Posted on June 10, 2011

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How Much do You Love Ron Paul? Are you ready for the Debate? 20:38:33
Ron on NH's WMUR Conversation with the Candidate: "We shouldn't be frightened about freedom, it works" 20:02:36
Ron Paul Talks to NH Business Owners 17:08:20
MSM is sandbagging Iowa. We must be doing something right. 14:17:33
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YouTube Trolls on Major Ron Paul Videos - NEED HELP 23:42:19
Law bans Internet images that cause 'emotional distress' 23:40:24
Sen. Rand Paul on CNN Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer discussing the Presidential campaign, Afghanistan, and the debt ceiling. 23:39:08
Sign Bomb, anyone? 22:54:29
DailyPaul Facebook page needs two more likes to reach 11,000!!! 22:54:11
Ron Paul Fully Exposes The Neocons and Their Agenda 22:29:12
Orangutan saves drowning chick 22:28:27
Is Iowa important? 22:23:00
Is It In Israel's Best Interests To Support Ron Paul? Can Israel Survive Another Decade of US/NATO Wars? 21:30:20
Obama NOPE 21:23:04
Running for Ron (on foot) around the entire state of New Hampshire 21:06:00
Rule of Law Restoration suspends efforts for lack of adequate public participation. 20:44:12
Ron Paul now has one of the best chances to defeat Obama in new poll 20:27:32
6/10/11, My Personal Epiphany 20:11:52
More Wacky Weather, Hmmmmm.... 20:06:40
New Ron Paul video Seeds Of Love 20:00:03
Golden Opportunity 19:45:40
TELLDC quick poll. Your GOP favorite candidate 19:35:41
Walter Williams: Why black community shouldn't look to black politicians for solutions 18:50:07
Kitco Charged With Massive Tax Fraud Scheme, Business Viability In Question 18:46:28
Huff Post: How About a Paul-Paul Ticket for 2012? 18:32:59
AJC: What Ron Paul gets right 18:24:20
Ron Paul v. Michele Bachmann 17:53:40
Short Wave Radio - 1994 17:29:05
The Amazing Power Of Four Senators 17:25:59
Ron Paul HAS hired Doug Wead! 17:21:40
Beware the Decepti-Neo-Cons! 17:10:01
9/11 TRUTH: Hollywood Speaks Out (1/10) Original HD Film 17:04:58
Dailypaul mentioned in [LA Times] article about wanting Palin as VP in 08 16:54:56
Make a Ron Paul video 16:15:33
Ron Paul segment on The 700 Club 16:09:27
Campaign PR: Ron Paul Comments on President’s Pledge to Bailout Greece 15:54:29
Ron Paul Reaches Out to Portsmouth Voters [Video] 15:44:29
I just found this 'Obama voters for Ron Paul' video on the web... thought I'd share! 15:40:04
How about some competition? A State vs. State Bomb Off? 15:28:25
Understanding Bitcoins 15:23:47
Mitt Will Focus On New Hampshire 15:15:41
Consortium News : Three Deadly War Myths (Libya) 15:13:14
Free Ron Paul Cards 15:09:57 - New strategy 14:54:27
Ever wonder about why our economy is in trouble? 14:46:02
*This deserves the Community's attention* 14:27:14
Is the Dramatic Increase in Baby Deaths in the US a Result of Fukushima Fallout? 14:23:48
Texas Sheriff Issues 'Domestic Terrorism' Warning 13:45:22
Positively Negative 13:06:03
Opportunity Knocks 12:51:59
Palin Run A Question Due To E-mails? 12:51:23
Video: Ron Paul steals the show at Faith Coalition 12:50:27
Ron Paul in Portsmouth, NH 12:37:22
Breaking! Alex Jones Live - Swiss Government to Arrest Bilderberg Attendees 12:31:50
The Hill: Candidate Ron Paul thinks GOP, nation moving closer to his libertarian views 12:26:52
Obama Voters For Ron Paul 12:22:30
Daily Paul Community Ad Preview 12:06:59
Ron: PLEASE own the Income Tax issue... 11:51:29
Philadelphia Fed Governor Speaks Out Against Fed Inflationary Practices 11:23:17
If you could ask Ron Paul one question 10:55:58
Is Rick Perry going to be the Chosen One for 2012..? 10:51:25
"Pray for Enlightenment and Marxism" 10:25:13
Stop Pushing Less MoneyBombs Start Promoting for Ron Paul to Win! 14:43:03
US Gov. to set up internet 'Ministry of Truth' as communist- style gov.-run media 09:29:33
New Jersey town to cite backyard organic farmer for growing vegetables 09:21:35
Is China listening to Ron Paul? 08:46:59
obummer is now bombing Yemen 07:55:45
TSA Harrasses Mentally Handicapped Man Taking his Toy Hammer 07:50:43
The Hill: Ron Paul thinks GOP, nation moving closer to his libertarian views 07:33:10
Romney to Skip Key Iowa Poll - This could be good for Ron Paul 07:16:44
How the Economists Facilitated the Crisis and Must Now Be Held Accountable 07:16:02
Hidden victims in the auto bailouts 07:10:48
(Re) Introducing Community Ads on the Daily Paul 04:17:13
Deadly fungus responsible for more deaths in Joplin 03:47:15
Massive Curtain Erected to Hide Bilderberg meeting? 03:27:10
A new approach to moneybombs 03:22:35
Brilliant way to create a ton of new Ron Paul support! 02:35:00
Lupe Fiasco calls Obama a terrorist 02:28:29
Brilliant way to create more support for Ron Paul! 01:53:25
Ron Paul is up against some real sociopathic narcissists! 01:38:19
Need Ron Paul Flyer Designs! 01:23:36
Money is a great tool for this campaign, but your legs, hands, and mouth are the keys to success for RP 01:00:25
Potential Celebrity Endorsement for Ron Paul - Chicago Musician Calls Obama a "Terrorist" 00:59:17
US Department of Homeland Security Funds Broadcast of Corporate Propaganda Video / PSA on Piracy -Slashdot 00:54:21
Airlines and DHS Conspire to Create Cellphone Hysteria 00:46:11
Hiliary may become official bankster, next president of World Bank? 00:25:31
National Democratic Party: Gold Democrats and The Decline of Classical Liberalism, 1896-1900 00:06:54