Posted on June 25, 2011

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Dear Ron Paul Nerds,... 16:33:17
Sun Tzu's Art of War 13:58:19
America: Freedom to Fascism An Aaron Russo film. 03:25:36
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Big time trouble dead ahead thanks to the Federal Reserve. 23:48:01
Winning Online/Offline Polls for Ron Paul 23:18:21
Wanta know whats happening to soldiers and policemen? Look no further. 23:13:43
Politico- Romney dominates GOP cash dash [No Mention of RP] 22:01:56
Let's all celebrate!??! 22:01:23
Iowa report on Politico 21:54:58
Remember to use "Ron Paul" as your "Starbucks name". 20:46:23
Americans Work Less Than Four Hours Per Day, Survey Finds 20:41:15
Change Party Affiliation sites? 20:40:03
Sign Waving in Orange, California 20:08:50
Progressives try to start their own "left-wing" Tea Party, again 19:54:40
My Meetup Group sucks! 19:18:32
CNN piece on Paul, Frank Marijuana Bill..Tommy Chong 19:15:30
Newsmax Poll: Chris Christie for President? 19:11:35
See You All In DC In 2012 18:57:31
Video of Euro funeral: Nigel Farage buries bankrupt currency in Brussels 18:22:03
Ron Paul: “Liberty is second to life” 18:13:24 Strategic Action vs. Interesting Discussion. Which is more important? 17:56:13
Controllability of Complex systems Article for all you techies 17:26:58
Spread the word 2.0 (Garage sale) 17:02:47
War is a racket -- It always has been 16:45:03
GREAT DOC! The Power of Nightmares, (Part 1/3), “Baby it's Cold Outside“ 16:08:07
Ron Paul: Dare to be Great 15:33:16
Top 10 USA Companies Paid Little or No Taxes! 15:24:06
Ron Paul Billboards around Iowa Straw Poll 14:55:55
Former Mayor of New Orleans writes a book about the bizzare things that happened to him after hurricane Katrina 14:46:44
Powerful Ron Paul 2012 Anti War Video, Please share. 14:09:40
Great Radio Show! 13:56:05
Two Wolves, One Sheep - Revenues and Debt Servicing 13:07:04
Vegas GOP Debate Postponed — Waiting for Perry 12:51:07
Ron Paul Sticky Notes at Gas Stations! 12:18:59
Donate To Ron Paul's Campaign Today! 12:18:38
Why Does The Media Continue To Ignore Ron Paul's Candidacy? 12:14:08
Martial Law provision in Senate committee? 11:41:49
Ron Paul Leads NH Tea Party Poll 11:40:49
One thing we are up against with the neo-cons 11:33:50
Dr. Paul finishes 2nd in latest AP-GfK poll... not reported 11:12:31
NC Gerrymandering, Voter Rights Act and Getting Rid of those Bothersome Constitutionalists. 11:11:29
PNAC-Reborn: Calling for Greater Libyan War 11:10:55
Excellent Ron Paul Anti-War Video 11:07:47
I like Alex Jones, but 10:58:21
Humor 10:29:13
job creation is one of the ways to win this election. 10:16:47
Police State Rising - Obama Brings No Change 09:58:42
The Federal Reserve is Above the Law 09:43:08
Letter from John Cornyn 09:26:45
Audience With A King 09:24:03
Journalist Gets Arrested For Recording A Public Meeting 07:29:29
Houston Today, Saturday 16:48:20
Diliberto on those damn Ron Paul people 04:15:32
♠ Hearing - Investigating the Gold - June 23 2011 (H.R. 1495) 03:36:35
Building a coalition 03:16:01
Show me a libertarian model that incorporates externalities 03:07:05
Massive US Surveillance on Arab World 03:05:18
Those who are fair and decent with Ron Paul deserve our support 02:49:13
The Narcosaurus in Afghanistan 02:35:35
HORRIFIC Article on Ron Paul 02:11:01
Guts on Immigration 01:39:22
Another poll that needs our special attention 01:04:39
Best way to contact Dr. Paul's campaign 01:02:52
Can we get a vote to the top, stay at the top most important thread on dailypaul 00:57:44
lol - Legalization Gets the 'Fair and Balanced' Treatment from Fox News 00:47:19