Posted on June 7, 2011

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Another Iowa Rep. Endorsement: Kim Pearson 10:12:18
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 6/7/11 11:43:28
Better Off? Ron Paul for President 2012 14:14:14
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Ron Paul's website vs. Mitt Romney's website 23:45:57
Camels first to be killed to "save the planet" 23:39:51
WSJ: Can Ron Paul win the GOP? 23:34:45
Herman Cain sounding just like Ron Paul : We can not be the policeman of the world! 22:51:51
Romney = Obama 22:50:22
Step 2: Attend local County GOP meetings 22:49:41
Whitest Kids U'Know: Clint Webb 22:48:35
$1000 FRN States it is "Reedemable for gold or LAWFUL MONEY" 22:20:03
Rhino: Listen 21:28:42
U.N. and Global Small Arms Treaty 21:16:33
The CIA/FBI/NSA (aka False Flag Central) 21:13:44
Petition to include Gary Johnson in the June 13th debate 21:01:50
More Ron Paul Please?! The MSM Campaign 20:45:10
Breaking News: Ron Paul's twitter account hacked! 20:15:28
Rep Weiner vs. Libya 19:52:16
HELP RON PAUL in New Orleans Straw Poll starting TOMORROW 19:48:38
How do we get people to turn off their TV's? 19:34:25
New Money Bomb Idea: Interactive Fundraising !! 19:19:03
Ron Paul gains a new endorsement! 19:05:50
Daniel Ellsberg: All the crimes Richard Nixon committed against me are now legal 18:59:55
how we should use the romney love fest 18:39:35
"Shield Law" Does Not Protect Bloggers 18:28:37
A thought... 18:27:44
"Is the Fed being tentative on issues of fiscal policy because they fear Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders and that Axis in Congress" 18:20:39
The Hill: Pentagon will 'do anything' to get more taxpayer money 18:10:55
Local Article on Importance of Iowa Straw Poll 18:10:02
Connecticut Legislature Decriminalizes Marijuana 18:02:31
Silver & Gold drew 'W' (Bush tax cut, June 7, 2001) 17:58:17
Ben Bernake Gets Schooled about Andrew Jackson, Currencies and Federal Debt 17:57:50
US Person/citizen Trust/ Artificial entity free call tonight. Discussion of remedies 17:57:18
Guerrilla style promoting? opinions 17:48:30
is the glenn beck program on fox right now a live? 17:48:09
Young women ticketed for eating doughnut in park 17:34:44
Friday, the 13th is a very unlucky day for the NWO! :-) 16:43:33
Obama's got a $500 million dollar plan for five year olds who can't sit still 16:38:08
Libertarian Goldbugs Hating On Bitcoin – Free Market Money 16:08:58
Bernanke Says Accommodative Policy Needed for ‘Uneven’ Economic Recovery 16:03:38
The SPLC Is Attempting To Persuade DHS To Re-institute The MIAC Report 16:02:08
Eye Scanners: Airlines aim to modernize security checks... 15:59:55
Bernanke's Big Speech: Accomodative Polcies Still Needed! 15:57:01
Social Network Bomb! 15:49:57
Antiwar Republican Is No Longer Party’s Pariah -NY times 15:45:11
Thank God! Obama: No Fears of Double-Dip Recession despite reports 15:42:36
The State Media feels very threatened.... Abstinence is healthy! 15:38:52
Mitt Romney the only candidate able to beat Obama?!?! (New Poll) 15:30:58
Health officials to stop Cicada Ice Cream 15:25:12
Live Chat With Adam Kokesh Tonight 11pm est 09:23:06
Restoring Constitutional Republic Money Bomb June 21 15:03:03
Check out this search engine... 15:00:11
Pawlenty: "I'll Google my way to cuts" 15:00:10
Sarah Palin - Comedy Central and Paul Revere 14:55:04
Let's not totally ignore Gary Johnson 14:48:07
quote from a blogger on "The Hill", makes RP like a Dos Equis commercial. 14:43:45
Government Pension wealth and the "Gross" income of Government (Federal and Local) 14:03:21
Say NO to Civil War! Repeal Emgency Laws from those times! 13:57:50
One in four US hackers 'is an FBI informer' 13:54:28
Whole Foods Admits its Foods Contain GMOs 13:42:16
The Impossible Distance: A Choice to Kill 13:32:29
Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death 13:15:05
Want to Own a Marijuana Franchise? 13:04:05
Pakistani Taliban Vow to Hit U.S. 12:53:45
ABC News forgot Ron Paul...Again 12:49:27
My idea to reduce college costs...your thoughts 12:48:33
Ron Paul's Offical Campaign Store Is Now Open 12:29:18
A Concern About Herman Cain 12:02:28
Court Verdict on Manna Storehouse Food Coop; SWAT-like team bust 11:57:09
Did Ron Paul make this speech in the House in 2002? 11:53:15
More New Polling (WaPo - 6% Nationally) 11:50:21
"GOP candidates punt on Afghanistan" (except Paul & Johnson) 11:21:30
An Interview with G Edward Griffin 11:20:48
Free Competition in Currency Act - Call to Action Today 11:02:53
Scandal?!?!?: Ron Paul pool-side with beautiful girl!!! 10:50:36
More info to backup your argument when discussing Ron Paul 10:37:46
Israelis Cizizens Rush for Second Passports 10:35:02
Homeowner with Police Sieze Bank of America Branch Assets 10:31:26
Take Your Power Back 10:30:51
Lets see how creative we can get 10:18:34
More nonsense from THE WASHINGTON POST Romney Bests Obama. Paul Does Poorly. 09:59:44
10 Tipping Points Which Could Potentially Plunge The World Into A Horrific Economic Nightmare 09:52:50
Cops arrest charity workers for illegally feeding homeless 09:21:26
Comment Upon Voluntary Nature Of Social Security 09:14:14
An Idea for Activism 09:13:18
Ron Paul's view on Afghanistan "is more mainstream" says NPR 09:05:42
Supreme Court eviscerates 4th Amendment over marijuana smell 08:40:47
What a wiener! 08:18:33
Bernanke to take spotlight and assess economy at 3:45 PM EST Tuesday June 7 08:01:40
WSJ’s Moore: US Would Be Better Off Without Obama and Bernanke 07:28:56
Carville: There Will Be Civil Unrest — Over Economy 07:25:42
Banks Believe Foreclosure Fraud Price Tag May Be Four Times Higher Than Expected 06:58:26
Peter Schiff - “We Will Destroy the Currency Completely” 06:47:43
Ron Paul Could Win It All? 06:43:39
Dallas Fed Head Says The Fed Has ‘Done Enough if Not Too Much’ to Help Economy 06:41:01
Return of the Anti-Interventionist Right 06:33:18
Good link to download Vids? 06:20:14
Florida Couple Forecloses on Local Bank of America Branch - Hilarious! 06:03:34
FDA Raids Kansas Winery - for Elderberry Juice • KSN News • 05:50:35
The Big Non-Event? We Will Do Better. 05:37:52
Chronic unemployment worse than Great Depression 05:33:38
On College Campuses, Obama's Not Cool Anymore 05:28:33
Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul's anti-Romney money bomb a big success 04:57:29
oddsmakers have dr. paul running 2nd in ames straw poll 02:49:32
Don't cancel any money bombs add another on June 13th and June 30th 02:47:49
One more conversion.......... 02:41:08
Ron Paul debate day "mini bomb"! June 13th 02:28:29
Ron Paul "mini bomb" on June 13th!, 02:10:40
Restaurant Tries "Pay as You Can" Option and Succeeds 01:46:05
New Ron Paul 2012 Music Video (HD Rap) 01:29:25
Just found one of my old videos from 08 good stuff 01:19:03
Regarding the July 4th money bomb. 00:20:25
A recurring weakness I see with Ron (and Rand) 00:04:39
Govt. + College = Debt for Life. 00:04:04
I just wanted to share some personal success... 00:00:19