Posted on June 14, 2011

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Ron Paul: "I am the Commander in Chief" 20:47:02
Conan O'Brien: Ron Paul is the Clear Winner 22:03:55
Gerald Celente Talks up Ron Paul on RT 19:28:03
Ron Paul Wins Applause Poll 16:27:19
Great new video on The Philosophy of Liberty and Bastiat's concept of Legal Plunder 11:22:17
Video: CNN Disinfo. Refuses to Use OWN Poll; Ron Paul Win at 79% - Reports 0% Poll 17:43:41
Highlight Reel: Ron Paul in 6/13/2011 GOP CNN Debate 23:29:39
Ron Paul: The Keys to Economic Growth 08:53:47
Spread Ron Paulitics like wildfire! With these.... 14:03:40
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Post time This is the kind of energy the campaign needs to show in public 23:31:47
Politico - Carney defends Obama meeting Wall Street donors at White House 23:30:12
Mark Levin Poll: who won the debate? 23:24:54
My Debate Responses 23:19:49
June 14 Financial Service Hearings 23:12:02
Is It Time to Bombard the GOP? 23:10:36
Odd Choice of Words: Marco Rubio, "build a new american century" 23:00:10
Bill Maher just gave RP some props on AC 360 22:40:42
Cynthia McKinney: In Libya, on Libya and much more. 22:28:09
Ron Paul Won THE Debate by Jack Hunter 22:20:08
The Old Media (Boobtube) Has A Great Opportunity To Reclaim Their Lost Credibility - Ron Paul is the NEW Ronald Reagan 22:14:59
Two More News Articles say Ron Paul Won! 21:40:18
Promoted Videos 21:26:40
National Review Poll: who won? 21:11:27
Ron Paul - Today's Mainstream America Is Behind My Foreign Policy 21:08:48
Ron Paul handily won GOP debate according to applause (LA Times) 20:58:37
Ron Paul: “I am the Commander in Chief” 20:53:56
End the IRS and Federal Reserve bank petition 20:49:47
911: Shock and Awe Master Deed 20:45:27
I'm Hearing That Bill O'Reilly Is Currently Ripping Ron Paul Apart 20:20:49
Election Rule Questions... & a few ideas I'd like your opinion on! 20:10:51
Crooks&Liars clutch at straws to Smear Dr Paul 20:02:07
Good RP article 19:56:57
HEY! ROB Paul is Winning the CBS Poll (is he related to Ron?) 19:52:22
Central Bankruptcy - Why QE3 is Inevitable 19:40:58
The Wisconsin Supreme Court handed Republican Gov. Scott Walker a major victory on Tuesday, ruling that a polarizing union law! 19:17:58
Legislator caught on tape saying he'd like to 'smack around' voter in district 18:44:55
We need to write Letters to the Editors of our newspapers about who REALLY won the debate! 18:22:08
My predictions on the presidential race. 18:12:44
trending now on twitter 17:59:06
U.S. Federal Grand Jury Investigates Abu Ghraib War Crimes 17:46:10
Who says RP doesn't have a sense of humour?? 17:38:31
Truth about the war in Libya from the ground 17:28:04
Why not "mini debates"? 17:21:08
CNN poll reality check: Ron Paul 79% 17:16:04
Ron Paul as president wouldn't involve Feds in marriage! 17:07:36
Make Levin Squirm - POLL 16:50:53
Boehner Letter to Obama 16:50:28
2012 Slim Jims - Input needed please. 16:43:59
CNN reported a poll with Ron Paul at 0 percent 16:20:11
"The Hill's Hit Piece on "Ron Paul Blows" is Getting Pummelled by RP Supporters in Comment Section! 16:09:41
The Crime of the Century (20th Century) started in 1913 with the FED 16:03:12
90 Days Is Almost Up 16:01:41
Viral Videos the old fashion way! 15:53:05
Number of times each candidate spoke for the NH Debate 15:13:01
YTP: Who's Crazy Now?! - Would Make A Suitable Parody of Obama 14:54:13
Independence Day Media Strike 14:34:29
I guess we're all just Ron Paul snobs 14:22:20
If Ron Paul doesn't get the GOP nod, then.... 14:21:27
Ron Paul Mini-Money Bomb Fundraiser June 14 14:16:45
Is Gold in Fort Knox Real? Ron Paul Wants to Know 13:40:18
Report: Grand jury probing possible CIA war crimes in Iraq 13:31:17
To tell the truth is to Bash Obama? 13:24:11
Why I just ordered several copies of Ron Paul's book "Liberty Defined." 13:22:50
Rescind President Obama's 'Transparency Award' Now 13:21:50
What many of you critisized me for the other day, Ron Paul says almost exactly what I did during last nights debate 13:00:42
Someone please get this man a new tailor!!!! 12:53:27
GOP Debate: Ron Paul and the Pandering 6 12:48:02
Des Moines Register - Ron Paul: GOP rivals are bigger challenge than Obama 12:36:33
Thank You Bomb 12:34:06
Sheriff Biden to Save US Economy by Shutting Down Tortise Website 12:30:39
The only one who has served 12:29:20
Is this now the Daily Bachmann? 12:16:48
**ACTION ITEM: "I'm the commander in chief, the generals listen to me!" Video** 12:03:59
One man's 'psychotic' mission to retrieve bin Laden's body 11:58:10
The Philosophy of Liberty: Plunder 11:45:11
ALERT! Go Vote! Winner announced on air in 10 minutes! 11:39:02
Annoyed that other candidates are stealing RP ideas! 11:21:43
National Media Thugs Strike Back 11:21:09
SPECIAL REPORT: Blocking Police Brutality with 11:18:22
Alex Jones 11:04:24
Rachel Maddow: "Only 10% Of Texans Want Ron Paul To Be President" 11:03:22
City Government demands all keys to commercial properties 11:01:50
Ron Paul Run--5K for Freedom 10:58:02
Did you hear - MB has 5 kid's and adopted 23.. 10:55:16
Facebook Poll 10:52:04
Mr. Benton is a stalwart, steady, and solid support of Dr. Paul! 10:50:01
Glenn Beck Program - 6/14/11 10:47:04
Jim Rogers: Federal Reserve Will Go Bankrupt, Don’t Listen to Bernanke (Vid) 10:46:44
Secret US and Afghanistan talks could see troops stay for decades 10:41:29
From YAHOO news: Analysis: Mark Halperin Grades the New Hampshire Debate 10:33:14
Best Synopsis on Debate-Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney Get a Free Commercial, Ron Paul Stands Firm 10:27:26
I Cringe to be Another to Offer Ron Paul Advice... but... 10:24:09
Who are the GOP insiders? 10:17:16
Idea: Have RP Record Post-Debate Answers 10:09:07
New Poll for debate on Fox News! 09:46:04
Where is the Reagan endorsment?!? 09:42:58
Ron Paul Pushing for Gold Reserve Audit 09:32:01
Radio call-ins 09:22:17
Ron Paul T-Shirt Day 08:51:54
Ron Paul rallies locals 08:48:52
My letter to the Huffington post! 08:45:22
Ron Paul Makes a Lot of Sense- Mickelson in the Morning 08:14:29
Pope Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Elizabeth Windsor issued a Public Summons by the ITCCS 06:48:09
[Video] Ron Speaking at the Debate After-Party 05:41:16
Anonymous targeting Federal Reserve in next attack 05:17:57
Heist: More than $6 billion in Iraq reconstruction funds lost 05:07:01
Bastards at FOX 03:31:54
Rest easy.. please check this out. 03:28:12
Poll, polls and more polls! 03:27:25
Please vote in this MSNBC poll 02:47:34
Debate Question Tabulation 02:39:27
Herman Cain 100% Idiot...His own words!! 02:33:15
This Or That: Gold Or Paper 02:13:12
Ron Pauls Television Ads - What's Forthcoming? 01:49:34
'Take No S**t' Day - 6/15/2011 01:35:12
June 14th Debate Polls: Who Won The Debate? 01:25:31
Fox Poll: Who would you like to see debate Obama? 01:24:41
Laura Ingrahm Poll Ron is currently behind Bachman! 01:11:21
Yahoo users not fooled by biased GOP Debate article 01:08:25
Ron Paul, Mitt Romney Clash On Afghanistan 01:06:03
New Ron Paul Xtranormal Video 00:59:43
Mitt Romney wants YOU to pay more for housing (clip from debate) 00:08:01
Rank the candidates 00:06:10
Complete Ron Paul CNN New Hampshire Debate Questions And Answers 00:04:44
I don't care if Ron Paul wins. 00:01:57