Posted on June 27, 2011

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A Personal Appeal from Ron Paul 22:30:38
NRO: Right on Marijuana 14:36:52
Video Update: Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 6/27/11 21:32:58
Ron Paul’s Anti-Fed Message Drives 2012 White House Bid, Gaining Respect 01:24:18
Video: Ron Paul Interview on C-Span, June 26th 2011 04:41:18
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Ron Paul vs Woodrow Wilson 23:52:50
Teacher Charged with Assault for giving Unpasteurized Milk to Policemen 23:45:26
State of Pennsylvania threatening to take over the Capital (Harrisburg)!!!!! 23:39:21
San Francisco may ban circumcisions. 23:20:55
Glenn Beck Flip Flop on Rick Perry: 2 videos, 2 Different Opinions 23:04:04
Michele Bachmann: Update on Israel 22:33:41
Abu Ghraib Inmates Lose U.S. High Court Bid to Sue Contractors 22:33:16
Ronald Regan: Isolationist 22:09:06
Lew Rockwell interviewed: The Criminal Conduct of the US State 21:57:01
What do you think of this slogan for Ron Paul's campaign: "Bring Freedom Back Home" 21:18:41
Alex Jones Video Slamming Perry in TSA Speech at Texas Capitol 21:16:49
What were the true beliefs of the Founding Fathers? 21:16:19
Why is every other candidates' websites so much cooler than ours!?! 20:55:55
Man vs TSA 20:55:26
Cain forums bashing Bachman for lying about accepting government aid. 20:48:54
What can foreigners do? 20:44:42
NEW RON PAUL VIDEO - End of the Quarter Push 20:32:28
Any Chance the "For Liberty" video will be available for sale on RP's website? 20:18:38
Spread the Message! Grassroots ideas and volunteers wanted for project with HUGE potential! 20:13:41
Ron Paul Interview With Glenn Beck On Fox 18:38:23
To All Recent Flood Victims: The Saints Are Coming 18:21:24
Glenn Beck Flip Flops 17:56:15
NYC-GOP Welcomes Obama to Manhattan 17:41:30
Ron Paul Sign Waving last Saturday 17:07:21
End Of The USA Just Around the Corner!! 16:55:53
ANOTHER Fox Poll Ron is losing, to Toll Road Perry as well as Gingrich. SRSLY? 16:47:20
Vote in Cavuto Poll 16:45:23
Michele Bachmann Launches Presidential Campaign With Serial Killer Gaffe 16:41:33
*NEW POLL ALERT* RON PAUL 24.88% Michele Bachmann 41.96% 16:17:04
IRK FOX (POLL) 16:16:03
The Fed's Fisher On Ron Paul and the Movement to End the Fed 16:10:55
Ron Paul on Government Subsidies: ‘Anathema to the Constitution’ 16:02:34
This NPR report on old age and indestrucibility reminded me of Ron Paul 15:55:54
Another Day, Another Outrage 15:50:57
the path to destruction was laid by Woodrow Wilson (DID I MISS ANY?) 15:43:22
Vote for Ron in this Fox insider poll - Needs lots of help! 15:42:56
US spends $20 billion annually on air AC for troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan 15:42:53
Big News For Maine - Medical Marijuana Overhaul 15:39:37
Wyoming Liberty Group aids another Free Speech Victory 15:36:21
Quotes from non-Ron paul supporters.... 15:35:07
Judicial Watch: DHS Stealth Amnesty Cover Up Exposed 15:33:15
Staying Human: Preparing to Sail to Gaza, by Kathy Kelly 15:27:29
Pol on Fox Newsl, who can beat Obummer? 15:12:39
US Supreme Court to decide police GPS tracking case 14:45:47
NEW Fox News POLL - Vote Ron Paul 14:45:07
RP in Hawaii = Obama before being elected going to Europe 14:35:55
Helpful video to wake up Americans....cause politics just ain't working. 14:12:09
Construction Tech: Hemp As Building Material (Associated Press) 14:01:34
Sick! FOX news apologizes to Bachmann 13:59:37
Cool Ron Paul Ring 13:40:35
U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Arizona’s “Clean Elections” Act 13:34:48
Supreme Court Violent Video Games Ruling: Ban On Sale, Rental To Children Unconstitutional 13:32:46
Reuters- Sec. Geithner, "...there a WAR in Libya..." !!!! 13:07:44
ELECTION 2012: Why I support Ron Paul 13:06:18
Not a mention of his 12:41:56
campaign fundraising 12:37:22
Ron Paul Moving Up 12:22:43
Ron Paul info site...nice job! 12:22:38
Check out my new car! 12:06:45
Quickly Educate Potential Supporters! 11:55:27
The Backfire Effect 11:52:32
Scientists claim that 'self' can relocate to other bodies, or be made to include a third arm 11:48:29
Looking for RP gear to decorate a van 11:44:08
A Recycling Project for the rEVOLution 11:26:24
Washington Post aka Big Brother: Ron Paul & his ardent — but tiny — electoral base 10:56:41
"Northern Exposure": The Harbinger of the modern Liberty Movement. 10:23:17
Anonymous alcoholics? Study finds web trolls get a feeling of abandon similar to drunks 10:10:34
Facebook event: "I am voting for Ron Paul in the Republican Party primary!" please attend! 10:05:47
Let's send a message to the GOP... Write In Ron Paul 2012 09:50:31
. 09:25:26
Super Video: Ron Paul 2012: Who's Laughing Now? 09:20:28
Obama Forecasts Manufacturing Comeback 09:06:41
How does a 3-term Representative get more debate and media exposure than a 10-termer 07:38:44
James Madison 07:01:05
RP "virulently reactionary" in Aspen Times column 06:54:56
The American Police State is the 'New Normal' 06:42:57
Bundling for Paul 02:16:19
Please donate $500 for facebook ads. 01:52:35
Can Ron Paul Really Be Right About Everything? 08:32:55
Central banks urged to raise rates 01:27:25
Will Religous Right fall for Bachmann's use of Rove tactics??? 01:18:34
Comments section lights up about Ron Paul 00:54:31
Gov. Perry on Ron Paul - 2007 vid 00:48:28
Idea for end the FED 00:29:01
Netanyahu: Israel will not allow flotilla to breach Gaza naval blockade 00:10:03