Posted on July 10, 2011

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Ron Paul Speaks on the Christian Just War Theory 22:32:42
FOXNEWS.COM - Dr. Paul predicts America's Bankruptcy in 2011 22:23:06
Is Ron Paul the GOP’s Chuck Norris? (Daily Paul Mentioned) 16:53:01
Ron Paul "Delighted to Hear" of NH Straw Poll Win 23:09:33
In the first election that I am eligible to vote, I will be voting for Ron Paul! 19:06:52
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New HP article on Foreign Policy Divide in "Tea Party" 23:46:23
Just an FYI 22:14:53
Underwear Printed With the 4th Amendment In Metallic Ink 21:57:45
6 Year Old Boy Going To Disneyland Gets Molested Twice By TSA Thug 21:46:07
Recall the Traitors Levin, McCain, Graham: Indefinite Detention and Martial Law on the Way 21:18:52
The Killing of Allen Kephart 21:11:57
***UPDATE*** With a little less negativity! Promise.*** The garden did not do so well! 20:59:47
My last Gold Coin to Michael and the DP! 23:37:20
...the perversion of politics by and for Rupert Murdoch 20:23:08
YouTube video exposing TSA worshippers... 19:57:14
Panetta: Iranian weapons used to attack Americans in Iraq 18:34:10
Energy Secretary: No bulbs for you! 17:47:53
Do you want to know what the interperatation of the Book of Daniel is as it matches the book of Revelations? 16:54:06
Video Fox News July 10th: Ron Paul On Winning New Hampshire Straw Poll "I Was Very Pleased To Hear That" 15:54:48
Martial law declared today in my small town 15:46:50
Why Gov. Can't Make Cell Phones 14:49:32
FreedomFest2011 12:50:05
Happy Birthday Cindy Sheehan! 12:20:22
Santorum signs pledge to ban pornography 12:03:45
Ron Paul supporter confronts Police 11:51:53
Holder Lied: DOJ News Release Shows Obama Admin Approved ATF Mexico Weapons Smuggling 11:30:26
Huge numbers of Obamacare waivers granted to luxury business in Pelosi's district 11:08:50
[edit:] Michele Bachmann firm employs Ron Paul relative 10:50:56
Nasa scientist warn of solar flares destroying electric grid 07:32:23
Common media attacks againts Ron Paul 05:36:35
The Man Who Wasnt There: 05:24:02
FBI Claims Oklahoma City Bombing Tapes Missing 03:23:43
♠ For all you who believe that, "Glenn Beck is turning around" 01:48:01
Another Outrage from the TSA! 01:12:00
Applause 00:50:12
Thankful to have President Obama? 00:49:38
Antichrist policies of the GOP Neocons 00:48:14
It's The Wars, Stupid 00:11:01