Posted on June 23, 2011

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New Ron Paul supporter...a few questions I need answered 20:49:06
New Hampshire State Representatives Endorse Ron Paul 18:47:10
Ron Paul's campaign snags best booth site for Ames straw poll, previously Romney's and GW Bush's 18:06:04
Time Magazine cover asks if the Constitution Still Matters 16:29:44
Article about Daily Paul 16:07:08
Breaking: Major Ex Bush Official Joins Ron Paul Campaign! 13:47:51
Paul Editorial in The Washington Times: "Time to end Federal Reserve secrecy" 09:09:16
Mike Church Interviews Ron Paul 09:06:39
Ron Paul On MSNBC Dylan Ratigan Show Talking Afghanistan 10:49:53
Investigating the Gold: Ron Paul Domestic Monetary Policy Hearing 6/23 11:38:29
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Western NY Tea Party Coalition Endorses Congressman Dr. Ron Paul for President 23:58:19
WORDS I NEVER SAID Lupe Fiasco's Extremely Edited Interview With Bill O'Reilly 23:47:21
Amazing Insight Into our Justice System... 23:44:00
For those near Jacksonville, Florida 22:44:04
The Problem of Obedience to Evil 22:35:52
social darwinism and libertarinism 22:35:18
Only thing we can do now is join the Mitt Romney campaign! 22:17:04
Use Obama's Tactics... 22:13:59
Delegates 21:52:11
Here's My Take On The TSA 21:27:43
Important! How do you counter a VIDEO like this? 21:16:20
Does The New ‘White House Rural Council’ = UN’s Agenda 21? 21:06:18
American jobs for AMERICANS! 20:54:06
Devastating news for our patent system 20:06:28
The Thomas Ball Fire Symphony Number 1 19:19:53
Branding New Computer Buyers to RP the Bill Gates/Microsoft Way-Computer/Net Gurus Please Comment 18:25:03
Come Together- Right Now 17:58:11
Come Together- Right Now 17:53:12
Vote for Ron Paul on Time Magazine and He Can Get On The Cover 17:35:31
Paul Editorial on CNBC Front Page: End Insanity Of The War on Drugs 19:35:52
Dr.Paul on freedom watch tonight at 8:00 17:09:06
2012 Election Results (RP does not win) 16:49:31
Greenville, SC Presidential Poll 16:24:09
Is The GOP taking "no tax raises" too far? 16:10:16
The Hill: Ron Paul kicks off weeklong fundraising push to raise $3M 15:50:39
How did Michael Medved become such an ANTI-American TRAITOR??? 15:34:18
The Tea Party and the Drug War 15:17:35
"Alert"! Watch Out For Strange Telephone Calls. 14:36:18
Positive Impact 14:29:21
Ron Paul: Are you up for a challenge?‏ 14:27:11
Romney backers bring heavy artillery 14:24:05
CNN: Ron Paul and Barney Frank: End the pot prohibition 14:20:36
CNBC POLL: Legalize Pot? 14:13:25
Afghanistan contractors vs. uniformed personnel 14:10:08
Tea Party Coalition endorses Congressman Dr. Ron Paul for President 13:54:33
Cynthia McKinney dispels the misinformation about Libya war 13:47:02
This article needs comments from Daily Paul members 13:45:36
Was US health care REALLY ever the envy of the world? 13:26:45
Liberty rEVOLution Crashes 6/20 Orange County, CA GOP Central Committee Meeting 13:08:32
Cindy Sheehan: Protesting vs. Local Revolution 12:25:28
It's Different This Time 12:07:40
Lead Story @Drudge--Cantor bails on Debt Ceiling Talks:(alt. HL~ Cantor Stands Up to Tax and Spenders) 12:06:03
Is there a reason this ORG is not acknowledging Ron Paul? 12:04:16
Ron Paul Discussed on Chris Mathews 11:35:39
Japanese Tsunami - Dash Cam 11:27:57
Ron Paul on Sirius XM today - 6/23 11:14:57
FTC poised to serve Google with civil subpoenas in broad antitrust investigation of the company 11:12:49
The Resistance of Mainstream Media and GOP Insiders to Ron Paul 11:04:17
Ron Paul's Reply To Obama: “This move is too little, too late” 10:48:19
Grecian Burn-From Last Night's Daily Show 10:43:12
Portugal's Drug Decriminalization Policy 10:20:57
Shimon Peres on Foreign Aid 09:57:29
IEA Releases 60,000,000 Barrels of Oil and Prices Plummet 09:38:20
TSA Changes Policy On Child Pat-Downs 09:29:56
Four decades of drug war tyranny may come to an end with Ron Paul's new effort to legalize marijuana 09:28:27
Homeowners’ Associations Becoming Unavoidable and Quasi-Governmental 09:26:39
Ron Paul Tip Card ~Great Idea~ 09:15:33
Ron Paul: Time to end Federal Reserve secrecy 09:05:05
Bernanke Leaves Door Open to Further Easing 08:23:49
Federal Appeals Court's Decision Could Expand Affirmative Action, says Chief Judge 07:50:53
Al Gore's Pollution Solution: Have Fewer Children! 07:41:41
Matt Taibbi: Michele Bachmann's Holy War 07:03:11
End of quarter push, ticker on 06:49:18
Ben Bernanke's Press Conference 6/22/11 (video) 06:43:37
Help Ron Paul 2012 IOWA Projects NOW! 06:40:47
Obama: Time for ‘nation-building’ at home 06:32:32
The entire GOP moves closer to Ron Paul's politics and away from Bush 06:21:02
Primary Status: Ron Paul schedules eight stops in northern, central NH 06:19:04
Looking for Ron Paul supporters in lower Alabama/Mobile/Baldwin County 05:01:20
Michigan Anti TSA Legislation 03:52:42
Paul signs Pro-Life Pledge 03:20:46
Corbett Report - Snake Oil Salesman 02:58:39
slogan 02:34:50
"Ron Paul Has His Share of Endorsements" 02:21:05
Ron Paul is the Only Real Radical Politician Alive 02:14:14
We're gettin thru! 01:35:45
New Minnesota Survey USA poll Ron Paul ties for third place 01:26:27
Ron Paul 2012: A true patriot HD (Re-uploaded) 00:45:33
Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs radio 6/22/2011 00:44:09
To all grassroots supporters: one final quarter-end push. 00:42:16
Dear Republicans, Here is the Catch... 00:41:12
What's a 'Neoconservative?' 00:13:11
Drug Cartels of Mexico and the "War on Drugs" 00:01:23