07:30:43
Israel in a Post-American Era by Pat Buchanan 07:22:34
Big brothers new toy 07:21:56
To Eat And Survive In L.A.: On Track For 1 Million Food Stamp Users 06:50:11
The Next Big Gold Rally Has Started, says Richard Russell 06:44:23
An Interview with Hugo Salinas Price on a Return to a Silver Mexican Peso 06:32:14
Jewish Donors Warn Obama on Israel 06:30:05
Letter to the Editor: Austin American-Statesman 05:13:31
Who is Jon Huntsman? 05:10:03
Reminding you that the revolution began in Arizona 2007 05:01:48
Peter Fonda calls Obama "traitor" over handling of BP oil spill 04:26:00
Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot Man Legally Carrying Gun - John Stossel 04:01:52
a look back at Ron Paul on Jay leno 2007 03:47:54
Ron Paul 2012 compared to Goldwaters rise of 1963 03:33:32
If you want to throw up... 02:42:40
8.4 earthquake in Libya!!! Was all over all the siesmic sites Now Gone!!! 00:59:51
12:34 AM Huckabee says 00:40:50
Right now is the time to cash out your 401K and take the Penalty. Something is better than nothing 00:27:42