Posted on May 3, 2011

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Ron Paul on FBN Willis Report 5/3/11 17:58:19
Ron Paul on Diane Rehm Show 5/3/11 Vid & Audio 09:46:38
Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty: Audit the Fed 4/30/11 09:18:00
Shortened "No More Liars" video - 60 Seconds 06:09:54
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Hersh: ‘Executive assassination ring’ reported directly to Cheney 23:45:09
Matt Taibbi: Why I can't vote for Ron Paul 23:36:21
NYT Sunday Book Review Features Ron Paul Picture 23:32:50
U.S. Becomes Net Exporter Of Fuel For First Time In Nearly 20 Years 22:42:23
Why Progressives Will Enjoy Atlas Shrugged 21:46:36
Ron Paul talks about HR 3642, the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009 21:35:26
WikiLeaks Nuclear Bomb Story Preceded Osama Death 21:22:12
Cheney in 2006 -- No evidence Osama was directly involved in 9/11. 20:10:41
I've had it--the fervor surrounding bin Landen's death makes me sick 20:05:45
Ron Paul: Troops Should Come Home now that Bin Laden is Dead 19:17:48
Rand Paul: GOP revolt on hiking debt limit will eclipse spending deal 18:47:41
Obama Announces Plan to Get Gas Prices Below $1.50! 18:12:36
Twitter meltdown: Mendenhall seems to defend Bin Laden 18:12:35
US troops were yards from Osama bin Laden house in 2008 – WikiLeaks 18:02:21
Sheriff Richard Mack Weighs In... 17:48:09
Iowa Republicans Are Strong Immigration Patriots 17:18:56
Anyone watching Glenn Beck ? 17:18:55
Easier to kill bin Laden overseas than to legally run a damn lemonade stand in U.S.A. (Freedom Watch) 16:41:09
PLEASE WATCH Canadian interviewer makes fun of U.S., Huckabee, Gore, etc. 16:26:15
The GOP First Political Debate: RON PAUL THE PROGESSIVE 16:12:07
Huckabee's Iowa Strategy 16:11:10
A putrid price for nonviolent Palestinian resistance – the ‘Skunk’ 15:36:01
When a Palestinian Child Becomes an Enemy 15:21:47
Recovery efforts could speed dollar’s decline 15:14:23
An Enemy of the People 14:55:22
FBI on War Footing After OBL's Death 14:52:00
Libertarians Understand Risk Better Than Everyone Else, Who Are Ruled by Fear 14:36:52
Barney Frank Bill would Remove Regional Fed Governors 14:24:53
U.S. Government Sues Deutsche Bank for Mortgage Fraud 14:18:25
Tea Party sparked by WHO? 14:16:24
WaPo: Bin Laden's strategy to bankrupt U.S. was successful (Fed blamed too!) 14:12:23
Weekly Ron Paul Campaign VIDEO recap with ADAM KOKESH, TOM WOODS, and more 14:10:58
New two bears video. 14:01:13
Julian Assange: Facebook is an Appaling Spy Machine (VIDEO) 13:59:21
SHARE this on Facebook! Yahoo News calls RP the 'Fashionable' candidate! 13:56:44
Napolitano's Plain Truth on Law, Usama and Us 13:53:45
Important Facebook Message From Ron Paul! 13:42:08
Classic Rant on Bin Laden Body Fiasco 13:36:52
Keiser Report: Meets Schiff Report 3.0 (E143) 13:21:44
Barney Frank wants to redesign the FED 13:19:42
JFK Quotes To Inspire You To Donate To Ron Paul's May 5th Money Bomb 13:16:12
What creates terrorism? 13:04:05
NFL Football Star Rips on 911 Story 13:01:42
Restoring The Republic... 12:51:04
Vietnam Vet Says "Reformat the Government and Reinstall the Constitution"! 12:07:52
Dirt Cheap Campaign Advertising 11:59:32
Discovery Magazine and Scientific American Debunking Government's Claim of Performing DNA Test on Osama Bin Ladin's Body 11:58:46
Ron Paul on NPR's Diane Rehm today (hour interview) 11:45:15
GOP Rep. Jones says ‘let’s declare victory and bring our troops home’ 11:37:17
Health Care Compacts Could Shield Against ObamaCare Regulations 11:35:49
I am dumb-foundedly afraid 11:22:31
WikiLeaks Exposes North American Integration Plot 11:05:26
Immigration Collectivism 11:04:02
ADL Condemns Statements from Bachmann and Huckabee 11:01:10
Colbert/Fukuyama 10:41:29
Reasons to doubt official Bin Laden death story (please contribute) 10:33:54
Keiser Report #143 with guest Peter Schiff 10:19:36
Dave Nalle head of the RLC : The truth about Dave Nalle and the RLC throwing Ron Paul under the bus! 10:11:53
How Meditation Might Ward Off the Effects of Ageing 09:54:52
Neil Boortz Bashing Ron Paul this Morning 09:54:27
The Truth About bin Laden 09:35:11
US Economic Policy in 1 Picture 09:18:10
VIDEO: Peter Schiff - Should We Cut Off Foreign Aid? 08:46:51
Libya: The Bizarro War-We’re killing civilians in order to save them 08:37:42
Mortgage Cram-Downs by Bankruptcy Judges Are Taking Place: DBRS 08:25:37
Ted Butler on the $6 Drop of Silver within 12 Minutes on Sunday 08:20:10
Osama bin Laden’s Useful Death by Paul Craig Roberts 08:11:33
Michael Moore: "(Bin Laden) won." 07:33:35
Thomas Sowell: Fed Up with the Fed? 06:30:58
Walter Williams Calls Out Obama for Blaming Speculators for High Gas Prices 06:19:47
Hillary Clinton: Bin Laden’s Death Doesn't End War on Terror 06:15:27
Bin Laden’s Death Prompts Fresh Calls for Afghanistan Pullout; Lieberman thinks that is a bad idea 06:13:39
U.S. Treasury says China Has Decreased Its Holdings of U.S. Debt 06:11:31
Iran says Israeli jets preparing to strike 06:08:09
Audit the Fed Action Bomb 06:05:06
Dollar Expected to Fall Lower on Slower Growth, Fed Strategy 06:03:04
14 Signs that the Collapse of Modern Civilization is Already Under Way 05:49:27
IMPORTANT ticket and seating info for supporters attending May 5 debate -- READ ME 04:32:44
Frum Forum Hit Piece On Ron Paul 03:18:27
Constitutional Questions By Ron Paul, May 3, 2011 -Campaign for Liberty 01:56:21
On the Road With Ron Paul -May 3, 2011 01:49:54
Beware of anti-Ron Paul trolls on 00:46:20
Greenwald: Decent People express unadulterated ecstasy for Bin Laden's Death and chant USA! 00:44:52
Killing a Man Does Not Testify to National Greatness 00:37:10
Quick question? Osama vs Usama? 00:21:12
WANTED: Rock Musicians for a parody song!!! 00:20:29