Posted on July 19, 2011

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Dr. Paul wasn't even at 1% at this time last election 19:37:31
Jeremy Scahill uncovers secret CIA prison & rendition sites in Somalia - Morning Joe, MSNBC 7-18-11 17:16:23
Ron Paul at 9% in latest poll 14:17:40
STOP IT! An open letter from Judge Andrew Napolitano to Speaker John Boehner 11:45:51
It's Official: the Recession just became a Depression-Update 09:58:06
Ron Paul on Yahoo! Finance: Look at the Big Picture 10:11:25
Pawlenty MIS-Leading on Paul; Iowa Political Blog Sets the Record Straight 00:31:48
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Give War A Chance Ben 23:02:04
7/19/11 Drudge: Ron Paul: 'We Will Default, Debt Is Unsustainable' 22:32:52
7 Things "Harry Potter" Teaches Us About Libertarianism 22:17:02
Mitt Romney Silences the Room 22:15:17
Ron Paul video (any good ones out there). 22:13:17
Unsustainable Debt 21:37:32
The facts speak for themselves - defending Dr. Paul 21:33:13
Video: Rand Paul on The Kudlow Report 7/19/11 21:06:56
Old Letter - As I See It - 20:36:27
The next big Moneybomb 20:34:40
A suggestion for any Ron Paul grassroots websites 20:24:41 SCAM 20:14:26
GOP Twitter Debate - Tomorrow 19:42:10
URGENT: WaPo: The dangers of being wrong on Keynes 19:38:12
Clinton: I'd Raise the Debt Limit and force the courts to stop me. WHAT? 19:35:45
RP on front page of Drudge: "We will default..." 19:13:47
And another new poll with RP at 9% 18:33:37
Murdoch: Only One Arm of the Dirty Kochtopus 18:05:18
Isn't The Government Just a Big Ponzi Scheme? 18:04:39
Spread the Money Bomb message in a new way! 17:50:21
Thank you for your service? I don’t think so. 17:49:42
Ron Paul calls out the Cut, Cap, Balance act for what it is 17:48:51
I want to .. 17:46:51
Monthly Payment To Ron Paul? 17:32:46
Problems with the new Ron Paul Ad? 17:16:46
Ron Paul receives the most military donations, again 17:11:05
Two never-finished Navy ships head to scrap heap cost taxpayers at least $300M 16:57:57
Michelle bachmans Holy War 16:46:52
Reporters threatened with arrest for filming private federal reserve building 16:40:59
Rand Paul will be on Hannity radio show today at 5:00 pm ET 16:35:17
Man rushes at Rupert Murdoch in hearing 16:33:51
Shall WE do this???? I'll volunteer for the bulk of it. 16:33:47
Donate $5 @ 5 To Keep Liberty Alive Event - Matching Donations 16:24:39
No tea party for Perry as he weighs nomination bid (great article from AP) 16:09:43
18 Signs That Global Financial Markets Smell Blood In The Water 16:06:04
How to put Grassroots ads on TV on the cheap! 15:52:57
Perry has troubled relationship with tea party 15:48:40
Michele Bachmann's Stress-Induced Incapacity Sounds Serious 15:45:48
Here's a Shot of Emotional Motivation 15:35:42
Documents: Alleged anthrax killer lacked necessary equipment 15:30:43
Post Your Printables 15:17:21
Why do we think we can (should) improve Ron Paul? 15:08:45
The Ron Paul Rap! New For 2012! 14:49:27
Suggestions to my beloved Dr.Paul 14:33:18
Ron Paul: “The reason we don’t cut spending is, one side loves entitlements and one side loves war,” 14:31:39
HUD's Emergency Program to Assist 30,000 Foreclosure Risk Homeowners 14:27:21
Light Bulb Ban: ALL known incandescents to be banned - with little savings for Consumers 14:22:57
Can get the Live radio Money Bomb program link to work 14:07:02
Rupert Murdoch attacked in UK Houses of Parliament. Hit in the face with a shaving foam pie 14:06:21
♠ Prime Minister of Israel gave a speech in front of a full Congress 13:59:55
The Hill: Ron Paul says default on debt unavoidable 13:36:55
Reality Report Las Vegas Style 13:34:58
Paul, Romney benefit from N.H. pocketbooks 13:27:49
It has to either be Ron Paul or an Ape in 2012! 13:15:15
Virus/Malware warning! concerning WND's website appears to be fixed 13:03:08
Ron Paul receives the most military donations, again 12:59:21
Newt Gingrich uses Google+ Hangouts as an online town hall meeting 12:51:23
RP Card For Democrats - Your Critique Requested Please 12:42:33
Reality Report Las Vegas Style 12:33:54
Got To Love This 12:07:00
Dangerous Levels Of Radiation Recorded In Canada As Fukushima Radiation Dangers Continue 11:51:08
Finding the swing vote 11:49:52
Deadly new disease linked to recent crop failures animal miscarriages caused by GM crops pesticides 11:43:47
Why Democrats Should Register Republican & Vote Ron Paul 11:39:57
ELECTION 2012: Herman Cain on War, Social Security and Bailouts 11:30:26
Arkansas Town Attempts to Ban Groups From Talking about the City Without A Permit 11:28:51
FACTA: Snitch or else, US will be very pissed... 11:01:50
New - Ron Paul tip cards on campaign store!! - $4 for 100!!! 10:51:35
iPads for Ron Paul 10:50:16
Ron Paul Radio Marathon Podcasts for July 19th 10:48:19
BOA constrictor digests another $8.8 Billion. Such a great loss... 10:46:55
Adam v The Man - Official: Ron Paul is choice of troops 10:34:07
Atlanta OKs surveillance center; cameras to watch city 10:33:06
Tell perry NO! 10:26:00
∞ Apples 10:12:21
Public health: Not vaccinated? Not acceptable 10:09:30
Ron Paul Talks Debt Ceiling, Warns of ‘Rough Economic Times’ 09:39:33
Stress-related condition ‘incapacitates’ Bachmann; Heavy Pill Use Alleged 08:49:26
Home Equity Nightmare: Second Mortgages, Second Wave Of Losses For Big Banks 07:57:33
The Top 10 Failures Of Federal Reserve Chairman Helicopter Ben Bernanke 07:50:24
Video: Hitler finds out about Ron Paul Part 2 (After the Bunker scene) 07:39:58
How Foreign Money Can Find Its Way Into American Political Campaigns 07:33:58
Where is the "Big One?" 07:32:26
Thank You for Your Service? 07:29:42
Banks Continue Robo-Signing & Mortgage Fraud Practices 07:26:02
Article about Ames straw poll written in 2008 everybody should read 07:24:42
The Long Retreat of Liberalism by Pat Buchanan 07:03:14
Remember the vote fraud from last election? We need to wise up 05:41:20
Fall in love with this hot Ron Paul endorser LIKE LIKE LIKE! 04:52:40
Jack Hunter: Defining Evil 04:26:00
Spread this Money Bomb Reminder video far and wide! 04:16:07
My personal letter to Iowans and Americans to consider Ron Paul for President 04:06:26
Coburn produces 9 trillion in budget cuts (over a ~decade) 04:03:50
Five Minute Preview of Fascinating New DVD on Metamorphosis 04:03:00
Five Minute Preview of a Fascinating New DVD 03:51:09
New Motto to Post on NonPaul Sites, Emails, Comments, Etc IT'S PAUL OR NOTHING! 03:16:26
Donating Is Not Enough, Spread The Word Too! Ron Paul Is All In Too! 02:56:29
why is stale... from 2008??? 02:44:46
How Many Older Republicans Would Even Vote For A Female President To Run The Country? 02:36:45
Question about fundraising 02:30:58
Argument against the TSA 02:09:16
Vote the Moneybomb up in Reddit! 17:01:25
Please, do whatever you can for the moneybomb today! I´m hitting youtube like CRAZY! 01:59:35
has the money bomb started on the east coast? 01:53:44
Come Together Against Corporatism 01:06:10
RP Large Yard Sign Help 00:32:00
America Wages New War On Ron Paul 00:21:29
Delaware Ron Paul Car Upgrades 00:11:56
My video tribute to the Ames Money Bomb starting within the hour! 00:10:13