Posted on May 5, 2011

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Best Line of the Night: "I need the government to take care of me: I don't want to use heroin, so I need these laws!" /sarcasm 23:27:25
HOW TO: Create Votes, Rally Supporters, Build Momementum for RP to WIN IT!!! 22:54:39
Drudge Headline: Ron Paul Has Best Chance vs. Obama! 19:51:31
GOP Presidential Debate Thread: Video + New DP Chat! 23:07:46
Ron Paul on Robert Scott Bell show 5/5/11 15:25:21
BREAKING POLL CNN - Who does best against Obama? Ron Paul. The congressman from Texas 13:43:46
Ron Paul: CNN just sent Jesse a heads up that their new national poll will show Ron Paul at 10% 12:39:25
FOX's Chris Wallace Calls Ron Paul "The Godfather Of The Tea Party" 11:32:39
Tom Woods: War, Ron Paul, and Conservatism 10:56:24
Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul Are Officially Running for President 08:41:34
Today's First Money Bomb Video Is In! Let's All Help It! 04:43:14
Ron Paul Thoughts: interview by Adam Kokesh 00:43:48
Recap: Money Bomb, Radio Marathon, SC Tea Party, Debate & Message from Ron Paul! 13:32:55
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Ron losing official Fox FACEBOOK poll on who won the debate Vote now! 23:55:52
Keep Gary Johnson in the debates! 23:46:39
Ron Paul jokes: ‘I don’t want to use heroin’ so I need drug laws 23:29:59
Who won the debate polls 23:14:59
Who won the debate polls 23:11:40
Gallop: Cain ingnites the most excitement (let's show them some excitement) 22:50:32
Frank Luntz is a Joke! 22:49:01
Ron Paul shafted again? 22:44:02
Let's Thank God for Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty 22:43:14
FU Frank up to his old tricks already!! 22:35:59
We are the most powerful force in the country today! 22:22:57
Wrong Link For Ron Paul on Fox News .com 21:42:49
Interesting how all the people who are debating 21:21:00
Fox News attacks Ron Paul's age 20:42:55
Ron Paul Won "Who Will Win?" HuffPo Debate Poll 20:34:09
Mexico Buys 100 tonnes/Global Assault on Paper Gold and Silver continues 20:04:45
For old times sakes, lets get the MoneyBomb on front page of Digg 19:53:07 19:39:12
Anti-War Left Presses Obama to Bring Home the Troops 19:26:31
Schiff to G. Johnson: "Why should a Ron Paul supporter vote Gary Johnson over Ron Paul?" 19:08:55
Shoe drops: AP to skip GOP debate in protest of Fox's restrictions 18:47:31
Naming Names: Your Real Government 18:46:23
Time for a HIGH ..... 18:41:31
Drudge: Ron Paul raises more than $600,000 in one day... 18:30:14
HELP! 18:25:56
Ron Paul: A Modern Day Andrew Jackson 18:20:25
How is the Silver Crash Explained? 18:14:50
Just swallow the pill... 18:04:55
Great day to be alive! 17:50:51
The Nation is Watching Us!! 17:33:53
How much money is left over from the 2008 campaign? 17:27:05
Bad news for the 'Ron Paul can't win' crowd 16:25:28
Willard Mitt Romney (real name) 15:21:32
Yes! They finally flipped Ron Paul's image. It was really bothering me. 15:12:31
Ron Paul will win tonight's GOP debate 15:04:20
Oil prices in free fall today! 14:59:56
Cinco de Mayo Money Bomb 14:57:53
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations says 9/11 false flag 14:51:53
Need Pawlenty Moneybomb Graphic 14:50:12
Horrible Washington Post article slams Ron Paul on the 2012 debates 14:48:45
I Made A Moneybomb Video 14:36:56
Huckabee scored 'F' grade in Cato's 2006 Report Card 14:35:50 is now - Make us a new logo, win a signed book! 14:34:37
TSA Security Checkpoints Coming To A Soft Spot Near You 14:15:47
Video Off-Duty Cop Pulls Gun On Bartender on Long Island 14:13:01
Romney's Strategy 14:11:25
UK: Obama/Clinton Pics in Sit. Room Staged; No Live Vid. 13:49:26
Salon: GOP's Prime-Time Embarrassment 13:49:20 Mentions Ron Paul in Hemp Article 13:47:39
Bloomberg - Bin Laden’s $1 Million ‘Fortress’ Lacks Luxuries of Wealth 13:26:09
Video: When Will Inflation End? 13:09:39
Ron Paul Up Big in New Polls! Does Best Against Obama! 13:06:36
Picketing Graduations: An Aggressive Way to Reel in Young Adults 13:02:20
Request Jon Stewart to invite Dr. Paul on The Daily Show 12:38:08
The Hill: Ron Paul will Win Tonight's GOP Debate 12:33:12
Silver's Dip will be Brief! 12:28:51
Paul and Johnson will NOT dilute the libertarian message... 11:59:36
Ron Paul will win tonight's GOP debate 11:57:11
Susan Daniels Explains Obama's Social Security Number Interview Aired On 5/3/11 11:41:02
Adam Kokesh Covers the History of Ron Paul 11:39:45
The History of Ron Paul and a good reminder of Today's Money Bomb 11:23:43
Vote TODAY - Jack Davis for Congress - May 24, 2011 11:22:31
Econtalk episode with Keynes/Hayek rap video creators Papola and Roberts 11:11:33
Help with healthcare question. 11:07:10
I Was Duped by the GOP 10:48:43
On the Highway of Death by John W. Whitehead 10:32:18
Operation Tell Millions and Millions About The Birthday MoneyBomb! 10:15:53
Obama floats plan to tax cars by the mile 10:15:44
A bit of everything 10:11:35
The ins and outs of 'silver selloff' explained 09:43:41
Inflated Prices are Here and Moving Up Fast! 09:42:20
Fast-paced Debate Day Money Bomb Promo Video 09:30:01
First GOP Debate Could Focus on Foreign Policy 09:08:45
Matt Labash’s Idiot’s Guide to the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary 09:07:23
Why is Dave Nalle a guest during Ron Paul's money bomb today? He has been bashing Ron Paul for years! 09:03:49
I NEED Ron Paul yard signs. 08:59:58
Trust our Government 08:56:55
How is this for a good generic response to a political pundit who says... 08:44:19
Debate will be streamed LIVE. 08:31:32
Dr. Paul please . . 08:28:53
WOW PEOPLE! WE HAVE 150.000 People Supporting The Moneybomb Facebook Page! 07:39:06
Alex Jones: "I’m King of Reality, not Conspiracy" 07:08:21
Revolution is the wrong word! ITS A REVIVAL! 06:48:36
Wrote a song awhile back 06:31:54
TSA: Coming to a Mall Near You? 05:44:25
Article highlighting Ron Paul and Gary Johnson in Fox Republican Debate. 03:51:35
Ron Paul: "I would pardon people who are in prison for drug use and are non-violent." 03:30:56
Medved: "Only viable candidate in 5/5 debate is Pawlenty" 03:11:58
Need Translation !!- Japanese Plz - Fukushima 03:06:26
If you have a Youtube Account, Read this! 03:00:00
Let´s List Things Together What Everybody Can Do Today Easily For The Moneybomb! 02:48:52
We Need An Ad Here: 01:51:20
To all our foreign brothers and sisters in the freedom movement 01:47:22
CNBC hosts get "Shocked" by Dollar Crash Interview.....This guy hammers hosts! (Video) 01:36:55
Freudian Slips 01:02:57
Top US government insider:Bin-Laden died in 2001/911 a false-flag 00:39:11