Posted on June 28, 2011

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Awesome! Ron Paul wants to stiff the Fed: "They're nobody." 23:14:33
Tea Party's Pick: Bachmann or Ron Paul? 18:47:21
Ron Paul Campaign Scoops Up Major GOP Pollster 17:45:21
Forthcoming: Neocon Pawlenty vs. Ron Paul: Debate fireworks galore! 17:01:25
Video: Ron Paul on Alex Jones - 6/28 19:33:12
Daniel McCarthy on Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace 'The Prodigal Conservatives of 2012' 10:10:03
Ron Paul 'more optimistic' about 2012 compared to ’08 11:11:11
Paul Craig Roberts: 'Obama's debt ceiling is a hoax' 16:22:31
Ron Paul Forecasts 'Important' Message for Iowa Straw Poll 07:39:04 Revamped! 02:59:46
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TSA vs. Cancer ..Pump this Article! 23:45:03
National Ron Paul Pub Crawl 2012 23:19:33
The Next Arms Race 23:14:32
$1,000 to YAL or RP? 23:09:47
The White Working Class: The Group That Will Likely Decide Obama’s Fate 22:54:20
The Iowa Moneybomb...ReadyAmesFire...July 19th 22:51:20
END THE FED - Inside Look 22:48:50
White Teachers at Philly Elementary Told They're Unfit To Teach Black Students 22:46:40
Can The Fed Stop Quantitative Easing? Paul Craig Roberts 22:37:11
What I would like to hear Ron say.. 22:21:54
Did You Vote in The Townhall Straw Poll? 22:14:15
Iowans vote for Ron Paul in the weekly 2012 Iowa Report poll. Deadline everyweek on Tues. night at midnight 21:59:41
Subliminal Advertising 21:56:18
Ludwig Von Mises: Thoughts on the GOP candidates Anti-Obama Platform 21:53:57
Obama Pushes $600 Billion in New Taxes in Debt Talks 21:50:41
Vote or die! Raaaa Raaa 21:43:22
Bad News for Palin - Obama Beats her Handily in Alaska Poll 21:40:22
Poll 21:35:27
Bridge Comes to San Francisco with Chinese Label 21:33:46
Emily Good Exonerated! Charges Dismissed! 21:31:15
My letter to the Tea Party. 20:38:08
Connecticut State sin taxes to increase July 1 20:32:48
We need to support 20:09:06
CNN - Ron Paul: U.S. should declare 'bankruptcy' 19:53:16
Any change in who makes the ad's this cycle? 19:37:52
NewsMax Picks Ron Paul Over Bachmann (POLL Included) 19:36:07
Private Prisons make me Sick [Videos] 19:34:07
Fill out your new Zogby poll. 19:22:56
Ron on WHO'S Mickelson in the Morning ~6/27/11 19:17:41
IMF Selects First Woman, not Hilary 19:14:39
Covers of Politics Books: Philosophy vs. Personality/Cultism 19:13:28
More truth on Bachman 18:53:14
Excellent Doug Wead article on Newsmax 18:24:14
Ron Paul "Cut the Clutter" Nation-wide Garage Sale Initiative 18:14:35
Did the RP Movement start this--Revolution Love Graphic 18:12:34
All the attention on Bachmann 17:11:06
Great youtube discussion on George Carlin video 17:06:08
Jack Welch: Just 3 Serious GOP Presidential Contenders 16:58:23
Mark Larsen craps on Mit Romney 16:47:30
Mitt "Flip-Flopper" Romney endorses Federal Reserve 16:28:54
Please Join/Like The Ron Paul Tea Party 16:25:55
Why Are Food Prices Rising So Fast? 16:21:56
Tim Pawlenty neocon, Ron Paul anti-neocon; the great GOP clash 16:16:21
Sniveling twit Stephanopolous issues veiled threat to Bachmann's foster kids 16:16:10
Ex-Citigroup VP charged in $19 million fraud 16:14:06
Tom Petty wants Bachmann to lay off 'American Girl' 16:09:15
Warrantless Tracking Goes on Trial 16:04:51
Poop Steak... If you have to eat 15:24:20
We Deserve To Be Free! 15:12:06
Greece live lol 15:07:04
The Deficit Is Worse Than We Think 14:58:04
Bike for the Doctor and for a Cure to MS! 14:58:04
Ron Paul: Bankruptcy could be cure for U.S. debt 14:39:02
Politico: Ron Paul: All-in for Ames Straw Poll 14:33:36
Tim Paw flops at the CFR 14:30:37
Obama Pushes $600 Billion in New Taxes in Debt Talks 14:30:35
Need Some Quick Advice! 14:16:46
Michelle Bachman getting hammered on buisness insider today 14:14:58
Anarchy in the GOP -- Paulites vs. Palinites 13:54:48
Sherry Peel Jackson Released From Prison! - She Needs Our Help 13:53:54
Iowa residents only, VOTE in this POLL for Ron 13:52:58
Couchers 13:41:06
Texans get "Heebie Jeebies" from Perry 13:37:32
Whatever happened to YouTube vids about Ron? 13:26:45
TSA lies about the true extent of radiation risk with the airport body scanners? 13:21:48
Michelle Bachman Not ready to be president says her former Chief of staff 13:20:58
Afghanistan Issues Arrest Warrant for Central-Bank Chief 13:10:05
How Ron Paul could create 40 million new jobs. 13:10:00
Conspiracy Culture 13:07:53
The Meetup Count as of 6/28/11 12:56:31
This is it: Dollar losing global reserve status 12:50:49
Hemp Health along with a movement 12:49:43
10 Mile Mandatory Evacuation Area Around Ft. Calhoun Nuke Plant (but don't worry - be happy) 12:48:33
Get the jump on this CNN article with pro Ron Comments 12:40:56
Miss USA to TSA: Ban the Scan! 12:29:32
Rocking for Liberty: FreedomPalooza 12:18:43
Great way to recruit Romney supporters! 12:18:15
Walter Williams: The Founders Weren't Racists. 11:56:23
Greek Army Threatens Military Coup? 11:39:00
Excuse me - Michelle Bachman represented the IRS? As a tax attorney? For five years? 11:08:39
Hearing on War Powers & Libya - 6/28 10:51:51
"We don't want your money Europe" 10:38:11
Powerful Grassroots Ron Paul Video. Liberty isn't dead. 10:37:50
Massive Fires have reached Los Alamos nuclear site 10:19:29
Greek Austerity Protests Live: 6/28/11 10:17:58
My Personal Facebook Poll 10:14:35
Cool video... explains why we are in the mess we are in.. 10:13:48
Dumb it Down Dr. Paul 10:07:29
Herman Cain money bomb fizzled and defused. the Cain people are trying to explain the failure but we all know different. 09:51:58
And the Rioting in Greece Begins Once Again. Live Stream 09:45:49
Bill Gates, Monsanto hijack 'humanitarian aid' efforts to push GMO agenda 09:45:42
Some good news for a change! Freedom fighter being released today 09:43:28
A Haiku in honor of Mitt Romney 09:33:02
Need your help now! Start making calls for Ron at w w 09:31:53
Cain imploding - Herman Cain's New Hampshire staffer quits campaign! 09:19:59
$1 Billion That Nobody Wants 08:55:27
Federal Reserve Money Continues to go Off-Shore 08:54:43
Ron Paul will be Today on The Alex Jones Show 08:44:58
Paul on homeschooling 08:41:50
Michigan counties sue Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac for dodging taxes 08:31:56
Florida Court Denies ACLU's 'Foreclosure Docket' Petition 08:28:13
Private Markets Key to Preventing Housing Meltdown Sequel 08:27:25
Senate set to debate the War Powers Resolution & Whether Obama Went Beyond Intent of Law 08:21:03
The Constitution and Your Freedom - Thomas Sowell 08:11:11
We need to spread the message - here is how 06:58:06
US Soldier says: "I AM THE TERRORIST!" 03:58:53
Coin Madness 03:07:31
We Need to Launch Operation BUSH 3.0 03:02:00
What is a dollar? What is a Federal Reserve Note? Why don't we foreclose on the Federal Reserve? 02:14:24
The Libertarian Party 02:09:34
Another show claiming Bachman is "the only sitting member of Congress among the candidates" 01:45:27
Your Opinion Re: Iowa & New Hampshire 01:33:59
How to use issue sites to build the Ron Paul Army 01:25:08
Big $ Made Putting People in Prison 01:18:59
Does anybody know why Ron or Rand Paul hasn't introduced an anti-TSA groping bill? 00:24:04
George W. Bush quote (help) 00:22:42
Gitmo in Toronto 00:00:33