Posted on May 28, 2011

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Breaking: Adam Kokesh Arrested in DC 15:15:45
Ron Paul's Call to Donation Arms- June 5th Money Bomb! 14:29:23
Thought Controllers Call Ron Paul "Extreme" - Tom Woods Video 12:26:47
New! Ron Paul Q&A at Foreign Affairs Hearing on Libya 5/25/11 01:01:23
LibertyFest Tickets Discounted 25% this Weekend 00:48:20
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Canines Against Romney... and Romney's other animal abuse issues 22:44:23
Debtocracy: Greece debt crisis documentary includes clip of RP 22:01:12
Online Exit Polling: Remember When The New Hampshire Primary Was STOLEN From Ron Paul in 2008? 21:36:54
Mysterious fund allows Congress to spend freely, despite earmark ban 21:28:21
Apocalypse Now Redux playing back to back tonight on AMC 20:32:36
Why are there so many moneybombs??? 20:10:10
Kids reciting Pledge of Allegiance - funny! 20:04:38
Weekend watching: Urban Danger [Vidoe] New Documentary 2:14:00 19:55:12
Giuliani surprise leader in Republican poll 19:49:10
Another way to look at the flip-flopper's supposed $10 Mill fundraising 18:39:51
Sarah Palin Not Likely To Run According to WSJ's John Fund 18:27:50
Ron Paul money bomb june 5th 18:24:11
HOLD YOUR FIRE! . . . Until June 5th 18:22:39
Juan Williams Calls Ron Paul a Power Player During Talk at Nat'l Press Club Event 18:20:03
NY Times: Senate Gadfly Who Isn’t Shy About Buzzing 18:08:38
New video released of Columbia police department killing more dogs during a drug raid 17:56:21
Use vanilla and other natural remedies to relieve and prevent headaches 17:44:19
Banks and the next crisis, Ron Paul mentioned.(Favorably) 17:33:48
Memorial Day Tribute: Keep the Troops at Home 16:52:05
EU Privacy Directive - 'Cookie' Laws? 16:51:20
From Grassroots to Hemp Stalks: An Independent Activist’s Guide to the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign 15:45:56
Police Brutality at the Silent Flashmob at the Jefferson Memorial 15:43:30
The Zionist Mentality and Method by David Martin (DC Dave) 15:31:26
Is Obama's trip to Britain tied to damning Lockerbie legislation? Why is the US fighting so hard to silence Megrahi? 14:57:03
Ron Paul: Are you up to the challenge? 14:55:20
Is This Campaign SERIOUS about winning?!?!?! 14:50:38
Acts of treason got us here 14:36:34
Money Bomb June 5th 14:32:21
Uplifting Story 13:15:47
WikiLeaks accused Bradley Manning 'should never have been sent to Iraq' 13:04:51
Anatomy of a Murder: How NATO Killed Qaddafi Family Members 12:19:27
Free Market Exposes Fraud 12:04:35
Big Pharma attempting to corner the market on medical marijuana 11:53:37
Hillary Clinton Admits Dr.Paul's Supporters are the BEST 10:41:27
Memorial Day war propaganda out in full swing 10:05:46
The Economic Death Spiral Has Been Triggered 09:56:33
Rep. Graves questions Obama's autopen signing of Patriot Act extension 09:50:33
Dairy Farmers fight radiation with Boron (and how Borax and Baking soda can protect against radiation) 09:35:52
Yahoo's Daily Ticker - Great Ron Paul 2012 Plug, Audit the FED! 09:29:25
Dairy Farmers fight radiation with Boron (and how Borax and Baking soda can protect against radiation) 08:52:29
Jon Huntsman Flirted With 'Death Panels' As Governor 04:34:41
Egypt Pulls the Plug on a Failed U.S.-Israeli Gaza Strategy 03:51:47
Ron Paul on the front page of Reddit.Com 02:48:29
Funny star wars satire on 911 02:32:26
AJ Talks Texas Secession 02:17:47
$70 Trillion U.S. Debt Means The Door is About to Shut for Americans 01:27:06
Restore our Republics 01:08:29
U.N. sees risk of crisis of confidence in dollar 00:45:47
TSA Threatens To Ban Flights From Texas Over Anti-Patdown Legislation 00:22:40
SWAT team shoots Marine "60" times. Something is very wrong here!! 00:19:59
Forgive me once again for bringing God into the forum, but I hope we will all wish Rand Paul strength and guidance, safety most 00:04:42