Posted on May 9, 2011

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Operation Endorsement - lets help Ron Paul get some big names in his corner! 22:56:14
The Judge's Great Segment on Ron Paul While Filling in for Glenn Beck 17:29:26
Newt Gingrich Announces 11:39:55
Romney Faltering in New Hampshire? 11:08:58
Sen. Schumer Calls For ‘Do Not Ride’ List For Amtrak 07:49:24
Video: In 2003, Ron Paul stated that Osama bin Laden is "probably in Pakistan." 07:27:20
Juan Williams: Ron Paul Driving Republicans' White House Campaign 16:02:04
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/9/11: Bin Laden is Dead; Now Bring the Troops Home! 05:03:11
If You're in it to WIN it... 22:01:14
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This picture says it all.... 23:45:08
Song -- Ron Paul is Here 2012! "Three Shoes Posse" Reggae Jam! 23:44:49
Imagine 23:34:30
California & Mass. "more Communist than China" says legendary investor Jim Rogers (Judge Napolitano) 22:31:09
Ron Paul Smear Story by Michael Gerson 22:19:16
Will US start a war with Pakistan? 22:03:45
Five conspiracy theories that turned out to be true 21:36:47
John Perkins Extended "Addendum" Interview Released Today 21:34:36
Watch Sheila Bair's Shameless PSA: Skip Starbucks And Give More Money To The Banks 21:30:59
Video: Liberty Laughs 4 21:21:10
Newsreel: A Moment of Epic Proportions 20:54:11
BofA to slash $850 billion bad loan portfolio by half: report 19:57:46
Republican Presidential Debate Leads Fox News Higher: Cable News Ratings for Thursday, May 5, 2011 19:22:45
Iowa GOP Platform On Immigration and Homeland Security 19:10:39
Launch of white iPhone turns violent in Beijing 19:10:35
This is what happens 19:02:07
Robert Paul facebook Promoting Gary Johnson? 18:59:11
OMG..... but, but...... RUSH is questioning Government and Media story????? 18:42:16
New Ron Paul Card - "Are You Politically Parched? 18:41:38
Fox News Poll Continues! 18:39:25's GOP Presidential Debate Poll 18:36:39
Article: Ron Paul snubbed Fox News on purpose, why? 18:22:18
Gerald Celente Predicts Ron Paul Can Win In 2012 17:58:26
Why We Know They Are Lying About Bin Laden Story 17:56:06
Ron Paul gets a "F" from Anti-Illegal Immigration group, New American Response 17:39:59
Brad Cooper wrongful conviction 17:39:12
Humor 17:01:37
Tarot Reading on the Republican Primary 16:48:41
Greek Bond Crisis 16:48:27
Uh Oh...Rush Is Sick of CPAC - Says Tea Party Is Under Attack! 16:36:19
LibertyFest NYC 9/10/11 Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh, Jordan Page and many more - LFnyc .com 16:35:38
Reason: The Most Interesting Man in the Senate is . . . Rand Paul 16:02:57
Newt Poll!? 16:02:13
Dave Ramsey Gets Ron Paul Supporter Matt Collins Fired 15:46:21
Internal Passport: Terror Alert Overload Leads To Call For “No Ride List” 15:31:44
Banned for being "Paulite" 15:20:29
Congressman Pete Stark: Health reform is working! 15:12:47
Submit a question for Ron Paul 15:02:49
Congressman Pete Stark: raise the debt ceiling! 15:00:29
OBL compound in Abbottabad to be completely destroyed by US 14:58:39
Amerika: TSA Agents Pat Down Baby 14:47:59
Ron Paul and Israel 13:55:48
FREEDOM WATCH 5/4/2011, A "treasure rrove" of Ron Paul's positions 13:54:52
Local Physical Silver status? 13:53:35
Fourth Marijuana Conviction Gets Louisiana Man Life In Prison 13:43:18
Working in This System... Your Opinion Please! 13:20:15
Lindsey Graham endorses "enhanced interrogation" from SCGOP State Convention Podium 13:15:41
Anti-Illegal Immigration Group Awards an "F" to Ron Paul 13:13:23
When Ron Paul is left out of a news story, put him there! 13:12:22
My comment to WorldNetDaily's advocacy of waterboarding. 13:02:21
Superman Says He’s Tired of Being an Instrument to US Policies…Renounces Citizenship 12:44:55
Republican Mensheviks (RINOs) have to go! 12:37:12
Billionaires For Eugenics 11:46:04
The Game of Treason: State Terrorism, And The Betrayal of The People 11:19:23
Obama: “We Could Not Say Definitively That Bin Laden Was There” 10:57:51
Where does Ron Paul stand on the death penalty? 10:21:28
Rumblings about this guy: 10:20:32
Iran's intelligence minister: Osama died long time ago of disease 10:19:53
~ Ron Paul Video Request ~ 10:18:30
Deadly Silence on Fukushima 09:52:42
Weekend Meditation: ‘I’ve Known Rivers’; Tribute to Jack Pugsley, RIP, The Libertarian’s Libertarian 09:31:30
Bill O'Reilly Primary Debate Poll 09:30:24
Schumer Calls For ‘Do Not Ride’ List For Amtrak 09:20:49
Campaign Issue: Oppose National Curricula 08:54:12
James Turk - “Silver Will Hit New Highs in a Matter of Weeks” 08:50:21
Email Bomb: Counterattack Against FOX Debate Poll 08:30:33
A New Zombie Lumbers On: The Mortgage Settlement Negotiations 07:43:55
Viral marketing and incentives 07:37:00
In New Hampshire, Ambivalence on Romney 07:31:32
Want To Regulate Government-Wall Street Greed? 07:19:55
Silver Futures Rally From Worst Weekly Loss Since 1975 as Investors Return 06:54:39
Goldman Sees Commodity Recovery as Slump Erases $99 Billion 06:53:06
U.S. spending $1.4 billion per al-Qaeda fighter in Afghanistan 06:47:51
Why Banks and Corps keep getting richer no matter the situation 05:33:17
9/11 - Inside Job Likely - International Business Times 05:11:42
Timo Soini on the European bailouts 05:11:06
It's An Inside Job - Devotional 04:30:49
So....The Top Political Story of the Year, or Perhaps the Decade is Off Topic!? 00:00:21
Ron Paul wins virtual Iowa Straw Poll at official Iowa caucus site - vote for him in new one!! 01:50:05
New people to DP 01:44:04
This must be addressed before Grandfather Paul is considered any further 01:37:17
A mothers day message for soon-to-be or divorced mothers 01:19:14
HBO Movie "Too Big To Fail" airs May 23 01:03:02
Everyone lets send Fox our thoughts on their debate poll cherades 00:56:17
Chris Rock supports Ron Paul 00:44:58
On secrecy, paranoia and "the elite" 00:43:49
Senator proposes TSA-style security for trains 00:22:53
Southern Avenger: Rick Santorum 00:10:14
Ron Paul the Master 00:02:48