Posted on June 9, 2011

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National Review: Ron Paul Rising 17:02:41
Reason July 2011 Issue: Ron Paul’s Radical Vision 14:26:17
Getting More Congressional Endorsements 12:53:00
Convincing Leftists that a Ron Paul Presidency is Empowering 10:15:37
Hate the Game, Not the Players 05:45:30
NPR: Ron Paul's foreign policy is now more mainstream 01:54:50
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Mitt Romney Drops Out Of Iowa (And Apparently ALL) Straw Poll(s) 22:39:46
Facebook Ad 22:39:04
What's up with this? Trying to Minimize the Iowa Straw Now? - Romney to Skip Ames Straw Poll 22:09:21
FL P5 Straw Poll - last minute push - need volunteers 26 hrs left 21:42:47
Gold and Silver Swarm 21:23:03
Ron Paul Speaking in New Orleans June 17, 2011 21:16:55 20:23:03
C.A.T 19:43:20
FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic 19:36:05
gold forum in Iowa without RP? 19:34:35
Phil Grande- Incredible voice for Ron Paul - Jesse Ventura to be on tomorrow’s show!! 19:28:03
Iowa Voters 19:23:10
-Video- City Demands Keys to Everyone's Commercial Properties in Order to 'Protect the Public' 19:17:01
Cindy Sheehan: Police State Much? 19:14:04
NH: Romney faces secession question 19:04:30
Libyan rebel group sells first oil to U.S. 18:50:41
Breaking News: I need your help 18:26:34
The Government Can 18:25:19
Sounds like RP Supporter To Me 18:23:10
Is Ron Paul virtuous? You bet. Benjamin Franklin's virtue chart. 18:20:37
Advertise to 100,000 Readers! 18:12:50
I respectfully believe it's time to end the monthly moneybombs 18:12:36
Cyclist ticketed for not being in Bicycle lane NYC 18:11:56
Senators call for crackdown on ‘Bitcoin’ as drug traffickers move in 17:51:22
Gerrymander 2.0 - Ron Paul's district still to be chopped up 17:36:24
Just Heard: Rand Paul on Sean Hannity Radio UP NEXT 16:53:02
Share this video with the audio and remake video if you want. 16:49:05
Ron Paul sticker riles ranger at Kings Mountain National Military Park 16:43:57
Upper level Military knows . . . 16:35:36
Ron Paul steals the show at Faith Coalition 16:02:36 helped orchestrate hacking of FOXNews outside ticker board 15:46:13
I'm not a video expert, but here's a GREAT idea for a RP2012 video... 15:37:29
Newt's Campaign Officials Resign! 15:30:56
More TSA Nonsense from DTW . 15:22:28
Smucker Warns of Spike in Production Costs 15:02:48
Great RP Article 14:48:21
Herman Cain - "Gun control should be a states issue". WRONG! 14:39:05
Herman Cain: Homosexuality is a sin and a choice 14:27:07
NEW-- BIG Celebrity Endorsement for RP! 14:22:10
Texans, Are You Serious About Electing Ron Paul?! 14:03:39
How Ron Paul Will Win The Ames Straw Poll & The Election 13:55:50
Vote and share. Romney and Cain winning this one. 13:25:50
David Letterman says Ron Paul has "political viability" 06/08/11 13:17:51
Intrade polling Ron Paul at 2.1% 12:36:03
VIDEO: Jim Rogers: Only a Crisis Can Fix U.S. Debt Problem 11:42:21
New online poll!! Vote now!! 10:33:31
Bilderberg Agenda Leaked 10:18:46
U.S. Is Intensifying a Secret Campaign of Yemen Airstrikes 09:58:15
Rick Perry "loosely associated with Tea Party values" 09:50:40
Jesse Ventura Media Blitz 09:35:30
California's prison system near collapse as Supreme Court orders release of 30,000 prisoners 08:53:01
Possible Jailtime In TN For Posting Pictures 08:30:25
LAPD Commission Puts Brakes On Red-Light Cameras 08:20:29
CNBC: Friends in High Places: Bilderberg 2011 Kicks Off 07:47:26
Rapper calls out Obama as worst terrorist! 07:18:39
Kansas! 07:17:25
Atlas Shrugged Part 2 07:03:01
Man saves police shooting video by hiding memory card before they smash his phone 06:02:12
Ron Paul's Twitter Account - Needs a lot more users 05:55:19
Attention Iowa Residents: Date of 2011 Iowa Straw Poll - Saturday, August 13, 2011, Ames Hilton Coliseum 05:33:40
Please copy and do a good daily newsletter and make it so that people WANT to sign up. 04:23:39
Are We This Dumb? Afraid? 03:47:45
Excellent Article on Ron! 03:33:42
Ron Paul vs. The Fed 02:55:27
What would you respond if you were Ron Paul in a debate 02:21:57
If you work for a living, the Welfare Queens rule over you. 02:19:06
Let's kick some arse 01:00:20
Bitcoin bomb day for Ron Paul! 00:57:21
Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Americans torn over raising debt limit 00:34:39
Please Vote in This Poll 00:31:08
Breaking: Going Rogue: Documented NATO War Crimes in Libya 00:27:33
New TV Ad by 9/11 Family Members Group Calls for New Building 7 Investigation 00:22:28
Divine Providence and the Second American Revolution 00:16:22