Posted on July 22, 2011

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I made another animated Ron Paul commercial 23:34:13
Washington Times: The Case for Ron Paul 18:45:59
Ron Paul in Bloomberg: Default Now, or Suffer a More Expensive Crisis Later - 7/22 14:23:33
Tom Woods Weekend Viewing: On the Financial Crisis 13:48:22
Drudge: RASMUSSEN SHOCK POLL: Barack Obama 41% Ron Paul 37% 19:00:33
Iowa Rep. Jason Schultz Endorses Ron Paul for President 13:11:05
Showdown Between Big Oil and Big Politics 12:29:14
The U.S. Dollar Will Collapse: Pictures! 11:52:14
Republican Doomsday Scenario 11:51:50
Ron Paul on PBS News Hour: 'Freedom Is a Young Idea and We're Throwing It Away' 14:00:04
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National Debt is a New Hot Topic for Evangelicals 23:52:50
Lung Disease found in returning soldiers 23:49:04
What is the best way to find Dr. Paul's schedule? 22:13:00
What just happened to Norway? 22:08:08
To All Those Who Tell You Ron Paul Is Crazy 22:06:27
Wars on You 22:04:09
Report from the Global Commission on Drugs -- The Global War on Drugs Has Failed 21:58:21
Dead NYPD Officer’s Body Snatched By New York City To Deny Link To 9/11 Related Illness 21:46:20
Must See: Grassroots Ron Paul TV Ads Are Here! Spread Them Like Candy! 21:35:52
Let Love Rule: Ron Paul 21:21:44
State of the Union - God 21:16:03
The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, and 21:14:02
So North Dakota is not a State? 19:48:27
Revolution Super PAC - Donation Days 19:45:36
Man in jail for 3 weeks & counting for refusing to give his name 19:36:03
Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N: Anything You Found Uplifting Today? 19:31:06
C4L is going to send a million mailgrams to congress 19:27:54
Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was supposed to attend the island with shootings. 18:46:11
How Obama could get EVERYTHING he wants in the Debt Negotiations 18:36:13
Are Precautions Being Taken to Insure That the Iowa Straw Poll Votes Are Counted Correctly? 18:31:10
How the Minimum Wage Creates Unemployment 18:23:01
Norway is an odd choice as a Muslim terror target... 18:15:41
Can we stop the Kucinich as VP talk... PLEASE?? 18:07:35
The “Ron Paul” Rule for the Ames Straw Poll 18:06:50
How many Democrats for Dr. Ron Paul to "End the Wars" are there? 17:55:33
RP Hit Piece at The Hill 17:46:06
Ron Paul FIRST among Independents (National and Iowa polls) 17:33:36
Notice of Understanding and Intent & Claim of Right 17:13:05
Nice Dylan Ratigan interview with Ron Paul. "Ron Paul Exclusive: Who's Regulating Washington?" 16:46:47
Paul vs Obama Rasmussen Poll Featured at Drudge 16:40:02
Gold mania to dwarf Printers-That-Be (PTB) 16:20:22
Pledge to Vote for Ron Paul Regardless of GOP Nomination 16:14:48
Great short video - USA or USSA? Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones infested Government 15:45:01
SharkTec Web Hosting Endorses Ron Paul for 2012. 15:37:48
GOP just did it, freeloaders get on the ballot 15:34:50
Tech President 2012 15:19:25
Blackouts Kill People in Detroit as Heat Soars 15:14:19
Obama, Paul receive most Purdue employee campaign contributions 15:09:07
Now we got Allen West ads showing up! 14:51:59
Woman guilty after refusing TSA patdown 14:49:12
RealClearPolitics - Iowa Remains Deeply Unsettled as Straw Poll Nears 14:44:11
102° in Boston today 14:15:18
Rand Paul met with Robert Mueller before releasing his stay. 14:12:45
Mortgage Interest Deduction May be Cut in Budget Deal 13:56:34
Article written by Ron Paul for Bloomberg 7/22/2011 13:53:10
Default now, or suffer a More Expensive Crisis Later: Ron Paul Op-Ed 13:46:09
FRONT PAGE OF DRUDGE RP 37% Obama 41% 13:45:12
Constitution Day 2011 with Dr. Ron Paul 13:42:25
Ron Paul in Spanish 13:42:02
Bernie's Bombshell 13:22:17
Dr. Paul holding strong in two new polls at 9% (Fox News) and 8% (CNN/Opinion Research) 13:20:09
Terror in Oslo- another case of blowback? 13:09:38
Judge Nap on Jim Bohannon show last night Audio 13:03:05
TODAY: 'Blue Republican' on Iowa Radio 12:51:29
TSA Agent Speaks Out On "The Culture of Disprespect" 12:42:00
Money Bomb Schedule 12:31:19
US House Committee saves Israeli aid in foreign aid cut 12:08:28
How Ron Paul Can Go Mainstream - Article 12:00:58
Food, Inc. 11:50:47
Dr. Paul holding strong at 9% and 8% in two new polls 11:35:42
Republican Doomsday Scenario 10:14:24
TODAY: 'Blue Republican' on Iowa Radio 10:02:55
Dr. Paul holding strong at 9% in new Fox News poll 09:59:33
Dr. Paul holding strong at 9% in latest Fox News poll 09:35:40
Something I have noticed about being here, over the last three years. 08:49:09
Whistleblower Cop Under Gag Order Breaks Silence On Corrupt Police Chief 08:33:09
Consumers Use Credit Cards for Necessities as Inflation Cuts U.S. Incomes 08:32:05
Help spread the word about the next moneybomb! 06:22:55
Afghans stage anti-US demonstrations 05:10:15
Revolution Super Pac Money Bomb Idea - $5 on Friday August 5th 02:54:11
Public Policy Piss Polling At It Again 02:54:01
Cody Willard: How RP Can Go Mainstream and Become Our Next President 02:36:09
Jack Hunter: SA@TAC - Government Doesn't Work 02:26:50
Robert Murphy on the Debt Ceiling (Video) 01:42:17
Club for Growth reviews Ron Paul's record 01:04:37
How about this for a slogan? 00:07:08
Ron Paul Interview in the Texas Tribune 12:52:59