Posted on May 7, 2011

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VIDEO: Ron Paul on Freedom Watch May 6 2011 10:32:25
Ron Paul's speech to the Greenville Tea Party May 5, 2011 16:21:59
Politico: Ron Paul's the $1 Million Man 02:36:27
THANK YOU Daily Paul!! 01:33:19
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Ron Paul at tea party rally: You know I don't have any announcements tonight, but... 23:28:34
It's Our Elephant, It's Our Room 23:12:28
Great article by NPR giving kudos to Ron Paul 23:07:23
Our battle is at 22:46:24
Top US Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag 22:23:11
Ron Paul for President 1988-Camp Constitution Fund Raiser 22:15:49
Meet Lancelot link in New Orleans. 22:12:45
Teen Arrested For Asking Cop About Unwarranted Raids 22:05:03
Obama and Paul: We Must Decide What Kind of a Country We Want 21:26:11
Bizarre "Jon Huntsman" story forming 21:14:15
Video: Liberty Laughs 2 19:27:27
Janet Napolitano: Congress must act on immigration, not states 18:57:10
MUST SEE - Google trends - Herman Cain - Fox headquarters 18:45:24
What do you think about Alex Jones Video of Fake Obama Birth Certificate? 18:19:22
Mission Accomplished, Afghanistan Exit and Accountability Act, HR1735 18:15:10
Ron Paul in Greenville Tea Party Rally 18:01:17
Anti Fed Video with Ron Paul Audio from Rally for the Republic 17:32:42
Sign up for Frank Luntz's Focus Groups! 17:25:10
Libyan Rebels Execute, Behead, & Mutilate Gaddafi Army Soldiers who Surrendered! Extreme Warning: offensive/inappropriate 17:22:42
The Ron Paul Moment - California Independent Voter Network 17:12:53
How Ron Paul should answer every debate question... 17:05:22
Palin Embraces Non-interventionism? 16:45:28
It's Time to Audit the Fed - Rick Sanchez 16:13:41
There is somebody who could do a worse job hosting future debates than Fox 16:08:22
Vote for Ron Paul in FOURTH poll put out by fox news 16:04:53
BREAKING: New Osama Video Released 15:21:42
"Ron Paul will open Iowa office, announce staff" 15:00:48
Who is Hermain Cain *VIDEO* 14:44:48
pro liberty song I wrote 14:13:01
BREAKING - Videos show bin Laden watching himself on TV 14:10:00
Grassroots Campaign 14:01:35
Anyone capture video of the debate money bomb loading before they took it down? 13:58:23
Silver,,,What will come next week? 13:53:44
Huffington Post: Ron Paul's Call For Afghanistan Withdrawal Draws Cheers At Fox News GOP Debate 13:53:44
Water fluoridation is a civil rights violation say Atlanta civil rights leaders 13:46:17
Mercury Poisoning Makes Birds Act Homosexual 13:43:17
MSM Wrongly Framing Debate: Libertarian vs Conservative?!? 13:39:29
Uh Oh.....The Worst Mississippi River Flood Ever? 13:33:51
No Drug is More Dangerous... 13:27:36
The Ron Paul Moment 13:13:21
Video: Liberty Laughs 13:05:40
!!This is GREAT- Presidential Picks For 2012 Everything said here is SPOT ON! 13:01:56
Herman Cain backs Ron Paul then again he doesn't 13:01:41
Bob Chapman: War and the Global Economic Crisis 12:43:13
I dont know if this has been posted yet but its worth a repost 12:40:27
RNC has not learned anything from '08 12:35:03
Dr. Paul beats all contenders from debate on Facebook Fans - Graphs/Charts 12:34:27
Bin Laden's "Death" 12:12:25
The Godfathers in the last debate.. 11:55:59
Ron Paul Blimp 11:10:50
Detective mystery: how could Al Qaeda "verify" that Osama died? 10:45:02
Fox News Now Has THREE Presidential Debate Viewer Polls 10:43:19
Taking part in the rEVOLution means this is important too... 10:39:32
South Carolina Straw Poll Results-Not Good! 10:26:16
So when are we firing up the new blimp? 10:20:03
voting: should we be registered republickins 10:19:27
Ron Will Win in 2012! by Walter E. Block 10:15:59
What Ron Paul needs to opinion only of course 09:27:00
Media Blames Osama Bin Laden for Costing US $2.5 Trillion Dollars 09:23:09
Vote for Ron Paul in THIRD fox poll - he wins one and they put up another. Cain winning 08:55:42
The Ron Paul Movement-Read this and Smile. 08:07:00
We have to tell those who watch fox news... 06:25:00
Death and Taxes: a Visual Look at Where Your Tax Dollars Go 06:20:37
US Military Spending in Perspective! 06:03:04
Bill O'Reilly's Post Debate Poll: Who Won The Debate? 05:50:05
Military Spending vs Population Graph - Note Axis of Evil 05:44:54
The Real Welfare State: Military Spending Accounts for 58% of Federal Budget 05:23:19
Ron Paul Moneybomb Reaches $1Mil - 04:53:56
Rep. Ron Paul wins first debate, Herman Cain comes in second - 04:46:12
US drone misses American-born terror boss in Yemen 04:26:25
Who is Herman Cain? 03:43:58
(facebook) Who do you think won the first Republican presidential debate? 02:38:33
Needing more web-hits, FauxNews starts THIRD debate winner poll! 01:40:22
Yahoo Ticket echoes the $1m, needs more buzz support from Paulites 01:39:42
Remember this from the last campaign ? 01:20:19
Question...RP's Opponents 01:16:09
Ron Paul 2012 graffiti wont go away (Photo) 00:42:48
"Ron Paul's Post-Debate Moneybomb" (Redstate coverage!) 00:33:26
Pizza loves Ron Paul, NOT Herman Cain 00:08:48