Posted on July 16, 2011

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Ron Paul has no "God Complex" 20:55:17
Help Dr. Paul create new campaign headquarters for each State! 14:43:15
New Video: Ron Paul will beat Obama in 2012! 14:15:49
CNN Confirms Paul Ad Expands to Nevada 13:57:47
STAR TREK: The Search for Ron Paul 22:57:42
Congressional ball game: Ron Paul Knocks it out of the Park! 02:51:51
Paul's financial books look great compared to most candidates, says this Iowa Political Blog 08:46:45
Weekend Watching: "For Liberty" Documentary Recut: 1hr slim handout version, now shipping & on YouTube 15:48:02
Video: Dr. Paul vs. Bernanke at Financial Services Committee Hearing 7/13/11 - 'Is gold money?' 15:28:02
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Great Ron Paul video 23:13:00
Young NH reporter says editor changed his copy to say RP wanted to continue the Bush/Obama war doctrine 22:39:00
And It All Started With A Bumper Sticker....... 22:26:24
Mitt Romney caught in $10 million lie. Dupes the media. 22:03:32
Video - Presidential hopeful Ron Paul visits Windham 22:03:13
Obama Spent $80,000,000? 21:51:57
NYT: A Texan in Washington Who Hasn’t Gone Native 21:41:33
Take "Ron Paul for President" Signs to the Football Games 21:20:58
FLASHBACK: Every Dem Sen - including Obama - voted against raising debt limit in 2006 21:16:30
Let's start a PLEDGE bomb 21:12:40
Foreign Policy and Liberty Defined 21:04:25
Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh Tells Obama to “Quit Lying” 20:52:27
Ron Paul on the Stock Market Downturn 20:42:09
Great video - Soda Pop 19:54:00
Why is Tea Party Patriots pushing Sharia Finance fear? Is this a push for war if the central banks are threatened? 19:45:11
A Texan in Washington Who Hasn't Gone Native 19:32:38
Herman Cain: "We didn't have the Internet 10 years ago." WHAT?! 19:28:40
DIY 19:20:23
Death and Budgets - Supporting Euthanasia for elderly, ill, and poor? 19:17:41
Two Ron Paul Speech Song Remixes! Check'em Out, Lots of Fun 18:32:31
CNN using Bachmann's converted Congression Funds in her total 18:18:50
Need a Break,, Whale saved and thanked rescuers with a magnificent show 18:15:59
Q2 Fundraising Numbers 18:11:13
Where Obama's Money Really Came From... 18:10:26
Ron Paul for the win in Nevada! 17:53:48
Censorship of Obama quote on Facebook? 16:57:23
NY City and Fed gov't going after Jeter 3,000 ball catching fan for TAXES on free stuff he received from Yankee stadium. 16:42:28
Ron Paul Will Beat Obama in 2012 16:36:35
Facebook Strategy 16:36:28
Ron Paul 2008 vs 2012 --- 16:23:09
"Conviction" to Start Airing in Nevada! 16:20:37
Ron Paul & Herman Caine on Tom Sulivan Show - Fox Business, 4:30pm 16:18:13
Strategy: Should Blue Republicans be our Focus? 16:10:51
Campaign Q&A: Ron Paul 16:05:19
Atlanta schools created culture of cheating, fear 16:00:04
I am a Human Being 15:41:59
Great Romney Quiz at! 15:41:30
Mitt Romney LIES about 10 million dollar day, it never happened says FEC site! 15:40:28
"Krugman Rocks" 15:32:44
Action For Justice ( AXJ ® ) supports Dr. Ron Paul for President in 2012! 15:28:13
I love the RP video, but... 15:23:50
Inspire Yourself! Ron Paul bullhorning/sign waving action VIDEO! 15:09:33
Why aren’t banks lending to local businesses? The Fed’s decision to pay interest on $1.6 trillion in “excess” reserves. 14:44:45
Contact (post on FB & Twitter) today & request them to correct the fundraising page 14:44:31
Ron Paul Louisiana to have a campaign headquarters in Baton Rouge! 14:00:38
Call To Activism -- Save Your Country! 13:50:13
will you help me? 13:47:53
New Ron Paul AD shown on Fox news. 13:34:20
Guiliani May Run Even Though he Still Owes Nearly $3 Million from 2008! 13:19:19
Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels--Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 13:04:20
Associated Press lies about Ron Paul's fundraising totals 12:54:51
Ron Paul 2012: The Christian Choice: Voting Against Hypocrisy 12:53:21
Soldiers President Ron Paul Will Bring You Home 12:49:41
Bob Chapman: Financial Crimes on Wall Street and the Debt Crisis 12:09:03
HELP!!!5 minutes to educate over 100 people on the economy 12:06:07
Ron Paul Goes On 2012 Music Video 12:02:09
9th Circuit: Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy Back in Place with one Major Caveat 11:53:25
Buchanan says We're All Greeks Now; Obama says 'We Aren't Greece.' Who is right? 10:56:09
Washington Jefferson Madison Paul 10:24:51
Mark Rubio is in full support of AlQiada! 10:08:44
Prediction: Attack on Iran is Imminent 09:55:01
HOW Ron Paul Supporters are being scammed!!! 08:10:42
I'm Ron Paul And I Approved This Message - Can this work? 08:03:26
When are we going to have a money bomb to end all money bombs? 07:54:14
Where's the "High Tide" creator? 07:35:08
Vote Here for your 2012 Dream Team 07:26:30
Ad idea for the Campaign - Our fundraising and donors would make a great ad 06:10:02
Awesome "Main Stream" song dealing with real issues...banned from American radio 04:31:35
Where is ARAVOTH??? 04:30:30
Tit for tat 03:56:52
Ron Paul continues to chart his own course 03:56:08
Competition is American! Don't you Agree? An analogy to convert the masses. 03:00:51
Irish Eyes are not smiling - RT 03:00:09
Man Bites Dog - errr - Woman Gropes TSA Agent - is charged with sexual abuse 01:59:57
Do you wear eyeglasses? 01:48:06
Google Adwords Advertisements on Drudge and Youtube 01:30:40