Posted on June 21, 2011

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Rand Paul Talks Libya Resolution on CNN 20:22:43
Update - Greek Govt. Votes For Austerity 155-143; Live Coverage of Protests 14:29:01
Tom Mullen Interview on Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace 16:43:11
Video: Ron Paul Talks Gold in Washington on "The Street" 11:21:10
Ed Rendell: "The Only Person Telling The Republican Voters The Truth Is Ron Paul" 10:16:10
Pentagon Wants Unprecedented $5 Billion for Drones Next Year 21:53:49
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/20/11: End Obama's Illegal War in Libya 18:41:14
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Rand Paul Shocks FOX News Frank Luntz Focus Group 08:37:05
DPer's: Has your relationship with your significant other been tested since you've "woke up"? 23:54:21
The Leaders vs. those who Lead 23:53:09
So China is going to buy Idaho? You have to see this!! "Project 60" 23:53:02
VIDEO great educational video on the FED and it origins and VERY entertaining this is how we should send the END THE FED messege 23:51:38
Time Magazine Brackets - Go Vote!!! 23:34:45
New on NPR on 6/21/11 on NPR channels everywhere.... 23:14:35
Libya Resolutions Coming to Floor tomorrow.. 23:07:17
When The Heck Is The Next Moneybomb????? 22:50:37
Here it is..Huntsman announces his run. 22:45:06
Was the American Revolution actually an uprising against Corporatism? Know your enemy. 22:25:04
When the State Breaks a Man (William Grigg on Tom Ball) 22:07:10
How Does Ron Paul Deliver a Political TKO to Mitt Romney? 21:46:36
Dominick T Armentano and Ron Paul on Antitrust and Monopoly 21:10:30
Warning: Jury Duty Scam 21:05:17
News from Nevada 20:41:24
Winning Strategy For Ron Paul 2012: The Bail-Out 20:37:34
U.S. tightens Libya sanctions; Key senators back Obama 18:53:29
Ron Paul RLC 2011 "Why Do You Support Ron Paul?" 18:29:27
Ron Paul Matisyahu one day 18:01:13
So what? I don´t care what the media says! 17:49:27
Stick a fork... 17:41:01
Clear Video Evidence Of Media Propaganda For Jon Huntsman! 17:36:15
Zogby ignores Ron Paul, puts Bachmann in first place 17:03:01
Ron Paul is Winning in ALL Major Polls! 16:47:34
The federal government is not God - Michigan 16:43:36
Wash Post Poll: Ron Paul is dead last in "Vote Probability" 16:41:41
Ron Paul for President 16:39:50
FICO "Medicine Adherence Score" 16:32:28
Daily Paul Refund Policy 16:32:22
Republicans Do Not Have the Power to Block an Elizabeth Warren Recess Appointment 16:08:17
Court says suit can proceed over WTC tower collapse 16:02:47
Another campaign "motto" 16:00:55
Democrat, Republican, Tea Partier, what's next for this guy ? 15:57:16
Ron Paul: Personal liberties ‘are being severely undermined’ 15:54:14
Right Wing Coffee PLEASE 15:44:32
Ron Paul Signs Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge on Debt Ceiling 15:26:02
Why Free Markets Will Save America 15:21:14
Happy 4th DP Anniversary to Jive Dadson! 15:04:33
White House Official: Obama Believes Gay Marriage ‘Best Addressed By The States’ 14:39:12
"When the Warrior Returns" Interesting Deja Vu moment from Sir Francis Scott Key 14:37:14
"Deeply Flawed” Lease Costs Taxpayers $557 Million 14:29:48
These are American tax dollars; American soldiers fighting in your name 14:06:39
Obama Wants It Both Ways On Gay Marriage Debate: Believes Gay Marriage 'Best Addressed By The States' 13:52:48
Sen. Rand Paul's Speech HELP Committee Hearing 06/21/2011 13:48:17 - the ISSUES tab 13:45:15
RP Presence at the College World Series 13:41:02
Ooooops! Michele Bachmann Caught Using Taxpayer Dollars On Her Rallies! 13:37:12
Fukushima: It's much worse than you think 13:35:21
Ron Paul supporters gather early in Council Bluffs 13:30:27
14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be A Really, Really Bad President 13:18:44
Gingrich Campaign Finance Team Quits 13:17:31
Ron Paul's #1 Fix for the US Fiscal Crisis 12:58:42
Counterpunch: Strange Definitions of War and Peace by Rep. Ron Paul 12:48:06
Ten Labors of the Republicans in this Century; or, the Modern Hercules 12:46:04
Rochester Police Arrest Woman For Videotaping On Her Lawn 11:55:28
The Military as a Jobs Program 11:49:52
State Of The Ocean: 'Shocking' Report Warns Of Mass Extinction From Current Rate Of Marine Distress 11:45:42
Rick Perry reintroduces Texas TSA anti-groping bill in special session 11:28:16
American Made 11:06:21
Herman Cain Federal Reserve Video ft Ron Paul (New) 10:51:02
Bill O'Reilly & Fox News Skew Ron Paul Poll Numbers Again! 10:03:18
War on Terror Documentary you won't see on Fox 09:59:04
Kids lemonade stand fined $500 and ordered shut down by county 09:49:07
TSA Bill added to the call: Pressure on Perry worked! 09:43:29
What does freedom mean to you? Video Submission Contest? 09:41:00
Borrow to Get Ahead 09:39:05
Government 'surplus' stores now selling personal items TSA steals from passengers 09:38:52
Bill O'Reilly Wants Us To Email Him! 09:32:23
Farrakhan: 'That's A Murderer In The White House!' 09:12:02
Man Robs Bank For 1 Dollar To Get Healthcare 09:10:45
Police: Idaho State Sen. stole truck after drinking 09:08:40
Louis Farrakhan Blasts UN/US Foreign Policy 09:06:04
New News site? 08:53:33
We Must Invade! 08:53:23
Bernanke to Invent New Term for Printing Money 08:53:21
call in show resource list 08:40:27
The Street - Ron Paul hints at his V.P. Pick 08:26:25
The Declaration of Independence 08:22:44
Liberty Lives day 08:17:30
Extremism Is the New Race Card 06:37:19
Congress - Yes, Obama is Above the Law 05:23:03
Fast Effects of MASSIVE HYPERINFLATION! 04:23:44
NWO Pledge Of Allegiance 03:51:01
Daily Pauliticians 03:18:45
Backhanded compliment from MSNBC 02:39:15
Rick Perry brings the Texas anti-TSA bill to the special session 02:19:21
A Gift To Us: NYT Op-Ed, "Our Lefty Military" 02:06:23
They did it before, now there doing it agin. 01:58:37
14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be A Really, Really Bad President 01:36:00
Great News, Ron Paul is getting attacked a lot! 01:24:08
Hoover Dam Bypass 01:00:01
Daily Paul - Michelle Bachman Advertising 00:39:31
The Reality Report: Ron Paul Takes Lead, BP Passes Spill Bill, TSA Raid Public Places 00:35:45
Obama to announce Afghanistan withdrawal plans Monday 00:20:17
Need help on a paper - slightly off topic 00:10:19
South Florida C4L 00:09:57