Posted on July 24, 2011

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Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk - Congress: Stop Stealing from the American People - 7/25/11 18:37:13
What Ron Paul Was Really Like 30 Years Ago 17:46:51
Thanks to all Daily Paul's suggestions, Peer2Paul is officially out of BETA. Ron Paul's internet presence condensed into 1 page 12:38:44
Forbes: Don’t Get Caught Holding Dollars When The U.S. Default Arrives 11:55:46
Paul Craig Roberts: The President Can Just Ignore the Debt Ceiling Limit; Congress Rendered Superfluous? 00:30:00
Desperate! Bizarre! McConnell & Reid Propose New Legislative Body: 'Super Congress' to Deal With Debt Ceiling! 19:45:15
Video: Ron Paul on Fox This Saturday - The Cost of Freedom 18:56:14
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This is a great video I'd Use It As A Campaign Spot ***RON PAUL 2012 NO MORE LIARS!! 23:55:22
What does the legalization of "Competition Between Currencies" really mean? About Ron Paul's Currency Act. 23:17:05
Police with hidden camera monitoring us and people think it's "great" 22:49:29
Ron Paul Poised to Shake Up Republican Primaries 22:41:07
While we're on the subject of Star Trek... 21:57:44
Ron Paul letter to supporters dated 7/14/2011: More friends for Ames Straw Poll 21:30:16
How to win Don't steal votes from GOP but from the Democrats 20:33:50
Ron Paul Poised to Shake Up Republican Primaries 20:32:43
Monkey with an AK47...this is hysterical 20:20:56
Traficant for VP. "I believe Israel has a stranglehold on the American government" 20:18:29
City tells police and firefighters prepare to give up 50% of your pension, THE FUTURE IS NOW; 19:50:05
UK Government attacks American 'Right-Wing Nutters' 19:47:31
Thoughts on Ames 19:26:43
Dr Paul...corn. ADM and CARGILL ..billions in subsidy . what is his position??? 19:24:27
U.S. Governors meeting in Salt Lake with China??? 19:20:06
History Lesson from the Nap 18:12:36
Obamacare: Specialists Opinion... 18:02:00
Veterans todays Gordon Duff and USSR nuclear whistleblower Dimitri Khalezov 17:53:43
China And Iran To Bypass Dollar Plan Oil Barter System 17:44:23
Debt Ceiling Solution: Repeal the debt ceiling law. 17:38:25
6 Million hits on youtube already. We will not take it anymore VIDEO 17:17:35
New Ron Paul Video: Titled "Controversial" 16:36:10
Is Ron Paul a 'Reaganite'? Nonsense! Lew Rockwell sets the record straight 16:17:25
Raise $1,000,000 by putting @ Top of Front Page: "Ron Paul Ames, Iowa Money Bomb" at +$693,000 changes to "Countdown to Iowa!" 15:53:01
Where Can We Find Iowa Details? 15:52:36
The Video Congress Does Not Want You To See!! 15:41:39
Do you ever experience this "Feeling"? 15:38:17
Patriot Brandon Neely Speaks about David Hicks and Guantanamo 15:18:52
Audit Of The Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion In Secret Bailouts 14:52:50
Where Evil Lies 14:48:23
Setup A Ron Paul Website And Spread YOUR MESSAGE Of Liberty 14:39:23
per the Rasmussen poll cross-tabs: Ron Paul is the strongest GOP candidate in the following demographic groups; 14:15:07
Thomas Friedman on Internet-based direct democracy 14:08:56
Proof the Private sector can do it better. Space program. 13:30:44
The Secrets of Gold 12:57:40
Wall Streeters Top Obama Re-Election Supporters 12:43:32
Canton, Ohio Cop Threatens To Execute Driver Over Weapons Permit At Traffic Stop!! 12:27:44
Who Rules America? An Investment Manager Breaks Down the Economic Top 1%... 11:19:13
New up-and-coming band out of DC 11:14:35
Former Governor Jesse Ventura: ‘We’re a fascist nation now’ 11:10:51
Citizen-Reporter attempts to tie Norwegian gunman to Tea Party 10:20:53
Rofl 09:07:28
CNN Obama Poll... 08:57:40
Looking at Ohio. GOP straw poll results and more. 08:49:04
Politico: Iowa Caucuses up for grabs 08:42:43
Gold Confiscation 07:35:33
VIDEO:Hitler is told Ron Paul has lots of supporters 06:40:30
Corrupt Police Chief Puts More Than Half The Police Dept On Leave In Quartzsite, AZ 03:40:11
PBS FRONTLINE: Inside California's Green Rush 03:38:25
History Reflects the Future. Reply to "Super Congress" post 03:33:39
DP mentioned on Bill Maher show? 02:37:48
Today I lost my 2nd Amendment rights...UPDATE: GOT MY GUNS BACK! 01:37:05
Boehner Vs. Obama (or Boehner with Obama...) 01:21:07
Patents and Copyrights: Why they matter. What they mean for the freedom movement. 00:58:17
Ron Paul vs. the Statists: The Debt Ceiling Dog and Pony Show. 00:34:46
Rush Limbaugh was at a funeral yesterday, it seems John Mc Cain was also at a funeral yesterday(Friday the 22nd) 00:33:47
Man 'Buys' $300K Texas Home for $16. Upsets Neighbors 00:12:38