Posted on July 27, 2011

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What is a dollar? Ron Paul questions Thomas Hoenig July 27th, 2011 23:55:20
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 7/27/11 20:54:55
My One-Minute Video on Ron Paul's Military Donations 20:33:27
Support for Ron Paul Runs High Among Members of the Military 18:19:32
Has Ron Paul made you more courageous? 15:54:09
Judge sentences man to jail for "jury rights" pamphlets 10:49:27
Judge Napolitano's Plain Truth: We Have Defaulted Before! 09:55:39
USA Today: Ron Paul Raises Most Campaign Cash from Military Workers 09:42:27
ABC7 News Asked Me About the Debt Ceiling (Video) 09:58:34
New Video: Ron Paul Money Train To Ames 11:33:17
Video Update: Paul Subcommittee Examines FedRes Role In The Economy - w/Hoenig 7/26 00:25:47
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Why do you think this has gone unreported by the MSM? 23:22:50
ny times article with some great Paul content..POSITIVE ARTICLE 23:13:27
Video: Rand Paul On the Record with Greta Van Susteren 7/27/11 21:23:14
Lying with Statistics: New Govt Propaganda on Swine Flu Successes 20:49:40
Ron Paul's Urgent Warning! 20:19:11
Where is the love yall? 19:31:41
Raise the debt ceiling rap video 19:10:51
I am sick of being called a right wing extremist! 18:37:08
Congress could save $9.5 trillion on the budget over 10 years right now! 18:36:33
Caught on tape: Police beat and taser 'gentle' mentally-ill homeless man to death 18:20:06
The Very Overrated Rick Perry 18:11:16
Do Foreign Banksters (Rothschilds in particular) own any part of the Federal Reserve? 18:03:49
Easy way to spread the word of Dr. Paul - local news & facebook 17:59:18
Spend-o-crats FREAK OUT over RidleyCam 17:55:00
Norway vows to fight terrorism in the opposite manner than the cowardice leadership of the U.S. 17:53:27
"Turncoat John" is at it again! 17:24:52
Interview with Cory Adams, Chairman of the Story County, Iowa GOP - July 26, 2011 16:56:00
In defense of Ron Paul's public speaking skills 16:45:08
Japan Says Citizens 'Have No Right To A Healthy, Radiation-Free Life' 16:39:54
EU Exploits Norway Massacre to Stifle Dissent 16:31:38
Let the states decide their own marijuana policies 16:17:22
Changing The Conversation 16:05:20
Debt Ceiling Debate Bolsters Ron Paul and the Gold Standard 15:57:50
Message to Constitutional members of the U.S. House: HOLD your ground! 15:21:23
No link between 9/11 exposure and cancer: U.S. 15:10:14
It is nice to see that many Ron Paul voters are now shrinking from controversy 14:59:16
Ideas for political cartoonists or animators 14:49:58
Do your part and educate. 14:32:12
Ron Paul’s Citizens Protection Act of 2011, H.R. 2613. 14:19:05
Czech President: Global Warming Doctrine a Communist-Style Effort to Control Our Lives 13:59:52
White Middle-Class most likely potential Terrorists 13:24:40
Excellent article debunks claim of "Presidential Candidate RP's Extremism" at New American links to DP 13:03:10
Black Eyed Peas Featuring Ron Paul rEVOLution 12:57:34
"We're mad as hell" 12:57:34
Are you a Tea Party person? 12:56:47
Snotty TV anchor asks a Representative if has a degree in Economics for doubting Bernanke and Geithner! 12:55:23
Very interesting head-to-head Zogby poll 7/27........... 12:41:49
Foxnews Gallup Poll Results - Ron in 3rd! 12:28:30
Are We Ready For Another $150 Oil Price Shock? 12:25:34
Irvin Rosenfeld: Pot from the feds 12:14:38
Ten Years Ago Portugal Legalized All Drugs -- What Happened Next? 11:54:56
Centralized Grassroots Site Now Open! 11:40:22
UPDATE: WTP's Lawsuit to Ban All Electronic Voting 11:31:25
A Closer look at Herman Cain 2012 11:30:04
LIVE online Q&A w/ Stefan Molyneux & Adam Kokesh tonight 9pm est. 11:24:55
Ron Paul's Views on Gay Rights? (Question) 11:15:42
We Need A "War On Fornication" 11:02:26
Shock? 46% Think Most in Congress Corrupt. I'm shocked that number isn't higher! 10:49:33
Ron Paul's Birthday is coming up... August 20th, 1935 10:41:15
Will Obama lose in landslide? 10:39:32
Aaron Russo's Must See Interview 10:38:51
Easiest Way to Campaign for Dr. Paul 10:33:56
Fox talking about Ron Paul then pretended they had to cut to BREAKING NEWS 10:25:00
FHA May Be Next in Line for Huge Gov't Bailout 09:47:40
Adam Kokesh: Ron Paul Builds Steam In Iowa 09:41:21
Citizen Spies, Brutal Torture Foreshadow the Domestic War on Terror 09:33:08
Rand Paul Campaigning for Ron in Waterloo, Iowa on Saturday 09:23:28
Revolution in Israel? 30000 Demonstrate in Tel Aviv 09:22:01
Investors: The $1 Billion Armageddon Trade Placed Against The United States 09:13:09
Tea Party takes on Boehner 09:03:33
Two Ron Paul Interviews scheduled today? July 27 08:29:19
Ron Paul Needs to Focus on Florida 08:26:24
How you can help in the "INFOWAR" in Iowa. Facebookers needed. 08:13:05
Video: Man Charged For Barking At A Dog!! 08:00:44
US Led NATO Bombs Water Facilities in Libya 07:55:26
Adam v The Man - Ron Paul builds steam in Iowa - July 26, 2011 07:05:30
How and Economy Grows and Why it doesn't 03:20:42
A Closer look at Herman Cain 2012 03:15:35
The Vanishing American Default 02:37:43
A Call for Obama to Relinquish his Government Salary 01:42:42
A Video I have not seen here! 01:15:05
Politico (and others) 00:59:01
Funny debt ceiling video 00:43:48
Medical Care Becoming a Scarce Reality (Vid) 00:36:08