Posted on July 21, 2011

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Tom Woods on Stossel: Politically Incorrect History 7/21/11 21:00:57
Jack Hunter (Southern Avenger) to be Ron's official blogger for the campaign! 14:29:37
Ron Paul on The Lou Dobbs Show (audio) 15:06:14
Fed Provided $16 Trillion To Foreign Banks, Financial Houses 19:53:24
Dennis Kucinich "War Takes Money From The American People & Gives It To War Profiteers!" 13:46:03
Kokesh with Woods on the new Revolution Super PAC! 18:28:11
UPDATE: "Ask Me About Ron Paul" 10:22:23
Washington Post: Ron Paul currently in third place 01:26:55
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What were the final moneybomb totals? 23:44:32
Reaching out to Senior Citizens 23:30:20
Ricky, don't lose that number 23:24:33
Reuters: Greece Defaults, Financial Apocalypse to follow? 22:17:54
New Tack on the Murdock story. Resurecting Global Warming 21:40:24
Jack Hunter & Peter Schiff to speak @ LibertyFest NYC 9/10/11 21:36:50
Ron Paul's Clear and Simple "Message" - What Is It? 21:20:54
Tea Party Patriots CLAIMS they've never heard of Ron Paul 20:25:06
Woman groped to tears by the TSA at ORD airport 20:13:30
A Movement of Epic Proportions 19:55:21
Cop Threatens Concealed Carry Gun Owner During Traffic Stop 19:48:37
Sen. Paul will no longer block FBI director's term extension 19:24:34
New Fox News Poll Flooded w/ Non-Candidates: Ron Paul still rises to 9%! Amoung Announced Candidates 10%! 18:51:40
State Attorney Generals Poised To Make Theft ‘Legal’….For Banks 18:50:18
Newark Cop: "I Can Do Whatever The Hell I Want!" 18:23:53
Daily Paul Google+ Hangout 17:51:31
Ron Paul's choice for Federal Reserve Governors and Chairman 17:11:45
HuffPo - Federal Reserve Actively Preparing For US Default 17:05:50
New Ron Paul Campaign Hire--Trygve Olson 16:33:45
Taxpayers Lose $1.3 Billion in Chrysler Bailout 16:28:26
Obama Voters For Ron Paul 16:13:38
NC family awarded $10M in lawsuit against Taser 16:03:22
Got Peace? 15:57:07
Study: U.S. Marshalls Could Function as $500 Billion "Stability Police" 15:42:45
Ron Paul is apparently too perfect for the Club for Growth. 15:34:15
Ro 15:21:20
And whats up with Liberty PAC, btw 15:08:00
To Change Minds & Hearts, Put Feelings First 14:56:07
FEC Disclosure Report Discrepancy 14:51:30
Celebrity Endorsements? 14:12:32
'Person of the Day' 14:12:23
Ron Paul Polls Well in Head to Head Versus Obama 14:09:48
GMO is Topic on Dr. OZ today 14:00:22
Hubris of the Federal Reserve 13:36:02
Creepy Michele Bachmann God Speech (Audio) 12:58:37
Boehner: House will Compromise on Debt Limit 12:57:17
You can change more yourself than Ron Paul can as president. 12:48:28
Participate now online w/ Bruce Fein 12:35:35
La. Republicans Unite Behind Cut, Cap and Balance 12:27:25
Please start promoting the next moneybomb today and do it every day! 12:24:27
Great Ron Paul ad! Not official! 12:21:16
Quick Action! Contact HQ about LinkedIn 12:14:52
London Slaps Mr O's Motorcade & Embassy ... 45K NOTICES @ $8 M fines! 12:10:30
Tea Party: Reconnect-with Vs. Divorce 12:08:10
Police Officers or Terrorists - Which are More Dangerous? 12:04:47
Ron Paul Interview on The Texas Tribune 11:56:41
Rand Paul, Ron Paul split over proposed debt plan 11:54:58
Bachmann Family Is On Welfare 10:52:54
Ron's Texas Tribune Interview 10:29:13
Big Brother: You Are All Terrorists! 10:23:18
Arkansas Town Bans Peaceful Assembly 10:14:18
UN may switch blue helmets to green then launch climate change peacekeeping wars 09:46:48
Scientists find a mass of synthetic chemicals in every glass of milk 09:38:06
Cannabinoid Medicine 09:33:00
Hoarding Gold is "Stealing from the Government" 09:31:30
Ron Paul 2012 Web Banners 09:05:04
New Poll 08:35:55
Alex Jones Mega Rant (Dubstep Remix) 08:05:55
Elizabeth Warren: ‘Tell me what I did that was controversial’ 07:44:11
Will the Fed’s last bullet be pointed inward? 07:28:05
Caucus vs Primary - interesting 06:26:52
Caucus vs Primary - interesting 06:21:54
Ron Paul’s Dilemma in Iowa 06:18:26
The Liberty Minute is back! 03:29:23
Detailed Evangelical Presentation of the Just War Position 02:28:58
Home School Kids For Ron Paul 02:07:54
Viral Video telling Obama what for 01:32:06
Time To Leave Iraq 01:21:22
Online poll - Who do you trust most in dealing with the economic crisis? 01:04:08
Citizens United 00:38:56
A Quick Lesson in (GOP) Vocabulary! 00:34:50
Looking for: Anti-war Ron Paul articles and videos 00:34:16
The Tea Party Needs Us 00:28:06
FOX NEWS w/Sen. Rand Paul: "Everything Is Worse Under This President!" 00:25:35
A Constitution Debate??? 00:15:50
Why Cenk Uygur Left MSNBC 07:47:10