Posted on July 17, 2011

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Looks like Ron Paul's military donations are at least double all other Republicans combined! 22:23:52
A Message from Ron Paul: Ready, Ames, Fire! 21:24:44
Ron Paul's First Ad of the 2012 Campaign! 15:38:02
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Ron Paul draws cheers in stop at Windham library 23:47:47
My Op Ed: The 800 Lb. Gorilla in the GOP Field 23:31:13
Who Is Donating $100 On the 19th With Me? 23:13:48
Huffington Post - Ron Paul goes against both parties! 22:53:02
forum overview 22:49:28
Campaign Q&A: Ron Paul 22:47:02
Hannity Snowballs 22:00:10
Handbook of Human Ownership 21:35:06
July.19th Money Bomb Reminder, Spread The Word ! 21:33:49
Riddle Me This (Possible nuke plant problem?) 21:07:40
Enlist Your Wits 20:54:44
Email from Ron Paul: Ready Ames Fire! 20:48:59
Reggie Brown deserves his own thread 20:46:51
If the Primary Election were held today, which Republican Candidate would you support for President? Facebook poll 20:31:54
Will It Soon Be Illegal To Breast Feed In The UK? 20:25:11
Full and Half Moon 20:20:34
George Galloway: End of Murdoch dominance over media 19:20:04
Responding to the electability question 18:34:33
The Ratification Debate Part Three 18:16:26
Why is America Dying and How can it be Saved? With Improved Charts. 18:06:40
The disinformation will cost ron paul the election , he needs to use the media 18:05:17
Letter to a Preacher on the Pledge of Allegiance, War and Patriotism 18:02:04
Ron Paul 2012: A Candidate of Common Sense 17:40:10
Ron Paul ANTIWAR VIDEOS 17:37:32
Ron Paul Videos 17:28:08
The United Surveillance States of America 17:00:49
Psywar: The Real Battle Is Your Mind (documentary) 16:50:36
This is the last card the criminal cabal has to play 16:17:31
Here's an idea on spreading the "For Liberty" DVD's... 16:06:03
one tear is one tear too many 15:52:58
Facebook Page: I would take a bullet for Ron Paul and his philosophy 15:34:57
Cricket Version of Ron Paul vs. Bernanke - Is Gold Money? Hilarious! Must See! 15:24:35
Make Sure to use Iowa Projects Page for 19th MoneyBomb and all donations leading to the Ames Straw Poll 15:23:34
Does the police state ever stop screwing the American people? 14:57:29
Ron Paul's enviromental record. 14:47:39
Cain stirs the pot! Slams Islam as religion of "laws"... 14:37:24
News Teasers -- Do they still work in 2011? 14:19:22
if elections could change anything they would be made illegal 13:54:49
The American Dream 13:46:48
Classic Ron Paul: "The principles of liberty are ignored, and freedom is undermined" 13:31:21
Colo. woman accused of groping TSA agent in Ariz. 13:18:50
Ron Paul Reading List! 13:00:47
Help chipin for my delegation ticket for Presidency 5 strawpoll+debate in Orlando please! 12:59:24
Contributing by Check Instead of Credit Card? 12:51:18
What's the best way to handle a troll? 12:41:56
Keynesianism - an ongoing (flawed) science experiment 12:33:00
Liberty Defined: Response to Star Parker on undermining freedom 12:24:23
The Ron Paul 2012 Southern Illinois Meetup Group 12:21:58
If I was just sworn in as president of the United States.....I would 12:11:03
Chuck Baldwin Freedom Vs. Liberty 12:07:16
Why QE2 Failed: The Money All Went Offshore 11:58:39
Killing Hope: U. S. Military and CIA Interventions Since... by William Blum 11:53:51
Deleted 11:43:35
Part III: The Benefits of Subscribing to the Daily Paul 22:29:37
Fox Sunday Morning Interview Cain 11:40:16
Windsor Banned from Filing a Lawsuit Anywhere in America 11:14:10
Thank you! 11:10:02
Ending Failth Based Paper Money 11:03:20
Cannabis Culture's Marc Emery Endorses Ron Paul 10:52:02
Best way to create a web site??? 10:49:02
FED flys rainbow flag below american flag 10:32:41
Rudy Giuliani a fiscal conservative, Really? 09:38:49
U.S. Debt Downgraded to Junk (Almost) 09:26:22
Ron on the Daily Ticker 08:53:40
Video:Hitler Finds Out About Ron Paul (Parody) 07:46:10
Confirmed: Federal Reserve Policy is Killing Lending, Employment and the Economy 07:41:27
The Debt Ceiling Dog and Pony Show. 07:39:54
We're slipping folks...A little help here please. 06:40:18
Presidential candidate Ron Paul draws cheers in stop at Windham library 06:01:05
STOP! Before you post, read this 05:17:02
Will the real Rick Perry Please stand up 03:42:57
Question about libertarians 03:26:55
Working on a debt limit OpEd for local paper 03:03:06
Convo about Ron Paul at 80 mph on interstate in VA 02:23:54
Ron Paul Roll Call 01:47:51
woman accused of groping TSA agent 01:20:16
Jack Hunter's latest video 01:10:19
Support Our Troops - Boycott Starbucks 01:01:34
Ron Paul: which Republican can beat Obama? 01:01:13
Presidential candidate Ron Paul draws cheers in stop at Windham library 00:57:06
Should Perry get credit for Texas economy? 00:26:13
Ron Paul: Obama Using Scare Tactics to Force Deal on Debt Limit (video) 21:21:14