Posted on July 20, 2011

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PBS Article: Can Ron Paul Turn His Ideas' Newfound Resonance Into 2012 Votes? 20:41:16
Ron Paul: "Republicans NEVER Say ANYTHING About Cutting These Military Occupations" 22:33:51
Judge Drops TSA Breast Grab Charges 19:08:23
Jim Grant: "This is not a threat, this is not a promise, it's going to happen." 15:44:13
Ron Paul Supporters Form Super PAC 07:43:14
Ron Paul: Constitutional Amendment Needed to Limit Taxes and Spending 07:09:11
RT- Adam Kokesh: Ron Paul is choice of troops 00:12:02
Ron Paul's Statement Against HR 2560, the "Cut, Cap and Balance" Act 09:09:11
Ron Paul Floor Speech on Debt Ceiling - July 19, 2011: 'We Will Default, Debt Is Unsustainable'... 19:10:10
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What Is TSA Up To Now? Naked Images No More? 23:30:16
Trans-Canada Invokes Power Of Imminent Domain in America 23:21:14
Talking with my water guy 22:57:33
Keep Donating! Watch the ticker at 22:46:18
Get OFF this site! 22:39:57
Hey! Bernie Sanders hates the 'Gang of Six' too! 22:23:52
The Fed says Wells Fargo Illegally Pushed Borrowers Into Subprime Mortgages 22:14:04
Destroy The Oldstream Media's Bias With The New Media 21:58:36
The Atlantic: Goofy GOP Twitter Debate 21:48:56
My favorite argument to put the "Ron Paul has no chance" voters in their place! 21:43:29
Get ready for QE3 20:52:56
Video: Rand Paul on Hannity 7/20/11 20:29:54
Did You See This? 20:24:49
How better to spread the END THE FED message than making Ron Paul Money! 20:15:53
Israel Hires Internet Soldiers to Penetrate American Forums, Chatrooms 19:47:15
Ron Paul supporters create Revolution Pac 19:41:39
The Money Race: How The Candidates Stack Up 19:32:21
Video: Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs Tonight 7/20/11 19:04:10
Freshman Republican Congressman sounds like Ron Paul... 18:45:46
DUI check point protest youtube video 18:41:10
Morgellons and GMO food 18:35:10
The Fabric Of American Society Is Coming Apart At The Seams 18:31:26
Five Documentaries That Will Blow Your Mind 18:30:21
Mother 'lost custody of newborn when she failed opiate test - after eating poppy seed salad dressing' 18:23:59
Politico: Ron Paul supporters form Super PAC 18:22:45
♠ Excellent video on net neutrality 18:13:45
Some Facts About Ron Paul 18:13:26
The Green-Helmets are coming! The Green-Helmets are coming! 18:11:09
for motorcycle riders 17:33:11
Attn raw milk lovers 17:15:25
ROFL - MSNBC hostess asks the wrong question 17:08:48
Do you have a Face the Truth Tour in your neck of the woods? 17:08:03
Reuters: Police to begin iPhone iris scans amid privacy concerns 17:01:24
GOP Twitter debate (Ron Paul doesn't participate?) 17:00:50
Mormons and the Constitution: Words that Romney and Huntsman forgot.. 16:53:30
King of the Liberty Ring 2011 - 16:46:44
58 Churches in Ames: A new letter writing campaign!! 16:26:48
Perry getting foreign policy advice from Rumsfeld 16:12:02
Local Official Question About The Constitution 16:06:40
Candidates Won't Reveal Top Donors: All But One 16:00:52
The Fed is Planning for Potential Default 15:54:05
Iowa Idea - Is this stupid/unfeasible? Or could it actually work? 15:50:50
WW2 veterans and the battle of Athens,Tennessee 1946 15:17:45
Help us grow to 1000 by the end of the day, by planting the seeds. Thank you 15:17:00
"Perry's act as crafted as his hair" Houston Chronicle 15:14:32
Ames Money Bomb a Success! 15:01:17
"Ron Paul Should Learn From Bernanke's Heroism"??? 14:56:50
Bob Chapman: Europe and America Gold and the Public Debt Crisis 14:42:10
TSA to End Person-Specific Body Scan Images 14:40:34
!!EVERYONE - What are you doing to win supporters that has been proven effective?? 14:38:54
Ten Oil Rigs Have Left Gulf Since Obama Moratorium 14:34:46
Glenn Beck: If Israel is threatened, ‘count me a Jew and come for me first’ 14:13:52
Gold to Reach $5,000 Due to Supply Shortage 14:03:54
Lemonade Freedom Day - Aug 20, 2011 14:00:16
Why don't RP campaign promos include this Hillary remark? 13:47:54
BREAKING NEWS: President Obama says he would agree to a short-term extension of the federal debt ceiling 13:46:14
Ron Paul on PBS NewsHour (VIDEO) 13:42:17
Ron and Rand Paul split on ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ bill 13:37:24
Ron Paul on Fox Business 13:33:07
Watchdog Says U.S. Aid Money in Afganistan May Be Fueling Insurgency 13:29:57
TUA Liberty Fest Preview 12:55:14
68% Believe Cuts in Defense Spending Won't Come With Increased Risks to Our Security. More Moving Towards Ron Paul's Message 12:46:23
*Hot* - "Ron Paul Supporters Form Super PAC" 12:27:44
How about 10,000 commit to automatic $100 monthly withdraw? 12:25:48
The Ron Paul Choice: Ron Paul vs The Establishment 12:22:52
Dear Republicans and Ron Paul: If we're gonna cut spending... 12:17:21
SSL search engine that bounces from google. Use 11:54:40
GOP Hopefuls to Twitter Debate Today 15:26:32
Ron Paul Weighs In On Bachmann's Migraines 11:30:33
2011 Discretionary Spending 11:29:17
Dr. Ron Paul: Bachmann’s migraines ‘a tough problem,’ but not disqualifying 11:06:22
Anger at Government Highest in 19 years: poll 10:59:00
Another 9% National Poll Result from NBC/WSJ 10:50:56
No Felony Charges for Woman Who Groped TSA Woman 10:43:55
US Spy Drone Shot Down by Iran 10:41:44
Town to Ban Citizens from Discussing City Matters without Permission 10:27:06
Bachmann and Paul Vote No on Cut, Cap, and Balance 10:07:49
Man's call for Obama assassination is free speech, not crime, court rules 10:05:47
Project Vote Smart - Ron Paul 09:52:29
Project Vote Smart - Ron Paul 09:52:08
Where's Doctor Paul's Budget? 09:26:54
Educational Ron Paul Quote 09:24:48
TSA Titty-Twister 09:19:56
Our Real Boss Has Spoken: China Says Raie Debt Ceiling 09:14:30
Ron Paul Votes Against the House's "Cut, Cap and Balance" Bill 08:28:32
Can we have an "Iowa Projects" money bomb day? 08:18:13
Why Third-Party Candidate Is on the Way 08:06:01
Obama Supports Repeal of Defense of Marriage Act 07:55:31
Murdoch's media malpractice & the genetic altering of human beings through DNA vaccines 07:53:58
Social Security Scam: Where Did the $2.5 Trillion Surplus Go? 07:41:08
Jim Rogers - Government At Home (VIDEOS) 07:40:19
"Mechanics of the Police State" by Catherine Bleish 06:37:39
George Carlin: The Illusion of Choice (Great mix of Carlin clips) 06:01:06
FOX NEWS : "Ron Paul and supporters Feed 500,000 kids!" 04:41:55
Ron Paul Interview on the Money Bomb Radio Marathon (7/19/2011) 04:09:43
Grandfather Paul on radio 7/20 from 7-730AM EST 03:22:06
Ron Paul should thank the troops 03:19:36
FREEDOM WATCH: Jennifer Jones "If You Stand Up & Speak You Might Get A Visit From The Police Chief" 03:05:30
Sean Hannity contributes to Ron Paul Money Bomb! 02:49:50
Do you think Dr. Paul knows about this? 02:34:31
I need your help 02:32:35
Barrack Obama donates to Ron Paul 02:28:58
What Happend to FREEDOM WATCH and the Judge?? 02:19:13
10 Rules for Dealing with Police 02:12:29
Need a Job? Need to feed your Liberty loving family? 01:42:42
Denver Cops Kill Man for Using Drinking Fountain 01:19:43