Posted on May 4, 2011

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Ron Paul On Cavuto Talking Bin Laden 16:31:42
"This Time We Know" by Jerry Day 15:21:47
Wooo Hooo RP is the highest polling... 10:32:17
Ron Paul on Osama on the House Floor 17:44:37
Ron Paul: Troops should come home now that bin Laden is dead 10:34:56
Ben Bernanke’s Lone Positive Legacy: A Return To The Gold Standard 06:28:29
Videos: Nevada RP People FINALLY Get Apology for State Convention @ Ron Paul's Breakfast Speech 21:52:29
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Is this RLC email fair & balanced toward Ron Paul? You decide... 23:43:29
20,000 times $100 = $2 million Let's do it! 23:32:11
OMG Here It Comes: CNBC - The "SLV" ETF PONZI 5/4/2011 (Video) 22:31:07
Gordon Duff: years of deceit: US openly accepts bin laden long dead 21:57:12
Ron Paul - Fringe candidate and NO Shot Candidate 21:24:26
How Much Will The May 5th Moneybomb Raise? Post Your Guess Here....... 21:18:30
Another interesting statistic: WP page view counts 21:18:10
White House invites conspiracy theories 21:02:09
I think Facebook just crashed 20:56:46
Meet Canada's New Official Opposition 20:51:07
Movie clip: The Day After 20:47:01
Where's The Buzz For This MoneyBomb? 20:41:31
Did This Video 'Cause' PTB To Bring Out Osama Death Diversion? 20:08:10
How come no statement from Jesse Ventura? 19:54:48
TSA Security Checkpoints Coming To A Soft Spot Near You 19:27:51
Change: Dwells On The Inside Of Your Heart 19:26:50
RON PAUL 2012 all over northeast Ohio 19:11:45
Ron & Reagan 1976 19:03:49
Dead Men Tell No Tales - Lew Rockwell Interviews Eric Margolis 18:49:10
'Globalist threat more dangerous than Bin Laden' 17:53:55 17:49:44
Question For Time Magazine 17:32:00
Lib Talker: When Will Navy SEALs Take Out George W. Bush? 17:12:01
The Nine Lives of Osama! 16:35:55
Thomas Sowell: 'Fed up with the Fed?' 16:24:16
History Speaks to RP rEVOLution - The Liberty and Fredom Movement 16:17:45
Liberty: We Can Do It 15:46:14
Ron Paul V Obama Poll.... 15:27:33
GOP Hopefuls Get Ready to Rumble in First 2012 Presidential Debate 15:15:22
Email from Ron Paul about tonight and tomorrows moneybomb. SEND A MESSAGE HE SAYS! 15:14:20
What's For Dinner? Frozen Oswald-like Patsy w/ a side of BS 14:57:47
We Can Do So Much... 14:34:37
IMPORTANT ticket and seating info for supporters attending May 5 debate -- READ ME 14:24:54
India to pay for Iranian crude oil in rupee 14:02:41
Email from Ron Paul: Send a Message!! 13:55:37
Mexico Gov't. Buys 90 Tons of Gold 1st Quarter 2011 13:51:59
Prayer and Fasting... and Action Debate Day, May 5th, 2011 13:50:56
Show us the shooter 13:49:06
America has turned into a moral swamp 13:40:20
BREAKING-DRUDGE and Mark Knoller reports Obama to NOT release Osama death photos! 13:27:48
You not too broke to Donate to the Ron Paul Moneybomb (video) 13:02:49
Mark Levin - Ron Paul Has Started his Whatever Committee That They All Start Yip Te Do 12:50:34
How the "War on Terror" Strengthened Al Qaeda 12:36:12
Top Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001...9/11 False Flag Attack 12:13:10
Daniels Keeps 2012 Talk With George Bush Secret (At Least The Part About His Supporting Romney Just Before The Primary) 12:05:10
Ex-Romney Campaign Chair: I'm Done With Mitt 12:04:59
Bob Chapman: Gold and Silver are the only Real Currencies 12:04:12
Contracts for HALF of TOTAL ANNUAL production of Silver were purchased today 11:54:21
Things the GOP Won’t Like about Ron Paul 11:39:20
Fox asks for questions for SC debate, tries to lower expectations for Pawlenty, Mr. Cap & Trade and Universal Health Care 11:37:02
The War on Terror is over, right? 11:24:15
Paul B. Farrell: 10 Doomsday trends America can’t survive 10:59:23
It Might Just be Hopeless! 10:47:19
The Big Lie: Torture Got Bin Laden 10:40:25
Please list places to watch a stream of the debate for us without TV 10:39:29
Red light camera revenue has increased 419% since 2008 10:32:41
Do You Need Help Overcoming Your Bin Laden Happiness Hang Over? 10:29:21
Gold, Silver Drop as Soros Fund Said to Dump Precious Metals 10:23:29
The Beginning of the End of Fiat Money 10:23:25
You Have Been Lied to About Cholesterol and Fats 10:17:09
Osama Bin Laden captured alive but shot dead? 10:02:58
Alert!! Why Silver is Dropping Like a Rock! Please Read! 09:50:46
Does the Devil Deserve the Law? 09:41:24
Poll: Majority say they wouldn't vote for Palin or Trump 09:37:26
Dead Men Tell No Tales 09:35:41
How Global Elites Steal Resources & Technology 09:33:55
For all it's worth if you want to support the Pittsburg Steeler who has spoken up on all of this, call these people 09:14:22
The US Dollar Faces some REAL problems right now 09:01:16
South Carolina Halts Foreclosures Without Loss Mitigation 08:24:12
IA, NH, SC Media Brainstorming Session 07:42:04
Will there be an Osama 'peace dividend'? 07:27:40
Bankrupt Mortgage Company Sues Big Banks For $2.2 Billion 06:39:20
Don't worry about Silver until it hits at least $100, says Jim Rogers 06:31:29
Ron Paul Yellow Pages 06:21:58
95 years of foreign policy history in 1 minute. 05:11:14
Where Does Ron Paul Really Stand on Immigration? 04:53:43
Medical Marijuana Patients Hassled For Protesting DEA Raids 02:33:13
Leon Panetta provides details about killing Bin Laden 01:47:43
Silver Bears Part VI: The Paper Silver Manipulation Game at all Time Highs . 01:29:26
Fort Knox VS the Fed! Real Metal VS Faith Based Cash 01:14:24
Anybody still remember the fake birth certificate?? 00:50:17
Wikileaks: U.S. Drove Canadian Copyright Reform Efforts 00:36:42
BREAKING NEWS: Facebook revealed as government spying program!?!?!? 10:40:08