Posted on May 24, 2011

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The Hill: Patriot Act Powers May Lapse at End of Week 19:44:21
Frontline Special on Bradley Manning and Wikileaks 20:10:43
Video Highlights: Dr. Ron Paul @ Foreign Affairs Hearing on Libya Wednesday 5/25 18:35:05
From Grassroots to Corn Stalks: Be an Independent Organizer 13:03:30
Why the bias against Ron Paul? 12:41:27
I Heart War 09:55:22
Judge Napolitano: Why The Patriot Act is Unconstitutional 06:38:32
US Senate Backs Attack on Libya 04:00:53
Video: Rand Paul Floor Speech on PATRIOT Act 5/23/11 07:40:41
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A Rand Paul moment 23:46:20
15 Free Ron Paul Cards - Send SASE... 23:42:08
Is Donald Trump a mole for the DNC? 23:04:41
Response from Senator Inhofe regarding the Patriot Act 22:56:54
Title IX 22:50:02
Possible legit website is giving out FREE Ron Paul 2012 bumper stickers 22:46:23
Campaign Song 22:09:33
Ames 2011 Iowa Straw Poll - Ron Paul Tied for 1st on! 22:08:52
Should Ron Paul Emphasize America's National DEFENSE over our National OFFENSIVE Foreign Policy? 21:59:43
New to the movement! 21:53:12
The Last Word on Osama Bin Laden 21:15:56
Another victim in the war on drugs - Cops: Man declares 'I'm not going back to jail,' falls to death in Harvey Canal 20:53:12
Mitt Romney's $10.25 Million Dollar Day? 20:34:59
10 Reasons Ron Paul Can Win in 2012 20:26:20
10 Reasons Ron Paul Can Win in 2012 20:20:45
Tea Party Group's Goal: Stop Mitt Romney In 2012 20:06:52
Political groups fear being silenced as Facebook requires approval to reach members 20:03:09
Cannes 2011: Peter Fonda encourages his grandchildren to take up arms against President Barack Obama 19:16:54
Fed Govt needs to help in Missouri! 18:43:08
Stimulus Money Recipients owe Billions in Taxes: government 18:41:49
Anybody see this? 18:31:47
Need Ride to Ames Straw Poll 17:38:35
Free Bradley Manning Song 17:09:50
To Be or Not to Be: American Freedom, Exceptionalism and Identity 17:08:37
bradley manning on yahoo! 17:06:48
Ron Paul Bumpersticker Gets Man Kicked Out of National Park 16:19:53
Voting Hazard For Ron Paul 16:15:43
On the fence about RON PAUL ? 16:08:42
QE is Finished as an Effective Tool, Central Banks Have Moved on to GOLD REVALUATION 16:04:12
Video: Herman Cain't Supporters 15:59:19
We The People -- Iowa For Ron Paul 15:52:56
Just a couple thoughts... 15:30:27
73 yr old man ordered to leave National Park due to Ron Paul bumper sticker 15:17:23
Chief Electrical Engineer @ WTC - Interview Clips 15:12:48
Tempers Flare Post CNI Press Briefing/ AIPAC Controls Congress 15:07:56
Restore America, Paul vs Obama 14:24:39
Campaigning ideas 14:18:02
B.O.'s Armored Limo BOTTOMS OUT in Ireland 14:05:47
White House Adds New Position to Deal with Unfavorable Online Media 14:02:28
Peter Schiff vs the NIA 13:51:18
Gary Johnson should run for New Mexico Senate 13:51:14
The Patriot Act is an Act of Tyranny - Call Now! 13:49:50
Texas Presidental poll Ron Paul 10% Rick Perry 4% poll winner Palin 13% 13:22:52
One of These Books is Not Like the Others 13:12:10
"Allegations" of Police Brutality in Effingham County(Video) 13:11:03
The front runner makes his move 13:04:29
Facebook Moves to Take Control of Political Groups 12:58:43
Iowa Straw Poll at Ames, August 13 - help me write a flyer 12:56:19
Ron Paul needs to reach out to specific groups... 12:38:40
City of Delusion 12:35:22
Venting- I pushed my neighbors philosophic boundries today 12:34:52
Ron Paul's New View On Illegal Aliens? 12:29:35
Cato Institute: A Co-op Can Replace Fannie and Freddie 12:22:37
Break the Islam fear mongering. 12:14:31
Cynthia McKinney interviews in Iran. (video) 12:07:52
UPDATE - Warning: Supreme Court orders release of 46,000 criminals in CA - the equivalent of 3 Army divisions!!! 11:35:32
Ron Paul Phone Bank Volunteers Needed. Work From Home with Our Free Phones! 11:31:30
Can Obama be defeated in 2012? NO. 11:26:26
Ron Paul needs to fight an "unconventional" war this election 11:14:04
Pima County Sheriff Acknowledges His Department Condones Violation Of Constitutional Rights 11:09:46
Christian patriot killed 11:06:22
Contradictions emerge in accounts of Pakistan raid 11:03:09
This Has To Be The Best Idea To Promote Ron Paul!!! 10:57:43
Ron Paul takes 2nd place in CNN Poll!!! 10:08:41
Ron Paul needs a really good dvd to hand out 09:59:35
Obama to filter the web 09:59:32
Support the troops! 09:43:25
Dr. Paul to appear on CNBC Squawk Box Wed 5/25 09:33:04
Great set of Videos of the Good Dr. 09:17:24
Paul Craig Roberts: Does America have a Culture? 09:04:49
Semi-urban Homesteading 09:02:56
GOP braces for Medicare Blowback 08:14:44
Rudy Giuliani 'very close' to running for President ! 08:12:58
Sabato: GOP Presidential Field 'Nearly Set' 08:12:55
Jeb Bush Repeats: 'I'm Flattered,' but Not Running 08:10:57
Herman Cain: I'd Offer the Palestinians 'Nothing' 08:05:43
Need all USA stops and other events dates and more specifics! 07:44:49
NY Times: As Lenders Hold Homes in Foreclosure, Sales Are Hurt 07:22:58
QE2 was a bust 07:18:36
Fox News: Afghanistan is responsible for 9/11, no Iraq, no Yemen, no Pakistan, now Iran accused of 9/11 07:01:34
Dependency and Votes by Thomas Sowell 06:55:05
Israel Loves the Republican Party--by Pat Buchanan 06:46:56
Chuck Norris Takes Swipe at Rand & Priases Huckabee 06:39:41
Treasurer says he would call bond houses, warn against lending to Illinois 06:07:06
"Taliban raid" in Pakistan. Can a US invasion be far behind? 05:59:05
Why has the Patriot Act NOT been declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL? 03:17:50
Completely obvious Ron Paul is the ONLY real Republican candidate: WE CAN AND MUST WIN; No discouragement... 08:22:20
"Too Big To Fail" HBO Film...I'd love some insight, please! 02:14:46
Ron Paul & Lew Rockwell interviewed on Radio Free Market 5/21 (mp3) 02:14:27
WA State Congresswoman Seeks to Halt $100 Billion Boost (from U.S. taxpayers) to Troubled IMF (International Monetary Fund) 01:21:18
Pentagon Report - Zombie Apocalypse 01:04:37
Presidency 5 Florida Straw Poll Info 00:59:13
R.P. on Rush...just takes a phone call 00:47:01