Posted on June 11, 2011

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The Paul-ization of Barack Obama 23:51:33
The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul 07:26:35
Ron Paul's Speech at Granite Oath PAC Presidential Series (6/10/2011) 05:14:21
Judge Napolitano talking about the Bilderberg Group 02:07:09
Ron Paul on CNN's John King USA 6/10/11 23:19:05
Ron Paul Gains Support of Bartenders and Servers Thanks to Some Hard Working NYC Activists 21:23:55
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Hacker Group "Anonymous" Puts Federal Reserve in its Sights 23:58:35
In a pure coincidence, Gaddafi impeded U.S. oil interests before war 23:56:42
NASA emails employees to prepare 23:26:20
You folks are not growing the movement with your negative attitudes against other candidates! 23:24:39
ATTENTION FREEDOM LOVERS !!! Looking for Conent Contributors 23:11:05
Ron Paul is Captain America 23:09:24
Confession Of A 9/11 Conspirator" ~ New Film Coming 9/11/11 (Starring Ed Asner) 23:01:49
Latimesblogs looking like DailyPaul 22:36:19
IMF hit by 'very major' cyber security attack 22:15:35
End of Quarter Fundraising Push! 21:29:45
Presidential Candidates on TARP Video (according to Sesame Street's Cookie Monster) 20:55:54
Virginia Creates Subcommittee To Study Monetary Alternatives In Case Of Fed "Breakdown", Considers Gold 20:55:54
Can We Please Try To Get Ron Paul Some Co-Sponsors For His H.R. 1098 Free Competition In Currency Act ? 20:45:11
Saturspray sky looks pretty nasty in California today, what's it look like where you are? 20:04:15
Mission for all my Ron Paul tweeps 19:39:43
A grass roots plan for Iowa Straw Polls. What do you guys think? 19:37:18
Critique my Flyer Design! 19:35:32
Iowa facts 19:35:27
India's Voluntary City 17:10:55
Bilderberg Members Confronted by Protesters Outside Hotel 16:38:01
Bilderbergers make it look like they're on vacation! 16:28:45
Support Ron while making the Gary Johnson debate calls 16:19:37
Wearechange at Bilderberg 15:58:25
Cancer Cure Free movie 6/11-6/13 Dr. Burzynski 15:30:30
Urgent Call to Action In Arizona!!! 14:33:08
New NASA research points to possible HAARP connection in Japan earthquake, tsunami 14:28:55
Ron Paul Mentioned In MOVIE 14:07:05
Obama's Jobs Plan Takes a Page From Marx 13:52:02
Dr. Paul claims inflation will hit 50% 13:35:00
'US govt knows Iran has no nukes - it's Iraq syndrome' 13:23:00
Belarus Closes Borders After Currency Collapse 12:55:28
Resisting Financial Tyranny 12:50:44
Enlightened Comment of the Day 12:42:31
The Internet Kill Switch Lives (in revised Cybersecurity Act) 12:38:33
Free showing of Burzynski The Movie - Cancer Is Serious Business 11:54:04
Article on the gold standard and presidential politics and ....... 11:28:04
Good article - lots of RP fund rainsing discussion 11:25:26
Vote for Herman Cain, Ron Paul, or Allen West and NO to the Obama Surveillance State… 11:10:11
Hemp The Great Green Hope 10:07:58
Facebook Using Face Recognition Software On Every Photo You Upload! 09:57:50
Ron Paul tells Manchester crowd inflation will hit 50 percent 09:45:02
Marijuana and Radiation Protection 09:13:22
Jim Rogers on financial crisis 09:06:14
The cow must have been on the terror watch list 08:38:44
Remember the other day when Kitco was closed all day? Technical problem or,,, 08:29:45
Three Paradigms that would radically change the USA 08:17:38
Ron Paul On Christianity, Morality & War (& Neo-Wars) 08:12:57
Who is Mitt Romney ? 06:49:20
did anybody else think Ron Paul foreign policy similar to Odin in Thor movie? 04:33:37
TED talk, Charlie Price - Aquaponics 03:04:53
Free Men: Take Heed 02:44:49
A Scoop of Ron Paul, Please 01:45:44
Editorial: An entourage more royal than the Queen's 01:28:53
L.A. Times: Ron Paul says the mainstream is 'swimming' to him 00:54:37
LA Times: Ron Paul says mainstream is swimming his way. 00:24:55
Michael Medved says us 2% Ron Paul supporters can vote for him if we want to today... 00:05:08