Posted on July 25, 2011

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Are America's best days behind it? Jack Cafferty quotes Ron Paul 23:36:14
RP Tele-TownHall w/ Iowa Supporters - 07/24/11 20:36:44
FOX: Ron Paul Is A Real Threat To Win Ames Straw Poll! 18:36:26
Ron Paul Speech at the Hilton Garden Inn, Iowa (audio) 7/25/11 17:35:55
Politico: Ron Paul aiming high at Ames 15:20:14
Ron Paul needs a new TV commercial featuring war veterans 22:45:47
Drudge / CNN: Ron Paul Gets Big Endorsement Ahead of Crucial Iowa Contest 13:49:29
Met some Marines last night... they tried to sell me on Ron Paul :) 10:55:34
Ad - Goldwater on Moral Responsibility 07:40:23
Ron Paul the Master 10:09:13
The Grassroots Press, Iowa Edition is Now Online 10:35:10
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Video: Ron Paul July 25, 2011 visit to Cedar Rapids, Iowa 23:57:51
Obama and Boehner Debt-Ceiling Remarks From Tonight (video) 23:55:16
"Captain America" movie...anyone enjoy it other than me? 23:16:52
My Sincere Thanks to my DP Family! Susan made it home tomight. 22:53:32
Economy, wars will grow Ron Paul's appeal. 22:50:56
Mother Jones: What Rick Perry Learned From Ron Paul 22:40:09
What Rick Perry Learned From Ron Paul 21:45:47
Tyranny Enforcement 21:40:30
Find out which lobbist/organizations support/oppose Cut, cap, balance 21:30:28
NAZI 'positivism' and u.s. supreme court 21:21:24
Beck Compares Slain Norweigan Kids to Hitler Youth 21:14:54
Fox News Advertising About REAL Constitutionalist Views - Educate The Republic 20:39:51
Political Face Off: Obama vs. Boehner 20:02:23
MUST READ: Reader Supporting Ron Paul 19:10:51
Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover Up - Censored Documentary 18:56:35
Speak at a Free, Online Ron Paul Liberty Conference Sep 23-25 (Agora I/O) 18:36:05
Rep. Steve King: Obama could be Impeached if US Defaults 18:31:25
Liberty PAC FEC Report: Jesse Benton's personal slush-fund? 18:11:51
Good TED talks.... 18:09:21
Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Yes GOP embarrassment to Black Republicans… 17:33:25
Are we canvassing in IA and NH? 17:28:24
Judge Napolitano will be appearing on "The Five" today 16:46:13
Glenn Beck On Norway Killings: Children Like 'Hitler Youth,' 16:44:25
Fox News Deception: Plays 2010 CPAC Video for 2011 Results 16:42:25
1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon. Look familiar? 16:21:19
Ron Paul's Campaign Song 16:03:39
Ron Paul believes Aug. 2 debt deadline is 'artificial' 15:59:27
Iowa GOP Power Rankings: Ron Paul Moves Up to #2! 15:41:08
What the ... ? The candidate running third doesn't rate a mention 15:26:51
Rare as a diamond: a positive Politico article 15:22:36
Boehner, Reid to unveil new debt plans as deadline nears 15:18:33
Heaven Come! 15:09:27
New Facebook group: IT professionals for Ron Paul. Please LIKE 15:05:49
Yes YOU Can! Yes YOU Can! 15:01:53
Central Banks Officially Suppressed Gold Price for Over 50 Years. 14:55:07
New CNN Poll shows that US is ready for Ron Paul 14:54:13
Don't be politically retarded, vote Ron Paul 14:07:04
Bachmann Ad Click Campaign 14:06:05
Grassroots Money Bomb - July 27th & 28th!!! Help Deliver 2,000 More to Ames! 14:03:06
Ron Paul gets big endorsement ahead of crucial Iowa contest 13:55:06
Everything in your hands -- revolution is not a babysitter... 13:51:18
Are Marlboros the New Currency? 13:22:57
Ron Paul signs Strong America Now pledge 13:17:21
David Webb & TeaParty365 12:41:46
Family shooting sprees leave 14 dead, 53 wounded as gunmen kill wives, children 12:26:32
Story County GOP’s Cory Adams endorses Ron Paul for president 12:16:40
LibertyFest NYC 9/10/11 w/Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Sheriff Mack & many more 20:39:16
"The Dark Alliance" by Man Jack 12:06:29
Ames Straw Poll Expectations 12:06:17
Cenk vs MSNBC - The second chapter (on CNN) 11:34:02
Help on getting the sparsely populated involved in the revolution 11:21:22
Risk Off, Risk On, Which Is It? 11:17:13
What history has taught us about prohibition and the criminalization of drugs. 10:52:51
One chart that makes things very clear 10:51:45
No money for S.S.??? This is a must watch!!! 10:28:59
An Esoteric Look at the Norway Tragedy 09:33:31
What would a Ron Paul flash mob be like? 09:11:58
DEA refuses to reclassify marijuana; claims it's as dangerous as heroin 09:08:38
October 2011 Movement? Real or Propaganda? 08:59:30
The Truth About What Ron Paul Was Really Like 30 Years Ago 07:21:06
Commonwealth of VA posts surplus 03:46:48
Don't believe everything u see on TV 03:44:32
#f***youwashington goes viral on Twitter. Can the R3volution make a dent? 03:10:20
Climate Justice? 02:58:09
Jack Hunter: SA@TAC - Wikileaks Revisited 02:52:49
Words of warning from Ron Paul. 1983-2008 02:51:17
Teenage Girl Arrested For Cursing A 911 Operator Who Kept Hanging Up On Her - Sgt. Robert McFarland 02:21:23
Romney Might Not Be So Good for Business 01:57:37
Hemp-Mobile 09:55:45
King of Jordan and posse ride through northern California at taxpayers expense 00:47:41
Interesting video! 00:08:01
Don't do ads, target radio stations with Ron Paul songs 00:07:46
3 minute Philosophy of John Locke 00:04:40