Posted on July 1, 2011

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Ron Paul Leads Pawlenty, Huntsman in 2nd Quarter Fundraising 15:59:32
The Judge one of five to replace Glenn Beck 03:12:35
Obama administration declares open season on all medical marijuana dispensaries in new DOJ memo 01:07:57
Ron Paul Campaigning Hard In New Hampshire 09:52:19
Ron Paul 2012 Quarter End Push Hits $4.5 Million! 10:33:19
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True Roots of American Independence: A Reminder From Lakota Sioux elder Russell Means 23:59:22
Are We Free and Indepenendent America? 23:54:34
Judge Napolitano This Week 23:50:48
L.A. Times: Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty raise over $4 million in second quarter. 23:50:23
Join the 7/9 (SF + DC/NY/MA/MD/PA/CT) Stop Bombing Libya Protest & pass out fliers/carry Ron Paul signs 23:40:17 article: Ron Paul in Eaton, NH ~7/1/11 22:55:13
Wikileaks is Cointelpro? 22:37:03
On Turning 40 22:25:07
Independence Hall, Philly, July 4th be there! 22:06:38
Campaign Idea - Paul-Stock!!! 21:59:15
Marc Faber - pulling gold out of his pockets lol 21:57:15
For those that cuss the state of Az.Please consider this: 21:48:05
Does Michigan even count? 21:23:17
New from Glenn Beck 21:01:15
Why do we bother? Why does Ron Paul? 20:42:00
Senator Durbin sneaks in Dietary Supplement Act just before Holiday 19:36:15
how can this get posted to the home page? 19:21:29
Geocaching ---this summer and fall!!! 18:47:50
"U.S.A. may be bankrupt," by Leonard Curry, United Press International. Washington. June 6, 1974! 18:46:11
SharkTec is offering free Website Hosting for Ron Paul fans!! 18:22:31
Thaddeus McCotter, all you need to know. 18:11:56
Come join in the Spirit of '76 17:39:16
Bill Bennett: "Why Barney Frank and Ron Paul are wrong on drug legalization" 17:34:37
Dr. Paul Tops June Townhall Poll 17:06:53
Easy way to comment on legislation in Congress: 16:57:16
Easy way to comment on legislation in Congress: 16:57:15
Easy way to comment on legislation in Congress: 16:56:43
SharkTec Hosting Endorses Ron Paul! 16:52:37
Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake 16:32:35
Video: "Government Debt and You" 16:04:43
Audit Reveals 75% of Assignments of Mortgage are Invalid South Essex MA 15:59:24
Israel Law Center behind harassment of flotilla funded by.... 15:33:01
GOP candidate map. Get Dr. Paul on it! 15:30:42
Boston Logan Airport: Tea Party 2011 15:30:27
Ron Paul Wins Townhall June Poll 15:12:10
This Video is the blueprint of how we win... 15:09:22
Calls for Paul 15:07:12
Strauss-Kahn let go after accuser showed possible link to drug dealer? 14:48:41
Even Lindsey Lohan Understands why the FED is bad. 14:38:47
Ron Paul in the Conway Daily Sun 14:38:29
♠ Smart Meters 14:25:15
"Why Legalize Now?" 14:18:58
Online QR Code Generator 14:12:52
Who is Thaddeus McCotter??? 13:42:07
Wikileaks 13:39:04
Ron Paul Wins June Townhall Straw Poll! 13:28:56
New Winner in June Straw Poll! / Ron Paul has Won. 12:16:15
New San Francisco bridge built in China to be shipped to US 12:06:09
Ron Paul wins June Townhall Straw Poll 11:23:37
Rick Perry Info 11:08:49
Doug Wead..... a GREAT investment on RP's part 11:07:01
Conn.: Governor Malloy signs decriminalization bill! 11:02:47
The Ratification Debate Part One 10:59:12
Gamers of "EVE" online revolt against pseudo economy power grab! 10:53:46
Christian Science Monitor Article 10:31:24
The Militarized Surrealism of Barack Obama, by Tom Engelhardt 10:26:50
Let's try to remember... when the quarterly figures come out 10:14:38
Gates and Geithner Distancing themselves from Obama. 10:08:07
So how many Nuclear facilities are being threatened today, 10:04:51
ABC News: Ron Paul raises $4.5 million in 2nd fiscal quarter of 2011 09:53:54
Today's Viral Video: Wikileaks "Mastercard" Commercial 09:34:29
Military Industrial Complex Explained (For Sheeple) HD 09:34:00
READ ME! Los Alamos Fire and Nuclear Weapons 08:48:56
Disgraceful Ron Paul Smearing page on 08:47:00
Gigantic fireworks show TONIGHT 07:49:09
Ron Paul: Obama Violated War Powers Resolution 07:42:23
Experts: Fed Easing Was ‘Terrible Mistake’ That Hurt Economic Growth, Will Leave ‘Lingering Bad Taste’ 07:41:14
$10 Radio Controlled Blimp 07:29:58
Business Insider: Stocks to Trade Ahead of Historic Paul-Frank Marijuana Bill 06:23:40
The Washington Times says "Obama is a socialist thug" ..impeach 05:25:18
REAL 'CHANGE' bomb 03:49:50
REAL 'CHANGE' bomb 03:49:45
REAL 'CHANGE' bomb 03:49:32
The Daily Beast: The New Antiwar Republicans 02:29:26
Ron Paul: Anger in Greece Will Happen in US 02:26:33
Ron Paul and Barney Frank are wrong about weed, says former drug czar 02:21:34
Okay libertarian bookworms..get your FREE Atlas Shrugged here (while it lasts)! 02:21:21
Ron Paul's End of Quarter Push Tops Nearly $4.5 MILLION! 02:15:37
Morningland Dairy Update 02:13:40
Getting "Liberty Defined " at cost so we can hand it out 01:51:25
Is Washington Times right about staying on message? 01:12:27
Your thoughts on the movie "Dark Knight" 00:17:51