Posted on June 4, 2011

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Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses On It 16:34:08
Karen Kwiatkowski (from Why We Fight) is running for Congress! 14:35:50
Why Oath Keepers Is Dangerous 14:23:14
RT Video Update: Kokesh and Dancers Return With Backup 09:54:51
Ron Paul at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference on CSPAN 01:55:45
Ron Paul: "Since We Went Into War Abruptly & Illegally, We Need To Abruptly Leave!" 6/3/11 02:27:31
9/11 Survivors Rally Against TSA Extremism 21:45:02
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UPDATE: Your MONEY BOMB FORECAST for June 5th, 2011 23:47:28
Anyone else watching this? 23:44:36
The Time Is Now! 23:07:06
Ron Paul and creating a Republic of our own 22:22:20
Did Google Geek Discover ‘Space Station’ on Mars Surface? 22:18:29
How the Debt Ceiling Issue Will Hit Ordinary Americans in the Wallet 21:45:24
Would a President Paul pardon PFC Manning? 21:27:42
GOP contender Herman Cain on the rise... 21:27:21
Salon claims Drudge trying to foment "Race War" with reports on urban uprisings 20:42:04
FDA seizes shipment of birth pools! 20:13:20
14th Amendment 20:05:08
Glenn Greenwald 19:55:05
Greenwald: Rand Paul is for criminalizing free speech 19:42:35
For those who are hesitant or not willing to donate 6/5 19:29:03
T S A 19:11:45
Ron Paul campaign slogan 18:24:40
Need an upgrade? 17:47:31
State Banks 17:04:33
Ever Vigilant: In mourning for the 4th Amendment 16:11:47
Ohio man sues police after being Tased 16:06:16
Manning demonstrators to Obama: Return American whistleblowers protection 15:32:57
Federal Reserve Award Winning Essay: "Government Is Not The Problem, It Is The Solution" 15:21:52
Tucson Murders and the Modern American Political Culture - by Bill Anderson 15:11:22
Important Bills Sponsored by Ron Paul 15:08:56
Salon - The Gitmo No One Talks About 15:04:02
Win Ron Win! 14:55:56
Can I get some ENCOURAGEMENT about the inevitable collapse??? 14:51:30
The 2011 Silver Quiz Can you pass it? 14:44:45
AJ breaks down part of the 9/11 fraud for the benefit of the BBC 14:34:53
Greece aid may top 100 billion euros: report 14:19:10
Ravens LB Ray Lewis warns of Crime Wave if 2011 NFL season is locked out 14:18:14
Trump: We Spend $10 Billion/month in Afghanistan but Can't Help American Flood Victims? 14:14:36
DailyKos: Ron Paul's Big Federal Reserve meeting sputters - Paulians abandon him 14:07:08
Money Bomb Idea 14:02:16
DANCE, DANCE, Revolution! 13:22:58
Petula Dvorak: Keep on dancing at the Jefferson Memorial 13:07:53
U.S. gives billions of dollars in foreign aid to world's richest countries - then asks to borrow it back 12:34:04
Media Blackout or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Forum 12:26:44
Lab tests for Constitution-shredding: The Direct Line from British Colonial Repression to the American DHS 12:19:11
You've been eating cloned bananas 12:10:41
Bilderberg 2011: what to do about the Internet ? 11:19:24
Ron Paul Dismisses Boehner’s Dollar-for-Dollar Debt Call 11:06:07
Bailouts for Big Business, Bankruptcies for the Middle Class 10:52:32
The IRS and false gods 10:17:28
Audit of the U.S. Treasury's gold. 09:58:04
Ron Paul "I Didn't Want The Troops To Go Over There In The First Place & I Want Them To Come Home" 09:42:00
Something to smile about! 09:12:44
Arnie Gundersen Interview: The Dangers of Fukushima 08:55:21
I BELIEVE IN YOU (SlideShow) 08:42:38
People GOT To Be Free (The Rascals 08:40:52
Dumb by Design 08:25:42
What Ron Paul needs to start hammering home at each and every debate! 07:35:50
Ron Paul: The Choice is Yours 05:53:37
Ron Paul´s Book Sales Outstrip Romney, Palin 05:05:29
National Ron Paul 2012 Grassroots KICKOFF--JULY 2ND 03:54:27
InfraGard HACKED: United States Accused of Funding CSFI to Attack Libya's Cyber Infrastructure 03:53:00
Is there a good argument for gov't employees having job security, 02:40:29
Public Unions Vs. The Unorganized Taxpayers: There Will Be Blood 01:38:37
Trump sounding like RP on FP 01:18:53
If you support our troops vote for the right candidate you idiots 01:06:33
Ron Paul will End the War 00:58:44
Milton Friedman - Freedom Not to Act 00:20:36