Posted on July 23, 2011

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TED - Self Organizing Education System 23:58:47
Presidency 5: I just became a delegate and there is still room 15:14:50
Ron Paul's Speech Crown Royal Hotel in Nashua NH 7/23/2011 12:52:20
We Don't Need No Stinking Amendment 20:34:03
Must See! Former Neocon Now Supports Ron Paul! 01:04:39
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Oslo Bombings... Where's any video, or photo evidence from "the island"? 23:45:50
Oh my. Just returned from my first 9.12 meeting. 23:16:50
Good Cop, Bad Cop lets take a lookie... 22:53:51
Sweet Find At Local Gun Show 22:32:35
Tragedy in Norway- 92 Youth Gunned Down at a Politcal Event 22:28:06
For Newcomers: An Oldie But Goodie 22:26:38
This kid inspired me! 21:21:03
What happened to Judge Nap? 21:10:40
Same Sex Marriage: The Death of Moral Community OpEd 20:18:15
Free Ron Paul Campaign Material 20:08:42
The "Weekly" Paul on Free Independent-Sun 19:36:16
I Will Vote For Ron Paul 2012 Facebook Page Needs Your Help 19:29:53
Somebody please make a video to this 19:23:31
PolitiFact rates Ron Paul's statements on receiving the most in military donations as TRUE 18:33:09
I will gladly give up my GI Bill benefits if debt ceiling is not raised. 18:13:37
For ANY 911 Naysayeers Or Those That Need A Little More Convincing.... 18:01:50
Just owned a Pawlenty drone on the phone -- donating to Dr. Paul again! 17:42:05
need more paul! 17:30:59
ohio straw poll 17:30:18
Hungary destroys illegal GM corn fields plans to make distributing GMO seeds a felony 17:12:43
Nice Ames acknowledgement on Politico 17:00:37
"Be Wary of Perry" - possible campaign meme 16:51:12
Gold: Independent Money (short video) 16:21:50
Further proof Bush was among the most liberal presidents ever 16:14:02
Reply to the Charge of Lunacy by William Leggett 16:01:10
We Don't Need No Stinking Amendment 15:58:21
amy winehouse 15:42:23
Debating With a Guy, & He Said Something That Sounds Crazy! 15:37:53
Funny Smoking Ban Debate in a Bar 15:25:16
Need some love/comments over at Mother Jones hit piece 15:20:48
When is the next Moneybomb? 15:05:06
When's the next moneybomb? 15:02:38
Comparing Paul and Bachmann TV ads 14:27:19
How do you deal with Neo-cons/Tea-o-cons? 14:19:34
Lemmings, the Cliff and 2012 14:16:24
Let's Give Thanks to these Cops..... 14:01:02
Twitter Bomb Aug 8th at 12pm to 4pm est. 13:40:09
VIDEO: Hitler gets a phone call from Alex Jones (We're coming for you globalists) 12:59:22
Cut off your nose to spite your face 11:37:07
3D printing 11:27:33
Blue Republicans on Iowa Radio Podcast here: 10:39:40
Bernie Sanders: The Fed Audit: "U.S. provided a whopping $16 trillion in secret loans to bail out US and foreign banks" 10:08:30
Here is a good website for anyone who needs some used vehicle parts, I saw some of u were fixing your cars 10:02:00
At least 1,400 arrests for antiwar dissent, but who’s counting? Not the press 09:58:41
Large anti-terror drill precedes real terror attack in Norway 05:45:07
Ron Paul and Conan 05:22:05
Help promote Ron Paul simply by looking at an article 13:56:16
When is the UN vote on Palestinian Statehood? 03:22:09
Sizing Up the Republican Field: Fascists, Clowns, and Creeps 03:15:20