Posted on June 18, 2011

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Even The Troops Are Waking Up 07:32:06
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Ron Paul on Lawsuit: ‘It’s Time for the President to Obey the Constitution’ 23:34:49
Doug Stanhope on Freedom 23:30:51
Tea Party Express TV Facebook Poll 23:08:02
Rick Perry at book signing. Watch closely. Get a good chuckle :') 22:54:15
Ron Paul Media Bomb 22:48:58
CNN On RLC 22:45:31
I need research guru's 21:41:35
Great Picture of Ron Paul Supporters With Signs 21:31:17
The reason Ron Paul CAN'T win !!! 21:30:42
Rep. Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll at GOP Conference = FOX News 20:43:44
The 12 Fruits And Vegetables With The Most Pesticides 20:28:51
LA Times:Top of Ticket. RP Wins! 19:11:17
The More the Merrier! 18:50:38
Ron Paul: Shockwaves from New Orleans‏ 18:43:57
If you care, Here is what Keith O. is doing now 18:30:13
What Happened to the DP Home Page? 18:26:00
Can You Feel the Tension? 18:22:49
Why is coffee not banned ? 18:13:45
Obama Overruled Two Top Lawyers, Who Told Him War Must Be Terminated 18:13:23
Everytime you blog or leave a comment,Say Front Runner RON PAUL 18:05:01
Australian needs help in coming to USA to fight for liberty. 17:53:38
Why is there no sticky on the front page to volunteer for Call for Paul in Iowa for the Ames poll? 17:48:18
Now that we have won what will the Establishment do next? 17:36:50
KWN w/Nigel Farage on Greece, Protests, Anarchy, Default, Europe, Euro; 6/18 17:16:13
Finally a Associated Press Headline 17:12:02
WAR IS A RACKET. 16:59:59
Ron Paul Wins Republican Leadership Conf. straw poll 16:34:05
Drudge Report....RON PAUL WINS STRAW POLL... 16:33:33
Shockwaves from New Orleans‏ 16:29:19
CBS News: Ron Paul Wins Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll 15:50:25
Rand Paul hits it out of the Park! 15:05:01
LA Riots 1992 14:35:41
A 50 square mile underground secure bunker. 13:52:31
Trading Of Over The Counter Gold And Silver To Be Illegal Beginning July 15 13:28:51
Solution to the Global Food Crisis - Let them eat TURD BURGERS!? 12:52:09
Report: Romney Refuses to Sign Pro-Life Pledge 12:33:43
Ron Paul Poster 12:21:21
Sibel Edmonds: Rise Up To The Occasion...It Could Very Well Have Been You! 11:18:05
Rural Help From OBamO No Thanks FooL!!! 11:14:45
Have you volunteered yet? Ron Paul for President 11:11:53
Bay Area activists rally to oppose FBI and Grand Jury political attacks 11:11:33
Minimum wage- Come on USA you are falling behind. 10:38:35
Disposable coffee cups carryout containers filled with cancer-causing agents 10:20:30
Ron Paul Rocks America 2012 09:30:57
Kristol, Abrams, Kagan urge GOP to back Libya Mission 07:17:24
No long faces! 07:12:34
Academic authoritarians, language, metaphor, animals, & science 06:49:00
NPR guest: Republican Party's non-interventionist roots 04:39:42
Ron Paul Infomercial 03:47:27
Herman Cain, a real Tea Partier? 03:18:04
Rick Perry, RP and the "flatliners" or e.g. how to respond to the authors of these ridiculous hit pieces 02:22:04
TIME Baracketology Poll - Ron Paul @ 73% - Vote! 01:59:02
New American story on O'Reilly's, Coulter's dismissiveness of Paul 01:22:23
Christian Coalition's Ken Connor: Ron Paul's economic ideas best. 01:15:17
War Powers Act 01:12:47
Blow-by-blow story at New Orleans 00:47:52