Posted on June 22, 2011

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Ron Paul on ABC News talks bringing home the troop & GOP candidates 20:08:59
Ron Paul: ‘Nothing for Us to be Gained’ by Leaving Troops in Afghanistan 15:33:51
Ron Paul & B. Frank will Introduce Legislation on Thurs. to Fully Legalize Marijuana 15:29:02
Newt on Ron Paul 15:25:37
Sen. Rand Paul Questions Invasive TSA Searches 06/22/2011 19:04:34
The Hill: Ron Paul Has Won 12:27:13
It's Different This Time 11:38:38
Ron Paul on Fox News, 6/22/2011 10:53:46
Senate Bill Would Approve US Role in Libya RETROACTIVELY 15:03:34
After Ron Paul speech, Obama tries to woo 'young people tired of US wars' 09:08:39
The Dumbing-Down of America by Patrick J. Buchanan 06:40:40
TSA Plans 8,000 Screenings on Trains, Buses, Ferries, Cars and Trucks 08:43:38
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Anybody Catch the Colbert Report tonight?.... 23:54:54
Lou Dobbs/FOX mock Paul-Frank pot bill 23:18:28
Very Scary Happening in N.H. School System U.N. 22:48:06
TIME Bracketology poll rigged! 22:07:56
The Isolationist Charge: The Last Refuge Of The Scoundrel 21:38:57
AP Article Tries to Link Libertarians w/Extremists 21:24:44
Extremists finding fertile ground in Northwest US 21:19:58
LPAC Reno, Nevada Sept 15-18, 2011 20:59:10
Ron on The Lou Dobbs Show ~6/22/2011 20:55:01
Drudge Top Title: Ron Paul to introduce bill legalizing marijuana 20:41:05
How would YOU sum up the "welfare state"? 20:32:07
Help Train Two Young Activists to "Win On Principle" 19:56:55
Fox Business--Paul: Fed Should Introduce Notion of Competing Currencies 19:56:04
AP Hit Piece - Chuck Baldwin, Stewart Rhodes, and more! 19:53:35
Rep. Ron Paul: All Troops Come Home 19:43:45
Huge Military Convoy With Explosives Heading-Joplin 19:43:00
Noah Webster's Definition of 'War' (1828) 19:31:22
Where can I find Ron Paul "hamster commercial" youtube video? 19:09:17
Daily Paul Polls? 19:08:00
Ron Paul on CNBC 7:00 est sharp 19:02:30
If you are in the area or know anyone 18:55:35
They are coming around! 18:47:11
Tea Party for freedom poll:Ron Paul is in 3rd place 18:34:48
Tea Party for freedom poll:Ron Paul is in 3rd place 18:34:45
Finally Received The Ron Paul Letter Asking For Three Million Dollars By June 30th.... 18:30:21
Ron Paul Will Win 18:03:00
I'm concerned 17:33:07
O'Reilly attempts to enlighten Lupe Fiasco.... 17:29:45
Infant mortality rates are higher in countries where the vaccine dose is heavier for infants. 17:16:27
Ron Paul on Kudlow 17:00:42
Bernanke Admits He’s Clueless On Economy’s Soft Patch 16:58:54
Ron Paul On Ratigan Talking Afghanistan 16:56:33
Audio: Ron's speech in Sargeant Bluff, IA ~6/21/11 (2nd speech on Tue) is now available 16:55:00
Ron Paul 18min Video Interview with Mike Church from June 17th. 16:45:58
The Crisis in Greece 16:41:38
Another Rebuttle to Keynesian Robert Reich 16:38:35
Fox Business Video: Paul: Fed Should Introduce Notion of Competing Currencies 16:30:02
possible flier tell me what u think only the text included 16:22:05
Videos(2): Ron Paul on ABC ~6/22/11 16:19:26
Ron Paul flier idea 16:04:15
Primary/Caucus Strategies 15:23:12
Poll: 44% of Americans Worse Off Under Obama 15:14:44
The Cruel Wreckage of Socialism by Frederic Bastiat 15:06:45
Italy Demands Immediate End to Libyan War 14:57:39
An Idea for a Video 14:36:58
Monsanto Hayride 14:29:30
SPLC is at it AGAIN 14:23:29
Video of Ron Paul's Iowa Speech - 6/21/11 14:08:49
Rand Paul discusses Welfare and Charity 13:58:41
Candidate Paul rejects "Isolationist Label" 13:53:45
Candidate Paul rejects 'isolationist' label 13:47:11
You Will 13:46:43
Anyone catch this? 13:42:10
Thanks to LulzSec, draconian cybersecurity gains support 13:41:49
Fed lets bond-buying stimulus program expire amid weaker economic forecast 13:29:55
Feds tweak airport screening rules for kids 13:29:33
Paralitics 13:13:08
Ron Paul "Legalize The Constitution! Legalize Gold & Silver!" 13:10:05
THE HILL: Gingrich steps on Ron Paul's turf 12:57:28
TIME Magazine Baracketology Poll: Guess who's in Front! =) 12:37:11
Does The New ‘White House Rural Council’ = UN’s Agenda 21? 12:35:37
Susie Castillo on C4L Tube 12:34:42
Unions and Communists March Side By Side 12:22:07
Audio: Ron's speech/Q&A in Council Bluffs, IA ~6/21/11 is now available 11:56:50
No Banker Left Behind 11:44:34
"Greek savers rush for gold" 10:59:21
White House loosens border rules for 2012 10:47:20
Icelandic People Declare Independence from International Banksters, Court Battle Awaits 10:35:41
Lawrence O'Donnell: "Ron Paul is an American Political Mythbuster" (video) 10:30:41
America's Latest Proposal To Deal With Its Insolvency...Change The CPI 10:29:44
Obama Addresses Nation on Afghanistan Troop Drawdown 19:41:19
Townhall Magazine EMails 10:22:58
Shock Poll: Only 3 in 10 Will Vote For Obama 10:08:39
Rand Paul: What's Another $2.4 Trillion? 10:00:50
Harry Reid endorses...Jon Huntsman 09:47:54
TSA curbs checkpoint photography by travelers — but it's legal 09:36:57
Obama to announce plan to pull 30,000 troops out of Afghanistan 09:29:09
Obama to Announce Troop Pull Out! 09:28:44
Two Congressmen call for investigation of TSA 09:23:19
Feds look to Regulate Food Similar to Tobacco; Hopes Saving Money on Health Care 09:19:21
U.S. Postal Service to Stop Paying Into Pension Fund 09:12:25
Wisconsin Ron Paul supporters: What do you make of Scott Walker? 09:06:42
The Hill: Gingrich steps on Ron Paul's turf with push for Federal Reserve audit 08:57:31
Ron Paul to meet Supporters in Jacksonville, Fla. this Friday June 24 @ 1:00 PM Eastern 08:23:43
IBOPE Zogby/Newsmax Poll: Both Christie, Perry Trounce Romney 08:21:08
The Fed will Not Reveal Missing Iraq Billions $$ 07:52:19
Leaked Video: Department of Defense Discusses Eliminating Religious Fanaticism Through Gene-Targeting Vaccine 07:51:37
Great read titled "fragile vanity of a war criminal" great blog post 07:20:40 journalist Mike Guy underwent waterboarding by a trained member of the U.S. military 07:13:31
HUD Offers $50,000 Interest-Free Loans to Homeowners 07:09:30
Geithner: We Need to Raise Taxes 06:58:58
Racial Racketeering for Fun and Profit: The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam 06:53:22
ATF acting director may resign over Fast and Furious program 06:52:04
America's New Racists by Walter E. Williams 06:49:09
Rep. Ron Paul Says Young People Are Tired of U.S. Wars 06:45:33
The Federal Reserve 'Embeds' Employees in Banks 06:32:00
The entire GOP moves closer to Paul's politics and away from Bush 05:47:26
Millions of middle-class people could get Medicaid 05:12:25
Perry fosters another Texas-Washington fight with anti-groping bill 04:43:34
This made me laugh 03:52:38
Why ALL Gay People Should Donate To Ron Paul! 03:35:09
Spreading the Message at Warped Tour 03:10:24
President Ron Paul’s Likely Supreme Court Nominations 01:25:12
Rubber stamp your dollars **Campaign Idea 00:49:10
Ron Paul needs to show some force 00:33:14
Grassroots Liberty groups need state legislation bank 00:30:54
"Is Obama Joking?" writes Rand Paul in email from RAND PAC 00:28:22