Posted on June 29, 2011

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Economic Freedom & Quality of Life 21:28:35
Ron Paul Slams Obama on Libya and the Constitution 12:15:53
What woke you up? 16:05:19
Democrat Defector needs your help 10:47:51
Jack Hunter on the New World Order 10:13:19
Ron Paul 2012 Video: Real Hope 11:59:28
National Journal: Foreign Policy Opens Fissures in GOP 08:02:17
The Federal Reserve Is Why You Can't Afford Food And Gas 07:06:31
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Obama: Justice Department Allowing Gun Smuggling to Mexico Not 'Appropriate' 23:59:43
County Fair mini-bomb!!! 23:47:56
Feds Buying Farmland They Flooded, Cheap 23:41:32
Is The New American A Good Magazine? 23:40:18
Four meet-ups are already organizing Ron Paul Pub Crawls for July 23rd! Join us! 23:30:59
John King CNN 6/29/11 interview 23:18:46
The Bachmann-CCRKBA Connection - Ron Paul NOT a "Constitutional Conservative"? 23:18:40
Couple Ordered Off Their Land Because they were Too Self Sustainable 23:17:27
Call Coast-to-Coast Tonight: Promote The Ames Money Bomb 23:08:10
Shouldn't there be a place in the forums for ideas? 22:21:54
Bumper Sticker BOMB: Click Here To Order - The Time is Now 21:53:21
Cavuto: Privacy Doesn't Matter Anymore 21:29:42
Sen. Rand Paul on The Situation Room - 06/29/11 20:37:01
Ron Paul On CNN Slams Obama's Statements today On Libya And The Constitution 20:28:50
Restoring Freedom 20:24:24
Free Stater murdered - an update 20:19:05
Wrapped in a flag, carrying a cross 20:08:00
A Message To All Who Are Supporters Of Dr. Paul, And The Liberty Movement. 20:07:48
FreedomWorks Facebook poll 19:48:33
The General Media will Push Back Hard 19:41:34
New Poll: 48% of New Yorkers Support a New 9/11 Investigation into Building 7′s Collapse 19:40:50
Two Inspiring RP Videos 19:37:12
Paul Craig Roberts: A World Overwhelmed By Western Hypocrisy 18:38:23
Sen. Rand Paul on The Situation Room - 06/29/11 18:08:33
"I dislike Ron Paul" 18:05:21
First Western country to say no to the banksters 17:44:33
Polls Suggest Ron Paul is the Future and Romney the Past 17:03:19
Polling Nonsense 16:54:23
Charges dismissed against woman arrested while videotaping traffic stop from her front yard 16:47:10
Is Ron Paul A "Generic Republican?" 16:45:23
The Lies a Fed Chairman Tells 16:44:15
New Ron Paul Poll @ Personal Liberty Alerts 16:36:25
Victory Dwells Within Our Hearts! 16:35:07
Ron Paul: About Principal NOT Politics. 16:28:18
Israel passes draft law requiring Palestinians to pay for their own home demolitions 16:14:55
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Constitutionality of Obamacare Mandate 16:14:12
Does anyone have a connection to NewsMax - no simple find of Doug Wead article on their site now! 16:13:25
UPDATE: Your opinion on a WEBSITE idea 15:55:52
Bill to criminalize intrusive TSA pat-downs dies in Texas House 15:53:51
Why I support Ron Paul instead of Herman Cain 15:53:10
U.S. cost of war at least $3.7 trillion and counting 15:49:50
Drudge:Flames 50 Ft from Los Alamos Nuclear Plant 15:43:55
Introducing the first Non-Profit Ron Paul Cards ~Ron Paul Emporium~ 15:33:27
The Useless Dollar Coin 15:28:23
The Fed Proposes a $0.21 Swipe Fee for Debit Cards & Visa Stock is up 11% 15:25:32
Can Ron Paul Really Be Right About Everything? 15:06:36
Reign in CONGRESS -- take back those perks (Ron Paul's way) 14:52:11
Nice Web Site Upgrade 14:47:43
Cindy Sheehan: Protecting Sogorea Te 14:47:43
The cost of War 14:18:31
Guardian: The TSA's Tentacles Spread 14:08:39
TSA's scanning machines give you cancer? New fears after claim of government cover-up 13:59:13
Tea Party Pick Herman cain??? 13:17:44
Healthcare Reform 13:17:42
NeosMax Bachman POLL 13:11:45
No ID given when requested!! 13:05:01
Boots on the ground! 12:59:39
20,000 Barrels of "Nuclear Waste" under a tent??(Plutonium) Now going to burn in Los Alamos. 12:51:45
Paul Craig Roberts: A World Overwhelmed By Western Hypocrisy 12:45:34
CNN Puts Ron Paul At Bottom of GOP Poll, 7% 12:37:36
Attack - needs educated and eloquent responses 12:35:08
New Hampshire Poll, Ron Paul 3rd at 8% 12:32:27
Rand Paul on the Senate Floor: Balanced Budget Amendment 12:14:44
encouraging poll 11:52:06
Bachmann fans rewrite history to cover gaffes 11:50:45
God Save Cash, BECAUSE IT'S FREAKIN' TRASH! 10:51:44
Is this ethical or even legal? 10:30:03
Have you guys ever gotten a picture with him? 10:18:41
Anonymous Declares "War" on Orlando Over Food Not Bombs arrests 10:07:19
Sound familiar? 10:07:16
Lindsay Lohan Understands Economics More than Most in Congress 09:48:21
The US govt will defend Israel over its own citizens 09:42:34
Gold vs. Stocks 09:31:39
The beauty of supporting Ron Paul 09:27:38
Ron 3rd in new NH poll 09:14:49
Fla Condo Ass'n to test Dog Poop for DNA to Find & Fine Owner 09:02:45
Democratic Senators See Debt Ceiling As Unconstitutional (14th Amendment) 08:27:24
Examiner: Ron Paul's "Liberty Defined" - A must read! 08:26:09
Liberty Everafter is helping Ron Paul get elected. Looking for multiple editors. 08:13:49
More Ignorance of Ron Paul on NBC 07:13:33
Ya know what I'm sick of? 02:00:03
Jewish Bureau Of Al Qaeda Adam "Pearlman" Gadahn Used To Push Gun Control Measures 01:49:57
NEOSMAX Endorses Paul! 01:03:30
Only "Endorsements" Section missing from 00:43:50
The Next Money Bomb: July 19th: Ready...Ames.....Fire!! Great Site And Video!!! Pledge Now!!! 00:23:43
How anything you've EVER said on the internet could be seen by employers 00:12:04
Please LIKE bomb our Oregon Sign Bomb page. 00:01:53