Posted on June 2, 2011

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Ron Paul PowerPoint Guy Gives Tea Party Speech 21:21:14
Special Report: Symptoms of Tyranny; Oathkeepers in AZ 20:44:29
Ron Paul on Reuters: Raising the U.S. Debt Limit 19:19:06
I'm in it to WIN! - Ron Paul vs. RomneyCare: June 5 2011 16:15:02
(PPP) Ron Paul in 1st Place!!! 14:05:51
Dems Turning on Obama. Call for Impeachment. 10:39:25
DRUDGE REPORT: Ron Paul warns of "dictatorship" in Washington D.C 09:57:31
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The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families (Part 1 of 4) Article 23:58:25
Outrageous Statements About The Chrysler Bailout 23:50:04
SA@TAC - A Conservative Foreign Policy Comeback? 23:34:41
Newsweek Blames Tornadoes On Climate Change!! 23:21:19
DON'T COME BACK! Police Threaten CNN Journalist Looking For "Secret Morgue" 23:14:59
#RonPaulFacts Twitter stream-list 23:07:04
2nd Non American Arrested Under Patriot Act(Susan Lindauer) Speaks On Extension And Our Dying Liberties 23:07:00
Rand Paul Answers Liberal Blogosphere Attacks 22:59:26
IN MEMORIAM !" Need a girk, chatta me kort!" Please. 22:55:37
Need a girk, chatta me kort!" Please. 22:49:49
Sarpy County Republican Committee Meeting Findings 22:18:37
Presidential poll on pro Herman Cain site Ron Paul added! 22:07:33
Rand Paul just said some crazy stuff..absolutely shocking. 22:05:31
Bumper Sticker 21:55:50
Ron Paul's Ten (Political) Commandments 21:38:28
2012-2019 The Tribulation Period??? 21:19:49
High impact, low-cost campaign efforts 21:13:44
How Much Will The June 5th Moneybomb Raise?? 21:09:21
Listening to the Enemy 20:22:55
Romney not far ahead of Paul in this poll 20:19:11
Sarah McLachlan - "Forgiveness" 19:36:39
Sarpy County Republican Committee Meeting 19:36:10
Jesse Benton is 2012 Presidential Campaign Chairman 19:35:52
US steps up cyber propaganda war 19:17:18
Update-Who is going to New Orleans SRLC to see Ron Paul June 17th? 19:14:47
Bradley Manning Rally 19:07:11
2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Oddsmakers Poll 19:04:59
Oh No! Ancient Astronauts - Will Ron Paul's Enemies Have a Field Day With This. 19:00:15
New Super-toxic Bacteria Infecting Fresh Veggies, Killing People. 18:59:59
Could the TSA be changing their "tune"?? 18:50:43
Murdered Pak Jounalist contridicted the official US story of Bin Laden in article 18:47:04
Richard Branson's war on drugs 18:40:21
Serfdom: Portland’s $50 Million Dollar Homeless Hilton 18:31:38 sucks 18:11:30
"Who Is Behind Adam Kokesh and Russia Today Television?" 17:54:21
GOA Poll - Vote for Ron (by implication!) 17:41:27
Need Some MoneyBomb Excitement! 17:29:07
The Strategic Advantage of Ron Paul 17:17:13
Rep nomination Poll.. 16:57:29
I see it already, are the rest of you seeing it too? 16:47:20
OMG Paul is way behind on a*** Fox poll***, can't let this happen!! 16:45:24
Ron Paul leads Palin, Romney in 2012 (book) race! 16:32:37
Moody's Just Threatened To Slash The US Credit Rating if Debt Ceiling Not Raised 16:32:30
Free Ron Paul T Shirt Giveaway - Winner Chosen June 9th 16:29:38
Fox Poll: Who Gets Your Vote? (Ron Paul is in it!) 16:25:22
Pro-Liberty GOP County Chairman Taking Heat from Neocons.... 16:00:55
I'm voting for Herman Cain 15:56:39
Another good RP video 15:54:08
The TSA Blog - On Texas 15:48:44
From 2009: $400 per gallon gas to drive debate over cost of war in Afghanistan 15:45:25
Paul email hits Romney on gun, abortion stances 15:23:55
Where is the Gold? ZERO media attention on Ron Pauls HR 1495 Gold Reserve Transparency Act of 2011 14:39:35
Where is the Gold? ZERO media attention on Ron Pauls HR 1495 Gold Reserve Transparency Act of 2011 14:39:03
We can stop this government and create a better world! 14:28:32
Moody's Just Threatened To Slash US Credit Rating 14:09:30
You Know Ron's Gone Mainstream When ... 13:56:24
Moody's Bizzaro World 13:51:19
Energy Source Oil Companies Will Not Let Us Have 13:34:11
Student Detained In Baltimore Over Patriot Act for Filming Light Rail (video) 13:23:51
Genetically engineered veggies killing people in Europe 13:01:35
New mind-altering drug capable of literally modifying your memories 12:24:26
Vitter Calls Out Renegade Federal Agencies to Obtain Congressional Consent 11:59:01
I'm Bradley Manning 11:40:14
America at War and the Debt Crisis: Hail Caesar by Paul Craig Roberts 11:30:18
Daily Paul being censored 11:03:29
America's New Nuke Showdown Starts NOW!! 10:29:27
Has Everyone Volunteered For the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign? 10:18:42
Is Ron Paul the new Chuck Norris? 10:16:43
Arizonans look to recall senator 10:11:01
Legalize drugs - Ron Paul was right, again! 10:05:40
Affordable Housing Groups Once Again Acting As Human Shields For Banksters 09:53:09
Ron Paul is a Brother in Lambda Chi Alpha--They're On Campuses Everywhere! 09:50:02
Students at Lincoln Memorial told to stop singing National Anthem (June 2010) 09:50:00
Police Cite Patriot Act, Detain Man For Taking Pictures At Rail Station 09:47:33
Let's get Ron Paul on "RightOnline 2011" 09:42:43
Darrell Issa to Elizabeth Warren: Clear a full day on your June calendar, we’ve got more questions 09:35:53
John Boehner Fights Foreclosure Relief As Housing Crisis Ravages His District 09:14:20
GATA files Liberty Dollar brief; New York Sun examines case 08:42:01
After the Dollar: What Comes Next? by Peter Schiff 08:18:28
War Zones: As The Economy Dies, Murders, Shootings, Robberies And Looting Erupt All Over America 08:13:21
18 Signs That Life In U.S. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent To Life In U.S. Prisons 08:11:01
ACLU files Suit to Stop Fla. Gov. Exec Order for Drug Tests of State Employees 08:07:00
Ron Paul the new Chuck Norris? Top “Facts” About Him 05:37:49
Army given reins of government as Hosni Mubarak resigns 03:36:28
Ames Straw Poll: Getting Out the Vote 02:58:29
Woman Sexually Assaulted by TSA Officers (Video) 02:56:21
An anomaly in the Jefferson Memorial Dance Debacle. *Updated* 02:38:25
Afghan Judge whips convicted man. 02:09:09
Fed Counsel Alvarez Reminds me of Fredo 01:39:22
Can you help me with some math? Wow! Is this correct? 01:16:14
Is RP visiting Google in July? 01:05:19
Don't Waste Money Sending Me Mail 00:42:48