Posted on June 20, 2011

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New Dick Morris Poll has Ron @ 12%! 22:26:47
R's: Get back to me when you nominate Ron Paul 22:08:24
Wow! A Nice Ron Paul Interview @ 21:33:15
Ron Paul Issues Statement on ATF Gun Scandal 14:48:00
Ron Paul Issues Budget Statement 14:02:14
WMUR Web Extra: Ron Paul gets to give in-depth answers without some hack constantly interrupting him 10:59:18
Ron Paul on NBC Today Show: 'I'm Not a Fringe Candidate' 6/20/2011 17:57:51
The American Spring: Ron Paul's Growing Political Influence 01:53:07
Video: Ron Paul's RLC Speech - Saturday June 18, 2011 15:55:50
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essay contest for home or private-schooled students 23:57:15
This is the way the isolationist nonsense needs to be answered by our main man, Ron Paul 23:52:31
It looks like there is a lot of international support for Ron Paul. 23:43:30
Ronnie Barrett Responds To Felipe Calderon 23:33:41
Two positive Ron Paul mentions tonight - O'Reilly and O'Donnell 23:24:40
Vote Online Poll Ron Paul Here 23:10:19
Campaign Ideas 22:49:36
TIME: Q&A: Ron Paul...says Paul 'preaches isolationism' 22:41:44
Mitt Romney, Facebook sabotage. 22:21:52
Reuters Video: Ron Paul "Federal Reserve Chairmen Should Be Confirmed By Congress" 22:16:09
The American Spring: Ron Paul's growing political influence 22:00:20
Need some advice please.. 21:47:21
I Found Another "Romney Party" Brand New at FOX - Everyone Is Invited! 21:43:33
Dr. Ron Paul signs Susan B. Anthony List Pro-Life Pledge -- Romney, Cain, Johnson Refuse! 21:34:18
Ron Paul Releases his Financial & Budget Plans for Presidency 21:13:31
UPDATE - WTP's Constitution Lobby approved in NY & CT - other states to follow 19:29:48
Why Things Fell Apart At Fukushima Plant 19:13:55
I want to make some good Ron Paul Banners for everyone give me some ideas 19:02:43
Now it is happening here! still like Nuclear Power... 18:50:55
Dr. Paul's birthday is August 20th what are we getting him? 18:01:10
Who is in charge of FUNDRAISING?!?!? 17:34:20
Revolution continues... 17:27:54
Educating Joe Six-Pack 17:21:33
Nation's mayors pass resolution to 'bring U.S. war dollars home' 17:10:05
Why am I getting Email from National Tea Party 17:01:06
Rally for the Republic Oct, 18th in Las Vages 16:57:51
Zombie Survival Guide 16:45:26
Business Insider: Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy? (Photos) 16:44:41
She GETS it 16:43:12
Campaigning in England: suggestions, please 16:26:25
There are still a lot of sheep out there! 16:11:42
Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Transcend GOP Policy Differences with Libertarian Economic Message 15:50:38
Ron Paul: What I Will Veto as President 15:27:21
Could "Operation Gun Runner" have been designed to create violence to push gun control? 15:10:27
Ron Paul's "Ardent Supporters" 14:47:07
Tom Woods on Dennis Prager Show 6/20/11 14:44:55
What Is An American? 14:42:25
Infowars: Perry Picked to Win, Establishment won't Allow Ron Paul to Gain Momentum 14:41:02
Ron Paul on Libya War: President Obama’s Explanation is ‘Horrific’ 14:38:04
TIME Poll is well hidden, Getting some newfound Mitt Romney attention while we aren't looking! 14:26:31
Why Ron Paul keeps winning straw polls 14:19:06
Subliminal Advertising 13:50:57
Michael Medved the idiot 13:45:41
NATO now admits targeting civilians!!!! House in rural area targeted today because they though he was friends with Gadaffi. 13:27:31
Washington Post aka Big Brother Explains Why Ron Paul Keeps Winning Straw Polls 13:22:19
US Scrambles to Conceal Video of Afghanistan Massacre 11:42:40
Ron Paul Blasts U.S. Involvement In 'Unwinnable Wars' 11:28:50
Ron Paul 2012 - Youtube Channel! 11:26:30
Don't just sit there - DO SOMETHING 11:09:16
Fox News Rick Perry Tea Party candidate 10:47:24
Ron Paul on 'Today' show 10:39:02
No regulation - what it really means? 10:37:34
Drudge: The <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">Anti-span style="text-decoration: line-through;"><b>non-Pro</b>Paul? 10:35:25
I Found a "Perry Party!" See You All There.... ; } 10:28:15
Bachmann Forum Ads 10:13:18
States Look to Tax Internet Sales to Close Budget Gaps 09:58:42
Mark Meckler is a TOOL! 09:22:53
Two New Ron Paul Music Videos 08:55:22
Israelis decry US refusal to let spy see dying father 08:49:02
Delegate Selection Tonight 08:48:50
CNBC: US Housing Crisis Is Now Worse Than Great Depression 08:44:32
VIDEO: CIA Agent Says Bush Used C.I.A. To Smear College Professor 08:30:02
No RPofT Straw Poll in 2011 07:58:27
Powerful message from former C.I.A. Agent to every blogger, hacker and American 07:48:26
What we all must do to create the change we want to see 06:56:57
Is 2012 Ron Paul Time? 05:17:03
Why I Defend Ron Paul Against His Republican Critics 04:43:47
Rep. Ron Paul signs anti-abortion pledge 04:33:34
Never underestimate the cute girl factor 03:47:02
Iraq - Shell and Mitsubishi - Massive Contract 03:26:05
GOP splitting over U.S. role in Libya and Afghanistan 03:20:13
The ESF and Its History 02:49:45
My home was under attack 2am. Advice? Lessons? 02:25:39
Let's get Ron a John Mayer endorsement! 02:13:19
Ron Paul "Cut the Clutter" Nation-wide Garage Sale Initiative 01:34:47
The War of the Internets Ramps Up 01:12:49
New American: Why I Defend Ron Paul ... 00:49:09
DARPA created a weapon for individual freedom 00:37:14
Advertisement banners 00:12:28
Censorship By Omission‏ 00:03:19