Posted on June 24, 2011

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The Atlantic - Ron Paul Asks: Is There Really Gold in Ft. Knox? 18:54:46
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch (06/23/11) 02:40:38
Politico: Ron Paul goes mainstream? 00:02:44
Miss USA & C4L Partner on TSA Battle 12:22:18
Dr. Paul on CNBC's Kudlow Discusses Marijuana Bill 09:43:13
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IDEA for poster please give a look and comment 23:38:54
Reposting 23:38:29
See JP Morgan get crushed in the comments section of this article... and add some RP firepower 23:11:53
Does DP membership cover all 50 states? 22:57:44
Nevada debate postponed. 22:32:38
PBS Newshour Guest Calls Ron Paul "Isolationist" But Kucinich is "Anti-War" 21:55:36
Ron Paul 2012 BLOCKING? 21:54:12
To Torture or Not to Torture? A Philosophical Question. 21:42:10
I think I have a new Ron Paul money bomb idea I need help with suggestions/ideas 21:16:30
Ten years ago, Portugal became the first Western nation to pass full-scale, nationwide decriminalization. 21:00:20
Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Zombies 20:55:29
Ron Paul Reagan Story 20:51:42
Mike Shaner registers republican 20:43:42
Ron Paul speaks @ the National Right to Life Convention ~6/24/11 20:19:38
Ron Paul - Without You 20:11:37
Ron Paul: Libya Funding Bill Must Be ‘Straight and Clean’ 19:39:43
Texas Speaker sells out liberty - TSA bill="laughingstock" 19:39:18
FTC Names Foreign Government Agent to Senior Position! 18:33:39
Somalia Celebrating 20 years of prosperous anarchy. 18:01:58
Ron Paul: Gold Prices Could Hit $10,000 17:12:15
New Poll - Vote Ron Paul 17:11:46
New Page to Explain Our Monetary System on Liberty Insight 16:55:32
Google Think Tank Gathers To Battle Extremism 16:15:18
Where do Wars Come From? 16:15:09
Rep. Barney Frank on Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition 16:08:32
What will the International Bankers want if the national debt exceeds the people's ablilty to pay? 16:07:52
NY Daily News: Vote in this Poll!! 16:07:49
Create Your Own Freedom and Liberty 15:57:01
Thanks to 15:56:14
Ron Paul Winning Time Magazine GOP Primary Election 15:55:10
The Cowardice Continues. Houses Refuses to Defund Obama's War. 15:51:29
Three more polls needing your attention 15:45:44
Sunny Sheu: Murdered for Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia? 15:10:12
The top U.S. admiral involved in the Libya war admitted to a U.S. congressman that NATO forces are trying to kill Libyan leader 15:10:03
Phonebanking for Ron Paul in Oakland CA 15:08:51 ticker should be embedded on DailyPaul! 14:19:04
Milton Friedman,Thomas Sowell, Judge Napolitano, and More on Leaving Drug Regulation to the States 14:06:06
Ron Paul inspired Hip Hop song from Classic Hip Rock, Carbon Copy (of a carbon copy) 13:48:51
CNN Front Page: Ron Paul worries Fort Knox gold is gone 13:33:06
Presidential Poll on Herman Cain website. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson included. 13:23:03
Ron Paul needs your help in this CNN article about auditing Fort Knox 13:19:34
Rochester Cops Retaliate 13:07:10
Why Herman Cain is a Disaster by Tom Woods 12:34:17
Geithner: Tax small business to avoid reducing the overall size of government 12:30:24
House Rejects measure authorizing Libya mission 12:30:18
Mark Levin Accidently Endorses Ron Paul 2012? 12:14:13
Ron Paul getting attacked by neocons on this blog 12:13:01
Radioactive Dust From Japan Hit North America 3 Days After Meltdown 12:09:17
We Can Do This Unless We Don’t 12:05:22
Good News For a Change: SCOTUS upholds 9th & 10th Amendments on 9-0 Decision 11:58:13
Divisions Between Gov. Jindal and His Own Republican Party Scuttled Retired Reform 11:49:18
Tom Woods talks Nullification in The Flint Report 6/23/11 11:34:11
War on Drugs Is Racist? by Wilton D. Alston 11:25:39
Minority support? reaching out to Michelle Alexander 11:16:17
DP - need help countering pro TSA comments 11:07:01
A Way To Be Free by Robert LeFevre..... a MUST read!!!! 11:00:31
Tea Party Coalition of Western NY endorses Ron Paul for President 10:48:30
Proof that Rand Paul is a Socialist 10:11:09
Bloomberg News Poll 10:05:03
Leon Panetta will do things Gates wouldn't. 09:59:54
need to reach all age groups 09:51:14
Dennis Kucinich "We Have To Put An End To The Thinking That The Constitution Is A Doormat!" 09:50:03
Video: Ron Paul - Monetary Policy Subcommittee - 06/23/11 09:44:28
TSA claims it will soon stop molesting little children but not adults veterans or senior citizens 09:25:41
TEXT to 31035 for MONEY BOMB Exposure! 08:59:50
Please Phonebank for Ames Straw poll! 08:46:41
According to AP, former Ron Paul donors now giving to Michele Bachman 08:34:32
Burnin' Down the House 08:07:48
TSA Plans Screening Americans in their Homes 07:48:28
Two Men Charged With Conspiring To Rebel Against Government Want Tethers Removed 07:36:39
Bernanke Public Approval Falls to Lowest 07:33:35
Adam vs the Man: Ron Paul wins support with Constitution and Marijuana 07:18:10
any instructions on using Ron Paul images & icons? 07:11:04
Obama is determined to get Pakistan's nukes 06:57:43
Osama bin Laden wanted to change al-Qaeda's name for marketing reasons 05:44:49
Where's Ron Paul? 05:06:12
Steve Forbes Joins Ron Paul’s Call For Gold Backed Currency 04:20:53
Democrats Voting Ron Paul 04:09:54
Looking for a video about food distribution and scarcity 03:07:41
Torrent of Arizona law enforcement classified files and personal email correspondence 02:58:10
New Website: 02:54:04
Let's Hear Some More Lies! Tommy Chong To Drug War Profiteer 02:06:08
Have you seen our country? --Colbert Report Idea 01:53:17
This Ron Paul video needs more views 01:21:36
Here we go again! --Video Shows Rochester Woman Arrested For Videotaping Police From Her Own Front Yard! 00:52:02
Max Keiser is a FRAUD 00:50:57
Blackmailing Republicans with 4-More-Years-of-Obama 00:20:07
Ron Paul Goes Mainstream? 00:17:32