Posted on July 28, 2011

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Rand Paul media appearances 7/28/11: John King USA, Freedom Watch, Hannity Fox News & radio 22:53:33
Ron Paul Interview On CNN's AC 360 About The Boehner Bill 7/28/11 22:40:48
Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto 13:40:22
Ron Paul on The Wilkow Majority - July 27, 2011 11:39:22
Ron Paul suggests freezing spending rather than increasing the debt, Fox News 7/28/11 11:24:14
Ron Paul Speech at YAL National Convention (7/26/2011) 08:09:51
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Is Ron Paul really writing these emails? 23:27:14
1% over 7 years to balance the budget?! 23:03:15
"Craziest Republican of the Day: Ron Paul" 22:57:56
August 2nd Debt Ceiling MONEY BOMB 21:26:44
D I S E N G A G E M E N T 21:07:07
"Capital None ObamaCard" 21:06:37
In honor of a great man - Congressman Ron Paul 20:59:57
Ron Paul 2012 must not end early! 20:55:50
Thank you Rand Paul for holding your ground on the debt ceiling talks, you all realize he is probably one of the main players 20:50:32
Oslo Explosion Footage FAKED AND I PROVED IT!!!! 20:05:23
Where Is Our "Leader" Mitt Romney in the Debt Ceiling Crisis? 19:43:59
Boehner Yanks Debt Ceiling Bill - Vote Postponed 19:43:28
Ron Paul on Anderson Cooper 7/28/11 19:04:06
Need Help Online Fighting Some Communists - New Satellite Data Smashes Anthropogenic Global Warming Myth 18:44:19
Posted on Hannity 18:40:43
An excellent rant! 18:07:05
What's really in the food? The A to Z of the food industry's most evil ingredients 18:05:21
It's people like this who make America great 17:55:41
Danny Jowenko is Dead, 3 Days After Sabrosky Interview Implicates CIA/Mossad in 911 17:51:18
Peter Schiff: 'Debt ceiling is a charade' (RT Video - July 28, 2011) 17:49:10
Boehner, Reid and Obama: The "Triumvirate" of Rome 17:46:55
Clyburn Likens Executive Order To Raise Debt Ceiling To Emancipation Proclamation 17:43:35
CBS Poll: How to Balance Budget? 17:33:39
Ron Paul Says He Needs 1.4 Million Before The Ames Straw Poll. Time For Another Moneybomb: The Debt Ceiling Moneybomb--August 2 17:31:29
Libyan rebels execute their military leader! 17:29:56
Message To Iowa Ron Paul 2012 Campaign 17:18:34
U.S. accuses Iran of “secret deal” with al Qaeda financier cell 17:10:28
Where are the ads from the Iowa Moneybomb? 17:07:53
The myth that Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary 16:56:23
Townhall Spotlight on Ron Paul 16:50:36
Here is what we have planned for all humanity 16:36:43
Debt compromise: Return to 1999 budget with only inflationary increases 16:17:49
Javier Ocasio a marxist in the ranks of military? 15:47:02
Facebook stopped me from linking this article; WHY?? 15:33:01
True American heros - this is a wonderful interview that brought a smile to my face 15:31:15
NASA Data Blows Huge Hole in Global Warming 15:08:37
Great Video on the Description of Government Types (really educational and interesting) 15:08:13
A new party? Anti-Banker Party Platform 14:34:44
my special moment on Twitter 14:33:49
I talked to a Circuit Court Judge today 14:32:12
Could a Balanced Budget Amendment Speed Up Hyperinflation? 14:31:02
New Jersey High School Grad Summoned for Ron Paul Lawn Sign 14:19:25
Ron Paul Goes MAINSTREAM! Yahoo! 14:17:35
A vs tM: Jake Diliberto vs. Stefan Molyneux, conservatism vs. anarchism debate 14:02:22
Ron Paul Poll 13:54:03
Rand had to cancel Iowa tour, to bad, would be a big draw! 13:52:09
Consumer Bankruptcies on the Rise: Equifax 13:31:39
Thomas Jefferson quote 13:27:06
Op-Ed: Capping the debt hyperbole 13:12:44
Ron Paul's Urgent Warning 13:10:24
Government Law Breaking and Death | THE PLAIN TRUTH by Judge Napolitano 7/27/11 12:59:59
The Federal Reserve on the roof 12:49:45
Debt Ceiling Debate Bolsters Ron Paul and the Gold Standard 12:36:37
Good News! Joseph Farah (WND) turns against Rick Perry BIG TIME! 12:01:23
State Column: Ron Paul makes push ahead of Ames Straw Poll 11:30:09
"Summer" is Huntsman's Enemy 11:20:52
Solution to the President's threat to 'change' Social Security 11:16:39
So, anybody on the DP pro-default? 11:11:49
♫ Where have all our Metals Gone? Long Time Passing.♫ 11:09:52
When will/would the Senate vote on the Boehner bill? (want to know for investing purposes) 10:58:04
The Neo Cons are seeing the writing on the wall and our trying to hijack our movement 10:55:52
2 Things 10:55:38
Medicaid fraud - mind blowing videos 10:31:09
Caught On Tape: Cop vs Open Carry Activist 10:23:36
Famous Quotes about Fiat Money 10:03:22
MERS Bows Out of Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Proceedings 09:40:29
Time: Ron Paul, the Debt Ceiling and the GOP’s Apocalyptic Wing 09:10:23
Why Every Latter Day Saint Should Support Ron Paul For President 08:52:47
Ron Paul on Faux news about 10:40 08:52:12
Article: Modern Poverty 08:46:03
What is a Dollar? 08:36:10
The Time Has Come For Ron Paul!!!! 08:10:32
Video: New Grassroots RP Ad! 07:25:55
The Lazy and Willfully Ignorant 04:32:48
***Free Ron Paul Campaign Material*** 03:06:39
'The changing of the...light bulb' 02:54:10
Washington TImes: Ron Paul’s supporters see his influence beyond win-lose 02:16:05
Help pick a future topic for The Liberty Minute! 01:58:37
Ron Pauls warning 01:52:43 - Revamped and Improved! 01:42:41
Listen to what this guy had to say about the market and the dollar on CNBC 01:40:02
Here's one way they are taking your guns in America today 01:26:16
Rand Paul on CBC Radio - The Current - 7/27/11 01:12:15
PBS FRONTLINE: The Pot Republic, Inside California's Green Rush 00:57:08
Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy by Murray N. Rothbard 00:23:45