Posted on June 5, 2011

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How to win 2012 in 10 steps: 14:13:36
Ron Paul: "They're not laughing at me any more" 12:18:04
Getting to Know Ron Paul (aka G-Ron) 04:53:55
Presidential Quiz 2.0 04:35:00
Iowa Project Contributions Count Toward This Money Bomb! 02:09:05
Dr. Paul on CNN's "State of the Union", Sunday June 5th 15:03:09
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Steeper Pullout Is Raised as Option for Afghanistan 23:12:46
I see they're already starting the Spin 22:37:20
Official Ron Paul Store Now Open! 22:05:52
New idea on how to promote Ron Paul 21:32:10
Alex Jones didn't once mention the money bomb for Ron Paul. 21:31:12
Listen to Ron Paul 21:14:53
Iowa Projects Minibomb! 20:50:55
Is the $20.12 thing a good or bad idea? 20:42:52
The Fluoride Deception: How a Nuclear Waste Byproduct Made Its Way Into the Nation’s Drinking Water!! 20:06:42
Ron Paulians for Gary Johnson! 19:50:58
Here is the email I sent out today to about 30,000 people for the money bomb. 19:50:40
The goal should be PLEDGEs not the money 19:17:15
James Turk's presentation on the gold price and the US dollar 18:34:44
Ron Paul Ad On HotAir! 18:19:35
The Clear Benefits of Decriminalizing Marijuana 18:11:13
IOWA Projects- Going towards June 5 MoneyBomb? 18:02:13
Go After Obama 18:00:52
First Action as President 17:46:04
The Competition? 17:42:13
Ron Paul 2012 needs some work! 17:41:42
Goldman Sachs and Chase own all copper warehouses around the world !! 17:33:45
Bilderberg 2011: Background, Preview and Predictions 17:13:49
Google's Top 10 Ron Paul quotes 17:04:05
Surreal... 16:14:10
MONEY BOMB IDEA: Donate $201.20 and get an image of your name on the official tally via email 16:00:14
Ryan Dawson-Paul vs Romney, US "healthcare" Glenn Shreck a shill, etc enjoy Rys2sense 15:50:43
Long lost, but beautiful song. One of my favorites. 15:47:52
COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS Must Read: Moody's: Updates on Rating Implications of U.S. Debt Limit 15:33:02
Local radio host requested someone from the Paul camp to contact them for interview... 15:30:01
Ron Paul as a Serious Contender on CNN State of the Union 15:05:32
Should We All Sign Up On Twitter and Facebook FOR ONE COMMON GOAL? 15:00:04
Recognize This Map - Not the 14th District Map !! 14:11:12
Gary Johnson Believes He Deserves to Debate 13:44:55
request: Did anyone capture that Fox news treatment on the Texas TSA rally? 13:40:49
AP: GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul says his early deficit warnings have mainstream support 13:24:50
Dissecting Ron Paul - A Study of his Thoughts... 13:09:48
God help us if this moron is elected! 12:59:45
Russia: NATO 'one step' from land war in Libya 12:58:43
US says dropping bombs is not war but guessing a computer password is 12:22:02
Video: Ron Paul on CNN 11:58:18
Ron Paul says he sounded alarm on deficits 11:38:07
Obama SSN case reaches discovery phase - subpoenas will be issued! 11:25:17
Operation Paul Revere - Let's Ride! 10:40:25
Do we exist? Is this real? 10:04:20
Am I Crazy or is the money bomb thread gone!!! 09:26:02
Armchair astronaut claims discovery of Mars 'space station' using Google earth 09:08:10
Israeli billionaires caught trading with Iran lifts lid on Mossad's cooperation with 'the enemy' 09:00:19
Obama Murdering Americans? Deregulates GMO Crops Despite Supreme Court Injunction 08:56:45
As they continue trading with Iran, Israeli elites prepare to jump ship 08:54:03
US to give Israel millions for missile defense Congress pledges record-breaking funds for David's Sling, Arrow, and system to c 08:49:55
US to give Israel millions for missile defense Congress pledges record-breaking funds for David's Sling, Arrow, and system to c 08:44:11
Thousands march in Tel Aviv in support of Palestinian state based on 1967 borders 08:37:37
Jon Stewart’s Ratings Are Now Higher Than All Of Fox News 08:30:59
Witnesses said they were forced to hide video after cop shooting 07:46:32
What Debt Crisis? Fed Govt Workers Making More Than Governors 07:22:01
30 Years of punishment and... 05:33:37
Robin Hood (and the State) wants you to give back -- the assumption. 02:41:30
Tribute to Adam Kokesh and Liberty by Molyneaux 01:54:05
Vote Up the MoneyBomb Video on Reddit! Help Exposure! 01:50:03
CALL Coast to Coast NOW!! PAUL REVERE MOMENT!! 01:40:10
The First Great Speech of the YouTube Age 01:27:15
PBS Hacker LulzSec Defaces FBI-Affiliate Website In Protest Against NATO And Obama 01:04:43
Coast to Coast AM is on live, talking about superheroes - tell them about a real one! 00:50:09
Ron Paul Store is up and running! 00:18:03